Hello, my fellow Christmas-lovers! n.n

I have decided to turn this story into a chapter story instead of a one-shot like I originally planned. It'll be less than five chapters, so, don't worry. n.n' I figured it would be easier to read this way, and, easier for me to write. ...Not to mention it will make me more determined to finish this. XD


Christmas waves a magic wand over this world, and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful. ~Norman Vincent Peale

Rima loves Christmas.

Some people would seem a little surprised with that fact. But, she does. She's just good at hiding it.

She loves...

The snow: The snow is always so beautiful. The way it sparkles like billions of tiny diamonds when the sun shines on it. The crunch sound it makes when you walk on it. She even loves playing in the snow, sometimes. She also loves when she gets to attack a certain Indigo-haired cross-dresser mercilessly with snow balls until he's soaked to the bone.

She finds it quite hilarious when he gives her frustrated glares and storms inside to dry off.

The music: She likes the Christmas songs that play on the radio this time of year. The catchy, pretty, (And sometimes annoying, if played too often) songs that always seem to lift her spirits a little bit.

But she never lets anyone, especially Nagihiko, catch her singing along.

The decorations: She loves the pretty ornaments that are scattered along the big, green trees. And the way the colorful strings of Christmas lights twinkle in the dark, and how one of them are always out. Without fail. There can't ever be a string of lights that work perfectly, can there?

Although she hates to admit it, she loves the way the Christmas lights reflect in Nagihiko's warm, dark brown eyes.

The smells: She absolutely loves the sweet smells of the holiday season. The pine on the trees, the cookies, the hot chocolate...

And how Nagihiko always has that sweet cinnamon scent to him around this time... Rima thinks it's really weird that she even noticed it to begin with. Maybe she's going mental?

The point is; Rima loves Christmas. Though, it's probably obvious by now. And she can never understand how some people can be so gloomy around this time of year.

Like just right now, when she saw Nagihiko walk by, looking particularly gloomy.

Rima watches him walk by, her eyes filled with confusion, annoyance, and, she doesn't understand why; worry.

"Rima?" Her pink-haired friend questions from behind her, waving her hand in Rima's face. "Why are you so spaced out?"

"EARTH TO RIMA-TAN!" Yaya exclaims, her hands cupped around her mouth as a make-shift bull horn.

Rima picks up a piece of paper that is on her desk, balls it up, and throws it at the loud Ace. "You don't have to yell. I'm right here, you know." She mumbles.

"Why were you staring at Nagihiko?" Amu asks, honey orbs filled with curiosity and slight amusement.

Rima huffs and turns her head away from the rosette. "I was NOT staring."

Yaya glomps Rima, a sly smile on her face. "Yes you were. You were gazing longingly at him. Your eyes filled with love and lust, fantasizing what your kids would look like-"

Rima pushes the younger girl away, blushing furiously, out of anger and embarrassment. "YAYA! I WAS NOT!" Yaya just snickers while Amu laughs uncontrollably in the background.

"Lighten up, Rima!" Amu says, calming down from her laughing fit, "She was just kidding."

"No Yaya wasn't."

"Yaya! You're not helping!"


"Anyway," Amu says, trying to change the subject, "Christmas is in two days. Have you guys finished Christmas shopping yet?" The Queen nods, still bright red from what Yaya said. Yaya nods, too.

Yaya gains her sly smile again and nudges the short blonde. "What did you get for Nagi-nii, Rima-tan?"

Rima scowls. "Nothing."

Amu chokes on her gum and Yaya's eyes widen, looking sad. "Why, Rima-tan? That's mean!"

"Yeah, Rima." Amu crosses her arms, eyes narrow, "Nagihiko is always so nice to you. Why didn't you get him anything? I'm sure he got YOU something."

Rima copies the Joker's pose and facial expression. "He doesn't deserve to get a present from me. He's annoying."

"R-I-M-A-T-A-N~!" Yaya whines loudly, flailing her arms, "It's Christmas! You're supposed to be nice to everyone! Even if you don't like them!"

Amu nods. "She's right, Rima."

Rima starts putting her supplies into her backpack. "I don't care. I don't care about Fujisaki, so I'm not getting him anything."

Honestly, she did care. Because Rima's had a huge crush on Nagihiko since Middle School started. Amu and Yaya are the only ones she's told, and she had threatened them not to tell anyone else (Especially Nagihiko). Though, Rima likes to try to convince herself that she DOESN'T have a crush on the annoying indigo-haired cross-dresser. Obviously, she never succeeds.

Amu shakes her head and sighs. "Whatever you say, Rima."

"Well," Yaya says, getting a candy cane out of her pocket, "Yaya's getting Nagi-nii something for Christmas. Because Yaya loves Nagi, just like the rest of her friends." Yaya licks her candy happily and then starts bouncing in her seat. "Yaya can't WAIT until everyone sees the presents she got for them!"

Amu chuckles at the girl's hyper behavior. Rima just shoves her items into her bag with unnecessary force, clearly frustrated.

"Well, whatever." Rima says, placing her bag around her shoulder, "I'm going home now, since we don't have a Guardian meeting today."

"Bye-Bye, Rima-tan!" Yaya waves goodbye with her candy cane.

