The Demon of Bayville – An X-Man Evolution, Beauty and the Beast Tale

Prologue - Kurt

They sat around the fire, telling tales of the Demon of Bayville. One boy stood up, waving his hands around in dramatic gestures, pretending to be the demon itself. The boy told the enraptured crowd that the demon would leap out at the unwary, attack without provocation, without warning. It dwelt in the night-time, one with the shadows, and they welcomed it as one of their own.

Another log was placed upon the campfire as the boy continued his tale. He told the assembled group that the demon went by the name of Nightcrawler, and it had a long sinewy tail, spaded at the end. It had fangs and glowing yellow eyes, and it was a creature of nightmares and darkness. The demon could travel between dimensions, leaving the stench of sulphur in its wake, along with a cloud of dark purple smoke. All should fear the Nightcrawler; this creature straight out of the depths of the darkest, most evil pit, for it was a creature of pure evil.

The crowd all listened in rapt attention as the speaker concluded his tale, and none of them noticed a pair of sad, yellow eyes glowing down at them from the treetops above them. The creature slumped slightly, holding his tail between his misshapen hands. They would never understand, never. He closed his eyes, and became once more one with the shadows. Maybe he should stop even trying, it was clear that they would not listen to his words, and would probably attack him on sight. Lowering his head slightly, the creature activated his mutant power, and within a moment, there was nothing left to indicate that he had ever been there, nothing except a cloud of dark purple smoke, and the smell of sulphur on the wind.