Jo wakes up in Logan's arms with the sunlight coming through the windows. She stretches and snuggles closer to Logan waking him up. He looks down at her with a smile on his face and hugs her tightly "good morning beautiful" he says kissing her on the top of the head. "Did you sleep well?" he asks knowing that he had never gotten a more restful sleep.

"It was the best night's sleep I've ever gotten Logan" she says looking up at him. "How about some breakfast, I'm famished." Jo says getting out of bed. Logan admires her body before she slips on a bath robe. "My parents are supposed to be back this afternoon but they might be early so get dressed." She says with a laugh flinging his jeans at him. She kisses him before going into the kitchen.

He leans back at smiles contentedly thinking about how lucky he is to have an incredible girl like Jo. He slips on his clothes from yesterday and sits up and takes a look around. He feels a glow inside of him and gets up and walks into the kitchen. On the table there is a huge breakfast of eggs, bacon, pancakes, etc. "Wow" Logan says excitedly as he sits down "you shouldn't have made so much effort just for me."

"Why not? I need my baby to be full and happy" Jo exclaims as she sits down beside him "Dig in." Without any further conversation they start eating and drinking and smiling at each other. After al the food was devoured Jo gets up from her chair and starts to clean the table. Logan catches her wrist and shakes his head no.

"Let me get that for you hun" Logan says getting up and clearing the table. "I will clean everything up here and go back to my place then get cleaned up. After we get our showers and everything we will meet in the lobby for a fun-filled, certain ex-friend free, day." Jo kisses him passionately and bounces down the hall to her bathroom to get in the shower.

Logan finishes up and locks the door behind him as he leaves. He makes his way to apartment 2J humming nothing even matters as he does so. He opens up the door and goes to his room to find a note lying on his pillow. "Logan I know you probably never want to speak to me ever again but I just wanted you to know I am happy for you and Jo. But I can't live here anymore seeing you guys and knowing what I did to you two. So this is goodbye forever, Love Camille." Logan is stunned at the letter never thinking Camille would take it to this extreme.

Logan runs out of his room holding the note in his hand and runs right into James. "where the heck where you Logan? We were all worried sick about you." Then he notices the letter still clutched in Logan's hand. "Are you proud of yourself Logan? You've hurt Kendall and you've made Camille leave the Palm Woods. What happened to Logan we all knew? The Logan who would hurt himself before he hurt any of the rest of us and always looked out for us."

"James, please, I never meant for any of this to happen. I didn't want to hurt Kendall at all and me and Camille weren't even together. Kendall is a great friend and I know I have a lot to make up for. But for once I am thinking about myself and what I need to do to be happy. You can hate me for it but I'm not gonna change who I am or how I feel about Kendall's ex" Logan ends defiantly with his head held high.

James is shocked. "I didn't even think of trying to see this from your point of view. I am sorry I snapped at you buddy, and I'm happy that you are finally putting yourself first before anybody else. I can't think of anybody else who deserves happiness as much as you. I'm sorry." James and Logan hug and everything is cool between them now. Logan knows he still has his friends and that all is right with the world.

The End