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Chapter 1

Holly had all but pulled her hair out while she waited for Gerry's return or a sign from a nurse. He was only 30. If he passed, she didn't know how she would live on. Yes, their life was difficult and they hadn't much money but Holly would sacrifice so much more if he would just live. She would live on the streets if it meant he lived. She appreciated how often he tried to calm her, telling her it would be okay. This was a bet that she hoped he would win, with every fiber of her being.

Hours had passed, it all blurred into a single moment of desperation and heart wrenching pain. Her mom had to shake her out of the thought coma she was in, looking up to see a nurse in blue scrubs, she stood. The nurse gave her a slight smile which made Holly uneasy, a sickening pain in her stomach making her nauseous. The nurses words didn't come soon enough, "Your husband has successfully passed through the surgery. He's resting right now but we would like to keep him for a few days under surveillance." Holly felt the hot tears roll down her face, a smile following after, she felt her mothers arm tighten around her own.

"Can I see him?" Her words were rushed.

"You may. We have transferred him into the ICU, follow me please." Holly forgot about the rest of her company as she rushed after the nurse, growing impatient as she walked far too slow. Her surroundings were a blur as her anticipation grew. Once the nurse turned into a room she felt her heart accelerate as she placed eyes upon her husband. He was asleep, peaceful as ever. The nurse left as Holly stole to his side, looking over his features. She didn't like seeing him attached to the tubes and machines and longed for the day when he would fully recover. Gerry's head was wrapped in a bandage and his eyes looked swollen-darkened-but the color was returning to his face which made her smile. A blanket covered his body and she pulled up a chair and took his hand, careful not to disturb the tubes and wires. Seeing her husband safely at rest, her heart started clam, beating at a normal rate for the first time in hours. Exhaustion hit her suddenly but she tried to fight her tired eyes. Months of sleep deprivation seemed to accumulate at once as he eyes began to close, holding tight to Gerry's hand.

Gerry began to awaken, his eyes slowly fluttering open, only to find himself staring at an unfamiliar ceiling. It took him some time to figure out where he was, to look back on what he last remembered. He looked down, seeing the tubes and wires attached to his eyes continued to scan the room, coming to see his wife next to him, the light from a window within the room blasting around her, making her appear as an angel. Surly he was alive but he questioned everything now. Gerry tried to sit up, but a sharp pain coursed through his head and down his spine, reassuring that he was indeed, alive. He hated being so weak, unable to comfort his sleeping wife who seemed to have permanent worry lines creased on her forehead. He saw movement out of the corner of his eye, in the doorway stood John, his best friend of so many years.

"You look terrible." John smiled, sending one upon Gerry's lips as well. John came in over to the bed to look over his life long friend. Gerry glanced over at Holly who still sat holding his hand, asleep. "She was worried sick about you. We all thought she was going to rip out her hair." Gerry gave him a weak smile and tried to speak but his throat was dry. John quickly poured him a glass of water and held it to his lips. Gerry let out a sigh at the effort it took just to drink some damn water.

"I couldn't imagine leaving her alone...I prepared for the worst." Never one to be serious for long, Gerry looked back at his friend, "I feel like shit, Johnny."

"What are you talking about Gerry? You had a tumor! It's not like you decided for this to happen. And Holly would have managed, she doesn't like you much anyway." Gerry couldn't hold in the smile this time, Holly stirred in her sleep and held his hand tighter. "I'll leave you two alone, everyone will be here in an hour or so," He placed a friendly hand upon Gerry's shoulder and squeezed it gently. "Glad you're alive, mate."

"Me too." John left, Gerry considered waking Holly but he wanted to take a few moments just to look at her finally in some semblance peace. The dark circles were there because of him, she worried every day but now-once he recovered-she would never have to worry again. He couldn't wait any longer, the anticipation was spreading like wild fire. He stroked her hair and down to her chin, she smiled at his touch and opened her fluttering eyes.

"Gerry!" She jumped up from her chair and wrapped her arms around him, he grunted.

"Careful love, I haven't quite gained back my strength yet." She pulled back slightly and looked him in the eyes, searching for any possibility that he was in pain.

"Sorry!" He brushed it off and brought her down to his lips, it was sweet and tender. "You look great." He smirked.

"Is that what ya call it? What did I look like before all of this then?" He was teasing her, even in his weak state, it helped her keep hope during the process. He was always so positive and sometimes it annoyed her to no end.

"Like a God. A Leprechaun God." Holly ran her fingers over the features of his face. She could not contain her happiness. They spoke quietly, as if they had been departed for months. Gerry gave her all of his attention but the exhaustion continued to build.

Holly was laying next to him, curled up with her head on his chest. She was speaking quietly to him, her fingers running up and down his arm. "Gerry? Are you listening to me?" She turned her head and looked up at him. He was fast asleep, his breathing deep and strong. She settled back down on his chest and closed her eyes, tears of relief and joy stinging her eyes, "I love you, Gerry."

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