Puck didn't know what to think. Kurt was acting weird, as if he was actually interested in the things Puck was doing. Maybe if he started acting how he really wanted, Kurt would give him a chance.

The class went on normally, and Puck actually attempted to pay attention. Sitting next to Kurt sort of made it hard. Kurt kept doing all sorts of sneaky things, like brushing their knees together when he crossed his legs or glancing at Puck out of the corner of his eye while he chewed on his pencil eraser. Up until that point of his feelings for Kurt, Puck had never even thought of him sexually. He actually wanted to respect him, get to know him; but with his subtle little actions, Puck found himself shifting in his seat, trying to relieve the steadily growing ache. He'd always assumed he had more self control than that.

When the bell signaling the end of class rang, Puck expected Kurt to get up and walk AROUND the table as any normal person would do. No, he got up, threw a leg over Puck's where he was still sitting. If Kurt had bent his legs anymore he would be straddling him. The brunette lightly set his hands on Puck's shoulders and leaned down to whisper "See you in glee." into his ear. Before Puck could respond, Kurt threw his other leg over and was sauntering out of the classroom. And if there was an extra swing in his hips, well, Puck definitely noticed it.

Puck was halfway tempted into going after Kurt and striking up that long awaited conversation, but was stopped in the hallway by Quinn. He could tell that her normally icy facade was about to slip and he worriedly placed a hand on her shoulder. She glanced at him before gesturing to two figures that were standing down the hall. Puck looked closer and rolled his eyes. Finn and Rachel. They were blatantly flirting, dopey grins on both of their faces. Quinn didn't need to say anything. He lightly put his arm around her shoulder and led her away.

"He doesn't deserve you Quinn." Puck told her as they turned down a less populated hallway. Finn was like a selfish child, he got what he wanted, but others weren't allowed to do the same. Sure, Finn was a good guy and usually a great friend, but sometimes he was a little dense.

Quinn brushed Puck's arm off of her shoulder with a groan. "Obviously." She may have been upset, but it definitely didn't affect her bitchy persona. "Ugh." She placed the heel of her palm to her forehead. "I'm the head cheerleader. He's the quarterback. I shouldn't even be having this problem. I just want to take one of her stupid sweaters and strangle her with it!" She growled, falling back against the wall.

"I'll tell you what, Quinn. Me and Finn have gym together later. How about I rattle his cage a bit?" Puck asked.

"If you think it'll help." Quinn paused for a moment, thinking. "I don't see how it will though. I mean- I told him he was walking a thin line here. He knows how bad it will be for his reputation if I break up with him but he doesn't even seem to care! It's all about glee now." The blond's lip curled up in disgust.

It wouldn't hurt to try, Puck figured. He grabbed her hand in his own. "I'll get him to realize what he's in danger of losing. Don't you worry." He flashed her a kind smile before letting go of her hand and sauntering down the hall, waving his hand in dismissal.


Physical Education usually consisted of dodge ball for the guys and volley ball for the girls in seperate parts of the gym. Coach Tanaka was in charge of the boys, which meant a bit more leniancy on the jocks when they pelted the"losers" with the balls. Puck participated happily, eager to let out his frustrations on whoever wasn't quick enough to get out of his way. After about an hour, Coach Tanaka blew his whistle and instructed them to go shower and change.

Now, Puck knew it was sort of creepy to have hidden Finn's clothes so he would take a bit longer in the locker room and be the last one to leave, but it was the only way he could think of to make sure he was there when the room was finally empty. After a little while, he planted Finn's clothes in a place where he was sure to find them and waited for the tall boy to finish changing before he would approach him about Quinn. Before he could, however, he heard the door open and close followed by footsteps. Even though he was pretty sure he didn't need to, Puck ducked behind a row of lockers to wait.

He heard the quick rustling of clothing followed by Finn's nervous voice. "K-Kurt. I didn't think you'd be here that quick."

Puck quirked an eyebrow and peeked around the lockers. Sure enough, Kurt was standing in front of Finn, looking up at him with an unamused expression. What in the world could they be having a meet up about?

"Don't flatter yourself, Finn. I'm no longer interested in oogling your 'goodies'." Puck watched as Kurt considered setting his satchel down on the bench but then grimaced and pulled it back onto his shoulder. "Now would you please inform me as to why in the world you texted me to come to the boys' locker room?"

Finn slammed his locker shut and awkwardly stuffed his hands into his pocket. "Have you talked to Puck?"

He was really interested now. He stepped closer to the edge of the lockers so he'd be able to hear better.

When Kurt rolled his eyes, it was practically audible. "I did more than talk. I put my face in danger for it and went full on flirt. I'm not sure if he was shocked or what, but he honestly didn't seem put off at all."

Puck blinked, confused. What was he talking about? Finn knew about what Kurt had done before hand? Did... Did Kurt like him back and go to Finn for advice? Countless thoughts ran through his head.