"Okay, but remember to put your scarf on this time. You need to stay as warm as possible during the winter." Amu says in a strict tone.

Rima rolls her eyes. "Okay, Mom." Amu rolls her eyes.

As Rima leaves the classroom, she spots Tadase and Nagihiko standing by the wall near the room. She hopes they (Mostly Nagihiko) didn't hear their conversation. Obviously, Rima thinks, relieved, they didn't because of how involved in heir conversation they are.

"Hey, Tadase-kun." Rima says, getting both the boys' attention, "Amu wants to talk to you. She said something about a surprise..." Tadase nods, thanks Rima and says bye to Nagihiko, then enters the room the shorter blonde just exited.

"What was that about?" Nagihiko asks.

Rima starts walking down the hallway, the long-haired boy right beside her, their footsteps seem to echo through the quiet, empty hall. "We need to talk."

Nagihiko raises an eyebrow in question. "About what?"

The Queen glares at him. "Your attitude."

"What?" The boy asks, confused.

"It's Chrismas time and you're being all gloomy!"

"I'm not gloomy..."

Rima crosses her arms. "Yes you are."

"Since when have you cared about my feelings, Rima-chan?" Nagihiko asks, smiling innocently.

Rima looks away and scoffs. "I don't. I'm just wondering why you're so down right now. It's almost Christmas! The happiest time of the year!" She says, her eyes sparkling happily.

Nagihiko chuckles. "You seem to like Christmas a lot."

Rima rolls her eyes, reverting back to normal. "Oh, really? And why don't you?" She asks, glaring at him again.

He just shrugs. "I've never really cared about Christmas that much. It just seems like a very commercial-ized holiday to me."

Suddenly, Rima stops walking, golden orbs wide with shock. How can someone not like Christmas? She can't understand it. A dark aura surrounds her, startling Nagihiko. "How... can you not like Christmas?" She asks, her voice low. Nagihiko sweat-drops.

"Um... I already told you why."

A thought suddenly pops into the short girl's head and she immediately goes with it, not even thinking twice about it, although, she wishes she had. "I'll help you get into the Christmas spirit." She declares, determined and slightly angry with herself for doing this.

The boy's dark eyes widen slightly with surprise. Why was Rima doing this? It doesn't seem like something she'd do. After all, she always acts so cold around him, and giving him angry glares all the time. He got the impression that she hated him, so, this is very shocking to him. Perhaps the holiday season makes her nice to the people she despises? She does always seem a lot happier this time of year.
Nagihiko looks thoughtful, deciding to give her a chance. "Okay. How?"

Rima seems shocked he agreed to her impulsive idea. "Um, I'll... show you the things I like to do around this time." She says, suddenly determined. "Meet me at my house in twenty minutes."

The Jack nods, smiling at her. "Okay."

Rima watches the boy leave, thinking about what she just did. She slaps her forehead in frustration. "I'm such an idiot."

"No you're not, Rima-tan!"

Rima quickly turns around, face red and heart beating faster. Amu and Yaya were right behind her. Amu gives a guilty smile. "Hey, Rima..."

Rima glares at the both of them, pissed off. "You were stalking us!"

Amu shakes her head furiously, eyes wide. "No we weren't! We were just following you-" Amu cuts herself off and face-palms. Rima's glare intesifies. "Okay! We're sorry! Jeez..."

Rima crosses her arms and smirks. "Stalkers get coal for Christmas." Amu chuckles and Yaya's eyes brim with tears.


x~ {Christmas} x*x {Spirit} ~x

Rima sits on the steps in front of her house, waiting for the cross-dressing nuisance she unfortunately had a crush on (Why'd it have to be a girly transvestite? She had questioned herself), impatiently. She's still mad at herself for doing this. What if he gets suspicious and starts thinking she likes him? Some people may not think that would be a bad thing, but, what if he (most likely) doesn't return her feelings? Can you imagine how awkward School and Guardian meetings would become? Not to mention it would break Rima's hear. After all, Nagihiko is Rima's first crush. She wouldn't be exactly thrilled if he (most likely) didn't like her back.

Amu says he does, but, what does SHE know? The girl's head-over-heals for a cat and a prince with 'World Domination' issues.

Rima looks up at the sound of crunching snow and sees the boy the was waiting for. She stands up and put her hands on her hips, an agitated look on her face. "You're late."

Nagihiko smiles sheepishly, hands in his pockets. "Sorry." Then he looks curious. "So, what are we supposed to do?"

The blonde sighs and walks over to him. "We're going to do the first thing that is on my 'Christmas Spirit' list."

Nagihiko tilts his head slightly. "What's that?"

Rima gives him a big, cute, syrupy smile, sparkles floating around her. "A snowball fight!"

The dark-haired boy groans, frowning. "Why?"

"Because it'll help get you into the Christmas Spirit!"

"No it won't! You'll just pelt me with snow like you always do. That won't get me into the mood!"

Rima giggles cutely and grips Nagihiko's scarf and heads towards her backyard, forcing him to follow her. "Yes it will. It will help you get in the spirit, and," Rima's fake smile turns into a devious smirk, "Help me release some stress." Nagihiko sighs and Rima just tugs on his scarf again, harder, making him make a small choking noise.

"Christmas makes you cruel, Rima-chan."