John Mellencamp was playing in the background of Hummel Tire and Lube. The radio station wasn't exactly local and therefore the music was coming in with heavy static. Puck could still make out the chorus of 'The Authority Song'.

"I want to be with you."

He'd finally said it.

Awkwardly shifting his feet, Puck kept his eyes trained on the rainbow colors in the oil leak that the toe of his sneaker was coming close to being in. The garage was empty except for the two boy's and a Honda Civic whose brake pads were well past being usable. Where everyone was? Well, Puck wasn't too sure; but he was glad they were gone.

Kurt was planted on a creeper at the front of the Civic, staring at him over his shoulder. His coveralls were draped around his waist, revealing a grey t-shirt that was stained with oil and dirt. His work glasses had been pushed up to the top of his head and he held a wrench in his hand.