A Very Panties Down, Brady Christmas Part: Two

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The office had calmed down all the sales orders out the door, so Peter had gone home with his attractive lady with shoulder length brown hair and a fine behind that hugged her short gray suit skirt noticeably.

Valerie was pouting about a story she had read on a MSNBC Blog that had her seeing red!

A business executive on the story comment blog said he agreed with the bank with 75,000 Employees worldwide including 10,000 of them in the United States.

"Women should not wear dark color panties that create an unprofessional

visible panty line at the office!"

"Ah you're upset because I said I agreed with the bank which banned females wearing dark color panties." Peter remarked.

"Well yeah what color the panties I am wearing is none of their business!"

"What you need is something to wipe that little girl fighting attitude right out of you young lady!"

"Besides why is he looking, for that matter why are you looking?"

Valerie was purposely egging him on.

Peter sat on their bed, smoothed the knees of his dress slacks, then patted his lap and motioned for his girlfriend to place herself over his lap and she put her hands on her hips and hesitated. After a brief rebellion she bent over and he got quite a look at her sexy black pantyhose clad legs, as she placed her pert skirted butt upward across his knees.

"Let's go Valerie, undo your skirt down and get over my lap." She hesitates.

"Pull your panties down now young lady and you're getting spanked on your bare bottom for hesitating."

Valerie undoes the front button opening the waist of her gray skirt.

"Z-zip" unzips the back of her skirt and yanks it up off her bottom in a huff.

As Peter's girl repositioned her bottom up higher, he loved the way her tight red panties molded to her cute round pert bum.

"You just made the point, because you have an unprofessional visible panty line across the seat of your skirt and I bet you are wearing red brief panties to boot!"

"Spank Whack, Spank, Crack, Spank, Crack, Spank, Whack, Spank"

Her stern boyfriend raised his hand just above his chest and brought it down hard across her shapely butt spanking across the tight bottom cheeks seat of her taut panties.

"Whack Spank, Crack, Spank, Crack, Spank, Whack, Spank, Crack, and Spank."

"Now what is this problem you have with wearing your skirts and pants without showing a perpetual panty line?" Peter asked perturbed.

"Spank Whack, Spank, Crack, Whack, Spank, Crack, Whack, Spank, Crack, Spank."

Her boyfriend was spanking her tender bottom fast and hard and the sting in her sweet rear burned and broiled.

Peter was in no mood to stop, until his stubborn girlfriend stopped agreed not to keep instigating fights between them.

"Spank Whack, Crack, Spank, Crack, Whack, Splat, Spank, Crack, Spank, Splat."

Peter could now see her red bottom through the tight red panties edged in lace.

Spank Whack, Spank, Crack, Spank, Crack, Spank, Whack, Spank, Crack, Spank."

What followed next was a round of attention getting hard spanks designed to break her will to continue fighting with her boyfriend.

"I wouldn't be acting like this if you had not said something so stupid!"

Peter reached down and Valerie felt his fingers slide across her butt crack, grab her panties and lowered them down to the back of her knees.

The view that greeted him and Valerie when she gandered a look back over her shoulder at her bottom, which, was a rosy red.

"You should be the one working for me; you're the girl in this relationship!"

"OO, Woo Valerie you are so maddening!"

Valerie did not expect what happened next as her beau pulled a wooden back hairbrush out of her purse.

Peter spanked her bottom pretty hard right cheek, left cheek working up and down her bottom, which had ignited flames that were turning into a forest fire in her behind.

"Spank Whack, Spank, Crack, Spank, Crack, Spank, Whack, Spank, Crack, and Spank."

Soon that forest fire on her ass was growing a crop of blisters in the center of each cheek.

"Valerie, I love you, but your behavior is simply childish and I am going to fix it."

"Whack Spank, Crack, Spank, Crack, Spank, Whack, Spank, Crack, Spank, and Crack."

Her own wooden hairbrush paddled her naughty bottom hard and fast, changing his girlfriend's butt's color to a deep dark red. The strength and building effect of the hairbrush spanks caused Valerie to sniffle and buck up off Peter's lap.

"Whack Spank, Crack, Spank, Crack, Spank, Whack, Spank, Crack, Spank, and Crack."

Sniffles turned to pleas for the spanking to stop and promises not to pout.

"Whack Spank, Crack, Spank, Crack, Splat, Spank, Crack, Spank, and Whack!"

Valerie's wiggles and sniffles had turned into tears and crying.

The spanking with her wooden hairbrush ended, but she would never look at it or brush her hair without a involuntary twinge coming from her bottom.

"Okay your right; though for my Piedmont flight I might need a pillow to sit on."

Valerie gave her boyfriend a wince and a smile.

"I'm sorry, I really am proud of you and you are a good boss."

Peter rubbed some cold cream in her fire red shiny hiney.

Peter Brady reassured Valerie as she continued to feel the results of her cooked cherry red bottom and her sniffling continued.

"I am sorry and you were right to spank me when I picked a fight. I'm sorry Peter."

Getting up rubbing her very, very red sore bottom.

Peter had her bend over to reciprocate rubbing the same aloe cream she had recently put on his blistered red bottom.

She cooed as her boyfriend rubbed in the cool cream on her burning bottom.

"After all your boss from five to nine and I shouldn't whine."

"Now let's go meet Greg, Bobby, Marcia, Jan, Cindy and your mom and dad sweetheart."

Valerie naming off all of the Brady Bunch family members she was eager to meet.

There were indeed two sore red butts sitting on pillows during the Piedmont Flight!

End of Part Two:

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