"What? I thought for sure he'd... nevermind. Just keep trying. I really don't want him at glee this afternoon if we can help it."

His stomach flipped and Puck fell back against the lockers lightly. So that was why Kurt was acting the way he was. He wanted to make him so uncomfortable that he would quit glee. He couldn't decide which was a worse feeling, the anger or the hurt. He liked Kurt. Finn was his best friend. He bit his lip, willing himself not to stomp around the corner and flip out on them.

"Whatever. We both have lunch this period. I'll see what I can do." Kurt answered.

Puck let out a shaky breath after he was sure both of them were gone. After he'd waited a bit so he knew they wouldn't be in the same hall when he exited, Puck left the room. As he walked down the hall towards the cafeteria, he came to a conclusion.

Two could play that game.


Puck approached Kurt in the cafeteria before the boy had even considered looking for him. In an act that shocked everyone around him, he pulled out the chair next to Kurt at his table. Kurt choke on the water he'd been sipping, while Mercedes, Artie, and Tina who had also been sitting at the table looked at him with wide eyes and mouths. Before he opened his mouth Puck took a brief second to think. Was he really gonna do this? It'd basically be admitting his attraction to Kurt to everyone.

He took a deep breath and just went for it.

When he reached out and lightly placed his hand on the nape of Kurt's neck he realized it was the first time he'd ever touched him without it ending in Kurt's harm. He lightly stroked his neck, ignoring Kurt's sharp in take of breath as he started speaking. "I'm glad I decided to go to math today, Kurt. Otherwise we wouldn't have been able to spend a bit of time together."

Puck caught the look Kurt shot Mercedes and the others before his shoulders stiffened even more and he sat up straighter. "U-Uh. Yes. Me too, Puck."

With a smirk, Puck leaned even closer to the brunette, his breath hot on his ear. "Just for you, I'll let you call me Noah."

"Just what in the hell are you going on about white boy?"Mercedes finally exclaimed, crossing her arms over her chest.

"Don't worry about it." With a half smile, the jock rose from his seat. After trailing his fingers across Kurt's jaw, a touch that made both of them shiver. He ignored the questioning stares as he exited the area. He passed a gaping Finn on the way and grinned to himself.


Much to Finn and Kurt's disdain and everyone elses confusion, Puck arrived at glee club that afternoon, all cocky smiles and teasing behavior. Kurt made sure to stay on the other side of the room at all times, something Puck accepted. He figured he'd be able to at least talk to him after practice.

Mr. Schuester was ecstatic that he finally had all of his 12 members and spent most of the time bumbling around and filling everyone in on the song and choreography of a potential sectionals performance. Puck had to roll his eyes at the not so random pairing lead of Rachel and Finn, he had been paired up with Quinn and they both shot eachother annoyed looks. The jock didn't notice it, but whenever he would glance over his shoulder at Kurt or even when he wasn't, Mercedes was watching him curiously.

The rest of glee went by quickly and Puck found himself hurrying to pack up his belongings to follow Kurt who had all but ran out when they were finished. He felt a bit like a stalker... but a cool one, one that you'd want to be followed by. He smirked at that and pulled his backpack over his shoulders. Before he could leave however, Mercedes stopped him just as everyone left. Puck looked from side to side awkwardly before looking down at her. "What's up, Aretha?" He asked.

Mercedes rolled her eyes. "Oh, don't give me that crap. What do you want with my boy Kurt? You've been looking at him all day."

Puck attempted to side step her. "Nothing." He answered nonchalantly. "I'm just guessing, judging by his clothes, that he has a lot of lunch money."

"Mmhmm." The black girl jabbed him in his chest with her index finger. "I'm not buying that, nor am I stupid. I was there for what you did in lunch, and Kurt won't tell me what's going on. Do I need to cut you?"

With a sigh, Puck ran his hand over his head. "No. Look, I don't want to beat him or anything like that, okay? So just chill."

Mercedes stared at him incredulously. "Puck. Stealing somones lunch money? Really? That's really d-"

"I'm in love with Kurt."

Woah. Love? Puck's heart thumped against his chest. Why had he worded it that way? He'd never used in relation to Kurt before... It sounded sort of, for lack of a better word, cool, though.

"... What?" Was the only word Mercedes could think of to say.


Laying in bed early that evening, Mercedes voice rang through his head. "You need to back off."

Puck rolled onto his side, frustrated. Mercedes had told him about how Kurt mentioned how he loathed Noah Puckerman countless times. She also said that she wasn't trying to be mean, but he needed to take a hint and just give it up. It hurt, but maybe she was right. Giving up the possibility of being with Kurt would mean he'd be able to rest easy again and not worry about liking other dudes and the consequences of it.

He was just coming to a conclusion as to what he would do when he heard the doorbell ring. His mother and sister weren't home, so with a groan he pulled himself out of bed and shuffled down the hall to the front door.

He certainly never expected to find Quinn sobbing on his door step.

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