Cindy Blonde Curls and Panties Down Again.

I do not own the TV Show the Brady Bunch, or any of its characters. This story is a fantasy serious spanking and a spoof scene of the Brady Bunch between a mother and her daughter and this is a serious spanking (F/f), not sexual.

Many of us grew up on The Brady Bunch and felt that the pretty youngest sister was not quite as well behaved and innocent as she liked us to think. Her hands on hips, sharp tongue and sarcasm especially at her brothers was noticeable and showed her true colors and in my opinion the colors of red and purple her bottom should sport.

Story Premise: Carol is not happy and dismayed by the attitude of their youngest daughter Cindy. She wants to leather her bottom good, but Mike sways his wife to stand down holidays and all. Right before Cindy doesn't have to leave for her Piedmont Flight until later in the afternoon. Carol has learned from her daughter she thought she should do as she pleased while attending college. Carol had had enough.

"Excuse us folks Cindy and I need to have a talk upstairs in my room. Marsha and Jan moved their bottoms of their chairs, understanding their mother's tone of voice and not wanting to be there for Cindy's spanking left for their Piedmont flight along with Mike.

Alice had earlier left with Sam for a bowling tournament. The Brady House, so full of activity was now empty it was time for Carol to deal with their ungrateful bratty daughter who they sacrificed for to go to college.

Cindy hearing the door shut ask, "What about my flight?" Hoping to get out of her spanking.

"Don't you worry about that Cindy after I use this belt on your bare bottom to bring back of that sweet Brady Girl, I will take you to the airport, though I don't believe you will enjoy sitting on your Piedmont Flight back to college!"

"Oh mom I am really sorry I did not mean to be disrespectful. I just meant I was a grown up and I wasn't asked like my brothers and sisters and had plans to ski the slopes."

"Your father has protected your bottom since you started spouting your bratty nonsense."

"Mom, I am in college way to old to spank, especially the way you will want to do it."

"I'm afraid Cindy it has to be with your skirt up, pantyhose and panties pulled down to your knees, young lady."

"Mom, can't we talk about this." Cindy's voice no longer self assured. The all grown up blonde coed had a secret under her skirt and she definitely did not want her mom to find out about it, especially in her current frame of mind.

"I'm afraid not Cindy, now place the pillows on the center of the bed and lay down over them, so we can get this much neglected lesson to the part of you, which responds best."

Cindy, an adult woman in college, no longer with her hair in curls was about to get a spanking just like when she did last at fifteen.

"Why couldn't have dad stayed to take her to the airport and her disciplinary oriented mom taken her brothers, sisters and their families." Cindy mumbled to herself.

Cindy now is 19 years old now a freshman in college and the youngest Brady Sister. She has pretty shoulder length blonde hair with strands of blonde, but no longer in curls. The college coed is medium height with curved hips and a shapely round bottom.

Cindy could not leave this argument left best alone and said.

"Mom I am not a little girl with blonde curls. I am an adult young lady with my own needs and desires. I will go to class when I want to and see and even sleep with whomever I prefer too!

Carol is dumfounded these were not things her daughter with the golden curls wore into high school.

Cindy laughs at her mom's over reaction

"HA… HA …HA "Cindy unwisely laughs at Carol's prudish attitude,

Cindy looks up at her mom not realizing her laughing has just earned her a finale appearance by the leather belt.

"That's okay mom it's a mothers job to ask dumb questions."

Carol has heard enough and her face turns red as he contemplates her daughter's sassy mouth and calling her concerns "dumb".

Carol sprays Cindy's hair down and styles her long blonde hair back into the curls her youngest daughter had just mentioned losing was part of her independence.

The laughing stops when the nineteen year old teenager watched as her mom opened her suitcase eying Cindy's wide brown leather belt and tool it out of luggage. She over her mom and dad's beds with fluffy pillows raising her tightly skirted bottom up in the air staring at her parent's headboard. Cindy is shocked as her short Gray blue plaid skirt is raised above her bottom displaying her shapely round pale white bottom through the white pantyhose and thin white panties.




Carol heavy hand spanks her daughter's soft bottom turning it cherry red and imparting a considerable sting deep in her bottom flesh.




Carol painted her mature shapely bottom cheeks, now switching to her more sensitive under cheeks where she would feel this spanking when she sat in the station wagon tonight and every time she sat down for days as her bottom turned a brilliant red with purple bruises.

Carol's hand continued to reverberate off her soft bottom as her flippant attitude about Cindy's concern with her independence.

Cindy's mom fuming says,

"Asking dumb things huh."



Cindy did her best not to cry out from the spanking, but her tummy rumbled as she pulled in on her stomach to move her red spanked bottom cheeks further into her lap. As the spanks built the sting in her bottom of he near womanly cheeks into a raging bonfire.

