This is through Haruhi's point of view, because I think this song seems to fit through her eyes.

Teenage dream

Haruhi what have you got yourself into? This…this is real isn't it? This isn't a dream right?

He lifted his foot to take another step and I tugged his sleeve again stopping him, "Shut up! Just shut up!" My voice wobbled, and my grip tightened around the cloth, "You don't understand what it's like having a stupid fear like mines! Every shattering boom is another memory of her; every lighting strike is another flash of the reality stabbing me!" I growled at my self pity and forced my tears back, "And here you are making sly comments at me like it's all just a joke!" My voice was loud and deranged…but I didn't give a dam, "I have to live with this for the rest of my life!"

Oh… this is a memory. I never thought I would think about this… Out of everything, why do I go back to this moment?

"Shut up."

You make me feel like I'm living in a dream, but I can't sleep.

I jerked back from his words glared at him. His jaw was clenched, and I couldn't see his eyes anymore. I prepared to let go and make a dash for the door, my fingers unhooked from his sleeve, and I had my foot up to escape, then as I pressed against the tile, I was jolted backwards from my direction.

Let's run away and don't ever look back

Tamaki's hand cuffed my wrist, and he swung me into him with full force. I coughed, and poked my head through the space between his collarbone and his shoulder, gasping for oxygen.

My heart stops when you look at me

I blinked out any tears that were blurring my vision, and yelled at him, calling him names and demanding him to let me go. When that didn't seem to work I brought my knee and kicked him in the shin, with no success of his grip loosening.

Just one touch, and now I believe

"You think I don't know what you're going through! Every day I live with a fear of wondering if my mother is okay, or if she's thinking about me. I may not have to live with the fear of never seeing her again like you, but you know what? At least I know I have friends and family that are there to help me through it!" I froze. His chest vibrated under my fingertips, and he nuzzled his face into my shoulder blades, "You don't invite people in, you're always pushing us away. Haruhi…" I felt something splash on my neck, "How will you get better if you won't let anyone support and help you? We all care for you, and we're worried about you." A barely there laugh managed to come out of him, "Heck even Kyoya worries."

This is real

They were…worried? A tremor of my own vibrated in my chest, and I melted into him. Of coarse they were. I've been such an idiot this whole time! Now that I thought about it, I never wanted to go out with any of the host members, and I always preferred to be alone to myself. Even during that fateful day of that massive thunderstorm during my stay at Nekozawa's home, I had wanted to be left alone. When Tamaki requested his help I denied it and closed myself out completely. How could I be such an-an—

"A complete idiot!" I wailed, and stuffed my tears into his collarbone.


"I'm such an idiot!" my voice was muffled against his blue blazer.

I could feel him smile, "That makes two of us."



You make me feel like I'm living in a Teenage dream…

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