I Fell

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Chapter 5: Finally, we're done

Great, now I've got even more wounds. Damn chest still hurts, and now my head.

I rubbed the whelp on my head.

"Hurry up already!" Nami groaned.

She better shut up, no matter how...hot...NO! GET IT TOGETHER, SHE HIT YOU! No matter how...pretty she might be, she's a damn bitch.

We were walking to the shed where Buggy treasure was kept. It must have not been far, because we had arrived.

"Bingo." Nami said.

She opened the door and we went in. Sleeping in the corner was a pirate with rosy cheeks and a sword. A blue bottle was next to him.

"Must be guarding the treasure, looks like he was drinking. So he shouldn't be waking up any time soon." I said

Nami nodded and lit a lamp; she used it as a torch, and searched the room. In the corner was the treasure.

I couldn't believe my eyes, there was treasure, and I mean tons of it. It was all shiny and everything. A pile of gold, and a few chests and bags.

Nami and I ran up to it and our hands into it.

Nami's eyes turned into berry signs, I sweatdropped. Nice, I can sweatdrop.

"What're you doing?"

We turned and saw the dark skinned man that was sleeping in the corner, gripping a sword, looking a little drunk.

"By orders of Captain Buggy, I'm supposed to stop anyone from interacting with his treasure." The pirate said

I unsheathed my sword ready, to fight.

The pirate slashed down at me. I managed to block, but that was all I could do.

The pirate somehow managed to overpower me.

How can this even happen? I thought he was a grunt. He's a drunken grunt!

The force of the pirate shoved me into the treasure.

The coins went flying everywhere.

"I'm gonna kill you stinkin thieves!" The pirate vowed

I broke out of the treasure and kicked the man hard in the side.

He stumbled, but kept his ground, and tried to shove me into the wall. I dodged round him and slashed his back. I then sweepkicked him and he fell. I drove my foot into his head and he passed out.

I was panting like crazy.

What the? Just a minute ago, I drove a lion's head through a wall. But now I'm as weak as Usopp! What the stinking hell happened?

I stuck my sword in the ground and leaned on it.

"Are you alright?" Nami asked.

"Yeah... Just... fine...You can... get the...treasure...right?" I asked, trying to catch my breath.

She nodded in response and grabbed a giant bag. She began to put the treasure into it.

I noticed a bag on the unconscious pirate's waist. I weakly fell to the ground and grabbed it.

It turned out there was coins and notes in it.

I smirked and slid it on my waist, as well as my sword.

I found the key to one of the chests and I opened it. Out came the chart of the Grand Line.

I grabbed it and we left.

We ended up watching Luffy's fight with Buggy.

Luffy was all ticked off about Buggy nicking his hat.

"And I didn't think there was anything that could faze him, but look at him; he's getting so upset about a hat." Nami said.

"You don't know the whole story about that hat." I said.

Buggy's hand rose from behind Luffy and impaled his hat, taking it away in the process.

Nami snuck away with the giant bag.

Buggy's torso rose in the air and sped past Luffy, towards NAMI!

I tried to catch him.

Damn it! I'm too tired! I can't do anything!

Luckily, Luffy kicked Buggy's bottom half in the privates.

I managed to get to Nami.

"You okay?" I asked

"Just fine." She replied

Luffy told her to drop the treasure and run, but she refused of course.

Then she and Buggy had an argument over stealing.

Then his body parts went all over the place.

His hands were holding knives which were directed at Nami.

I grabbed my sword and tried to fight them off.

Luffy then punched Buggy into a wall.

Buggy head rose, and he yelled, "CHOP-CHOP ASSEMBLE!"

His body parts came back, but he had no limbs.

Nami had tied them up!

"Good job! Thanks thief! GUM-GUMMMMMM!" Luffy said as he stretched his arms behind him.

"No, no please don't!" Buggy begged.


Luffy's arms pinged back and sent Buggy flying.

