Hello all,

I was having a conversation with a friend about me removing my stories from this website , and about posting them on my blog. She pointed out to me that people have been contacting her and asking where my story 'Insert story name here' was. It seems that some people do not know how to go to my blog, or that they don't wish to.

Which has made me decide that I will go back to this site , and post all of my stories over here again. Just because, I suppose it was rather selfish of me to just withdraw all of my stories in the first place.


I will not be posting my stories back up onto this site until the end of January/February. When I do post my stories back up onto this site , I will no longer be posting under the name 'PiratekitAG' and will instead be posting under 'AmaViarra'

So if you see that name with my old stories don't worry (laughs) they aren't stolen.

As for how my stories will be updated, they will be posted like so:

Completed and re-edited stories will be posted first. Which means one-shots will be posted first because they are easier to edit.

Thank you to all of those who followed me over to my blog, sorry about this again~