And yet not a peep came from Cindy's lips. with her skirt pulled up over her bottom and being spanked on the seat of her sheer black pantyhose and panty thong clad bottom now a bright cherry red and visibly swelling. Carol's hand rested on Cindy's red hot pert bottom and she continued

Cindy realized she had just lit the fuse and it was the fire bomb that would soon centered in her bottom.

"Dumb objections to my purple thong panties humph"

Cindy's mom fumed as her face turned red.

"Yes mom

"Mrs. Brady squeezed her daughter's bottom cheeks thought the thin wafer of panty hose and thong panties to send a message that this had just become a serious spanking as Cindy shuddered and goose bumps broke out across her bottom in new nervousness.

It has become very apparent that Carol is not getting her message through loud and clear and Cindy had yet to react to her spanking.

Carol decides to take it up a notch, as she tugs down her white pantyhose and her white brief wafer thin panties off her youngest daughter's now bright red spanked bottom cheeks.

Her bare bottom squirms and as she kicks her leg Cindy realizes her mom can see her privates including her most private of all orifices her pink rosebud.

Cindy protesting,

"Ah mom, come on put my skirt back down, not on the bare bottom."

"I am too old for a bare bottom spanking over your knees.

Cindy pouts.

"Mom that hurts back, there!

Carol responds: "Cindy this is punishment, it's obviously been way to long Missy and you know it is well deserved".

Carol holds Cindy's right arm in her upper back and says

Carol continues to lecture her daughter.

Cindy; begs her mom,

"Oh mom do you have to, my bottom stings and is so sore already'

"You just don't realize how much your hand hurts on a girl's grown bottom!"
Carol is not moved: and says to Cindy,

"Nonsense Cindy I think you are due some more needed discipline that will teach you d proper behavior and comportment".


Five more times Cindy's mother laid into the plumpest summits of both of her rapidly reddening shuddering bottom cheeks, delivering these in hard vertical swipes of her hand.
Not only was her squirming cherry red bottom bared and blotchy now but her spanks were much harder and faster, her butt flexed and tightened as her stomach muscles were pulled in and out causing her tummy cramps as she desperately held in her sobs in false pride.

These were the hardest spanks yet!



Cindy's mom finished up with a last hard five spanks to each of the boiling spots of red of bright red nova heat across the surprisingly baby fat of her lower bottom cheeks sure to be felt when she sat down for a few days.

She was annoyed with her daughter's sassy, I'm grown up behavior and this needed to be a spanking Cindy would remember for a long time.

Carol reached over and pulled Cindy's leather belt off her dresser.

Doubling the belt in her right hand holding its double length down her leg.

Carol lined up her daughter round still baby fat bottom before delivering a hard slashing belt spank to Cindy's right bottom cheek.



The sound of the leather swatting her bottom in Cindy's bedroom hopefully was drowned out by the noise of the showers and the boom boxes they were playing.

It was followed closely by her daughter's scream of surprise and pain.

Cindy Brady could not believe the searing pain caused by the leather belt. A distinct bright red oval appeared on her right upper butt cheek


Cindy bucked up of her mother's bed as the second spank of leather hit her left butt cheek. Her hands flew back to protect her butt.

"Hands off or I will add another 10 spanks with your belt".

Cindy complies and she whimpers anew having trouble catching her breath.

Obediently Cindy's hands moved back up her back in compliance.

Cindy's mom landed two quick blows to the fleshy crack where her butt and thighs join and Cindy did a little dance of pain whipping her long blonde hair up and down off her back like the reins of a thorough bred horse.

Tears were streaming down her face cheeks as her ass was burning up.

Four patches glowing reddish purple sprang up on the red the red pale bottom cheeks.

Suddenly Cindy rebelled and angrily spouted at her mom.

"Mom this to dam much, I know you thought is necessary to play date detective with my roommates, but the fact is I am old enough to make my own decisions and it is dumb for you to think otherwise mother."

"Resume the position." Cindy's mother said as she landed another swat as the belt caught her on her right hip as she reached back trying to rub the sting out of her bottom.

Carol in a business like manner grabbed her sassy daughter and returned her over her to ass up position over the pillows. Cindy reached out and grabbed her bedspread tightly getting back in position with her bottom raised high for maximum punishment effect.

Carol wrapped her left arm around her slender waist and held her in position.

A steady stream of spanks with the wide leather belt for spouting off her mouth again visited Cindy Brady's upturned bottom.

Carol's youngest daughter howled in pain as the belt spanks alternated from one cheek to the other.



Cindy's one creamy white bottom cheeks had swollen and been transformed into a skin canvas of hurting mottled red and purple.

The spanking with her own belt she would never wear it around her waist again without remembering how her bottom felt the night her almost grown bottom got taken to the proverbial woodshed.