Luffy went and picked up his hat.

Nami said that she'll fix it, and she also said we should carry a bag of treasure.

Still a bitch.

Luffy then went to wake up Zoro.

"I'm not sure about it, I feel light-headed." Zoro said, holding his head.

"Course you do, there's always something with you two isn't there?" Nami said

"Hey, what'd I do?" Luffy asked

"YOU? YOU'RE THE WORST OF ALL!" Nami replied, "Anyways lets go help the mayor."

"Yeah lets." I said. I needed to say something.

"You there, you're not residents of this village."

We turned to see a crowd of people, holding weapons.

"Nope, you're right." Luffy replied

"What happened here? It sounded like some kind of battle." The man who spoke before asked.

"Oh good, they're just citizens. I thought they were more pirates." Nami said, relived.

"Oh no, Mayor!" A citizen cried,

The crowd rushed to care for the fallen man.

"The pirates must have done this." One of them suggested.

"No, I was the one how kicked his ass." Luffy stated.

Nami flinched, I sweatdropped and Zoro burst out laughing.

"Hold on. You didn't have to tell them that!" Nami whispered

"It's true." Luffy simply answered

"You better tell them why before they get angry."

The villagers had different responses.

Luffy suddenly said,

"We're pirates."

Nami almost tipped over.

Zoro kept on laughing.

I just stood there.

"Pirates! How dare you ravage our town!" A villager said

"We won't show you any mercy for what you've done!" Another yelled.

Luffy walked up to Zoro, who had stopped laughing.

"What now? Doesn't look like they're for a discussion." Zoro said

"No shit, Sherlock." I said. I took one of the bags from Nami.

Luffy picked up Zoro and yelled, "RUUUUUUUUNNN!"

We all ran off away from the angry mob.

"I can't believe you were a trouble maker!" The sword polish seller yelled at me.

Luckily, I got my strength back after resting so I was able to keep up with the others.

We all turned a corner, and saw Shushu. We jumped over him and kept on running. The dog held all the villagers back, preventing them from chasing us.

"Thanks Shushu!" I yelled.

We made it to the harbour in time and ran to the sailboat.

There were three there for some reason. One was ours, one was Nami's and the other one was unoccupied.

I decided to claim it.

"That was close," Nami said, panting "We only managed to make it because of Shushu. Why do we have to put up with this?"

"Does it matter now we're here now, aren't we?" Luffy replied

"Yeah I guess so. But-"

"Hey are these your boats?" Luffy interrupted.

"Yeah, it's not much but, I've taken a liking to it." I replied.

"I got mine from some pirates a few days back." Nami replied

"That's some mouth you've got."

Three pirates jumped out of Luffy and Zoro's ship.

The three pirates ran away at the sight of Zoro.

While they were talking I managed to get some of the money in the treasure bag I was holding, without Nami noticing. I hope.

The boat I was on was like Nami's but the bedroom on it was bigger.

The bed was inside it, with a fireplace, and it had a small chimney. The fireplace had some stone surrounding it. Under the bed's pillow was a small bag of money.

I found a bigger bag and a small trapdoor on the wall of the boat and I decided to put my money inside the bag, and put the bag inside the safe.

There was even a lock! I put it in my pocket for safe keeping and I found some food in the boat.

I guess a villager was going to leave, oh well. Buggy's gone so the person can stay.

We all sailed off.

"Hey, where's my other bag of treasure?" Nami asked me.

We were all on the decks of out ships, and Nami was navigating, Zoro was sleeping, and Luffy was staring out at sea.

"Heck if I know. I gave it to Luffy." I said.

Actually, it's still in my boat, in the safe. He he.

"Luffy, where's my treasure?" Nami asked

"I left for the old man." He replied


"I'm going to bed see ya in the morning." I said, as I went inside.

He he, the bag just has the money that was lying around. I've got the chests.

Well, I'm just glad it's over.

I lay down on my bed, and fell asleep.

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