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man who was thought of as a monster but did something that changed a lot of lives and saved a few as well

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It was October tenth ten years after the kyuubi attack on Konoha a man who was hidden under a cloak because of the cold air of that night could be seen walking through the streets the only noticable features this man had was he was almost bald but it was a hair cut that was not done much in the ninja nations or elemental nations anyway this man was sent here to get a person

he promised an old friend he would take care of if they had died only problem he did not know until a few weeks ago because some one had not sent someone to tell him and that person was about to find out why you don't piss off a viper but this man was not alone Oh no he had a few people with him one was a little shorter than him wearing the same cloak he had a purple arm

band around his wrists that you could see another thing is his cloak was open around the shirt and the shirt was purple and said never give up another of the people with him was really short he had that sexy boy quality about him and then their was the most intimidating of them all with him was someone you would think was or worked for the grim reaper himself these men were

Randy Orton the viper , John Cena , HBK or Shawn Michaels , and The Undertaker they had come to see why Randy was not informed of Naruto's parents dieng so he could pick him up now something no one knows is that even though they are not related by blood they were a brotherhood and had started their own clan its name was the RAW clan and it was one of the most

feared clans in existance even more feared then the doujutsu clans like Uchiha and Hyugga the reason no one not even the Uchiha could read their movements they were unpredictable so you can only imagine the peoples surprise when some light went into the cloaks tops and showed their faces for only a second and what the people saw scared the shit out of them since these people were a clan that were rumored to be merciless if angered so you couldn't blame them for backing away in fear.

All of a sudden the Undertaker stopped and they turned and looked at him "I feel Death's presence here follow me I will find where his presence is coming from". They nodded and followed the Undertaker to a small alley where they saw a young blonde no older than ten years old being beaten stabbed the most troubling were that his eyes tongue and ears had been removed this made the group very angry because they saw it looked just like a younger Minato yes Minato was the man who asked this favor so with that they got to work killing the men Randy had

RKOed several people making sure to snap the necks when he was doing it Shawn was Kicking peoples heads off with sweet chin music Cena was five knuckle shuffling them in the necks cutting their air pipes making them suffocate and Undertaker was Tombstone Piledriving people left and right making sure to break their necks on impact. He was also using Purple and Red lightning which burnt the soul on its way to hell given to him by death himself and it was because he was the deadman Phenom the one that death chose for his Horsemen.

After they had killed all the people that were harming the young blonde Randy went and picked him up and noticed something weird about him the young boy was regrowing the parts of his body that the villagers had cut out or off his eyes came in and Randy could of sworn he saw an ocean behind them they were that blue his arms that had been skinned to the bone had regrown everything but what caught their attention was that Randy's tattoos had appeared on Naruto's arms for about a second then disappeared his skin darkened to Randy's color as well.

"Hey Randy this is where Deaths signature is coming from its in the boy that means that he is the next Horsemen but I also feel the Vipers presence the same viper that gave you your powers which means he is going to be deadly I also feel the almighty phoenix has taken this boy which means he fits the prophecy he is the one that will Liberate this world from the Darkness that has started to consume it"

To say that the others were shocked was like saying Kakashi was a pervert huge understatment they were Shocked to the very core but right now they had an old man to Tor- I mean talk to about why Randy was not told about Naruto's parents dying when they did so he could take Naruto and give him a family which from the looks of it he did not have.

Hiruzen Sarutobi the reinstated third Hokage was sitting in his office trying his hardest to defeat what most people called the toughest enemy ever to exist since it just would not die or go away they had obviously never met Undertaker but this enemy was known as Paperwork.

"Why won't you go away and die or burn in hell you pieces of shit" Hiruzen said while glaring at the paperwork hoping it would catch on fire and turn into ash. That was when his intercom came on and a woman who sounded like she was scared to death said "Hokage-sama you have some visitors." Hitting his intercom button he said "Send them in Gina-chan and thank you" with that the door flew off its hinges and in stepped the leaders of the Raw clan Sarutobi now realized why his secretary sounded scared to death because he was to right now and the killing intent coming off of them had knocked out the Anbus hidden around the room if the six thuds they heard were any indication.

"Hokage we have some things to discuss like why the villagers were trying to kill the young boy in my arms who just so happens to be my God son and you are the one who told me and the clan he died."

"I never told you that he died and I sent someone to get you but they never returned so I thought you either killed them and did not care about him or he died on his way their since you live in the Continent known to us as the Death continent since most of the people from here that go there never return"

"the person that gave me the letter had a blank mask with the letters NE on it"

but before he could finish this the Hokage narrowed his eyes and growled out "Danzo and his fucking root anbu and most likely my old teammates did that with him but the root are Danzo's which I told him to stop since I don't believe in emotionless shinobi.

"Well if you will allow it we will take naruto and train him in our fighting styles ways of the Raw shinobi and than when it is time we will move and become a clan of Konoha but if anyone hurts my son since I am adopting right now they will meet the fury of the Raw clan as a whole and we have several people in the clan so don't even think that they will get off the hook."

Hiruzen nodded and told them that Naruto should be back in six years to become a genin and all that other stuff and so they left not to be seen again for six years but their would be a new bingo book entry before they came back and it would be the Phoenix Viper known as Naruto Orton.

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