Carol with flames in her voice,

"Me, Spank! CRACK! Spank! CRACK! Spank! CRACK!

"My concerns for your well being Spank! Whack!

"DUMB! Spank! Whack! Spank! CRACK!

As the count neared twenty, red blood blisters welts and purple lozenges bruises began to appear especially don on the part of her butt she would be sitting on tomorrow on the Piedmont flight home. A nonstop flow of tears coursed down her bright red cheeks, causing her mascara to run leaving wide purple streaks behind down her face.

The pretty blonde haired teen's once pale white bottom cheeks were turning a mottled red in color as the force of the belt spanks brought the blood close to the surface.

The spanking volley of polished leather against vulnerable flesh was just to much as the pain increased cumulatively across her shapely punished cheeks putting a fierce new sting in her lower butt seat.

Poor Cindy could not contain herself anymore "PH-HRRRIEEEEPP"

Carol could hear her daughter farting in a cute high pitched feminine toot.

Cindy cringed realizing she had just let out a fart, a real stink bomb over her mom's lap as the smelly scent hung in the air like the elephant in the room.

She realized that all the tension on her stomach coupled with the bucking up and down over her mom's knees along with her trying to hold in her sobs had caused the humiliating fart to occur.

Carol being a compassionate mom did not even mention the unladylike sound as her spanking ended as she rubbed her glowing with heat red stinging spanked bottom. Carol lovingly patted her sore punished bottom and said,

"Cindy you know how I hate to have to spank you". "You know I love you!" Carol continues in loving voice

"Now Cindy I expect you to watch your sassy mouth and never call my reservations dumb again!"

With a sniffle in her voice Cindy responded,

"Yes Ma'am, I will never call your parental concerns dumb again and I will not sass you, or I know it will be my ass."

"Cindy, such language young lady", Carol scolds her.

"I am sorry mom for using bad language, but I did rhyme" Cindy spoke as she rubbed her now tomato red bottom which visibly jiggled causing her great pain.

Cindy gives her a tiny smile to her mother of affirmation and they both laugh.

Carol's youngest daughter's spanking over, show kicked in.

"Okay Cindy, pull up your panties, pantyhose and skirt down and go get ready to leave."

Cindy Brady noticed quickly as she started to pull up her panties with a new shock wave coming from hard spanked butt which was swollen from her mother's memorable spanking. Even the Juvenile cotton panties too tight for her plumper bottom scraped and ground against her tender ass flesh causing her to wince with pain as she lowered her short schoolgirl style black blue & gray skirt and smoothed it across her sore hurting bottom. No more thong panties for Cindy at least not where her mother would find out she was wearing them. Her mother also thought it was best that Cindy return to school in curls along with hair of gold like her mother's.

Cindy and her mom left for the airport for Cindy to catch her Piedmont flight, but Cindy did not want to take her seat in the old station wagon with the worn out seats. Especially in the back where her mother had demanded with a hard "spank: to Cindy round bottom for her to take her seat.

Cindy's mom using a stern voice that brooked no protest.

"Go ahead Cindy and sit down now, so we can get on our way and not be late to LAX"

The blossoming coed teenager with shiny blonde shoulder length hair had a glow radiating from another part of her body.

Just as Cindy had started to carefully lower herself onto the cream color seat.

The ancient paneled station wagon lurched forward and Cindy's bottom slammed down hard into the seat sending fresh waves of pain through her hot glowing sore bottom as she miserably wagged her new blonde curls.

Cindy Brady winced, "Ouch" "Yeech"

"Whoops" Carol smiled as a swollen red bottom with blood blisters and purple bruises was a fitting state for a daughter who got too big for her britches who bitches about coming home and sasses her mom and dad.

It was what her mom had done to her into her early teens and today's sassiness illustrated Cindy had needed a spankings not like she experienced at thirteen years old, but that would be memorable to a young lady in college.

The station wagon wasn't in the greatest shape and the seat that Cindy was forced to sit on was worn out and had springs sticking out. On top of that It was over the rear axle.

This was interesting since all the money that would have gone into the upkeep of the spare car went into Cindy's College Tuition. Ironically it was her sitting on her red welted bottom feeling first hand the sacrifices to the Brady Household budget her attending college caused.

Carol turned off the freeway onto a shortcut to the Los Angeles Airport to make up time lost back at the house by Cindy's Spanking to make her pained daughter's Piedmont Flight.

Mrs. Brady drove the wagon rapidly down the poorly paved road. The pain in Cindy's bottom continued. When she tried to shift her position in the seat to ease her throbbing behind, a new area of skin nerve endings were awoken, causing her eyes to go wide with new burning sensations.

It was if, her mother was purposely picking pot holes in the poorly paved road for her poor bottom to contend with, as they sped towards LAX Airport.

It was going to be long flight for Cindy with hair of gold like her mother's, no longer in curls.

The End