Marcia's Red Lit Bottom Clears the Air on New Years Eve.

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This part of the story takes place after Mike has been rescued, personal confessions are made on December 30th around the table. More spanking on tap Marsha panties are down. Who will be next leave your comments. No sex.

Since Christmas is over I decided this story taking place after Mike has been rescued, personal confessions are made on December 30th around the table.

Who will be sitting on a bright red burning bottom on New Years Eve? For many of us who grew up in fly over country in the early 1970's we sat at times on red, sore spanked butts as spanking children for discipline was very common during this era of childrearing.

Note to Brady bunch Fans: I needed a real reason for Marsha to spanked especially with a paddle, so I replaced her son telling her dad Wally had lost his job with Marsha doing the deed. Wally will still get the Toy Marketing Job, but with Marsha with a sore butt

Our story continues as we see a Piedmont Airlines Jet in Light Blue and white with red lettering taxi into LAX by the iconic control tower with the arches, that let's you know you have arrived in Los Angeles.

The Brady Bunch spread far and wide arrive for a Christmas Family Reunion including the lovely girls with hair of gold Marcia and Jan, but not the one in curls.

After arriving at the airport, hugging, grabbing their luggage and heading home with Alice new extended family children and mates in tow head for their nostalgic Brady Home.

A short car ride later they had arrived and they all settled in trimming the tree their brothers and sisters unaware both Valerie and Peter felt a throb of pain when they reached up high to place a strand of lights on the tree as their underwear scratched across their still tender bottoms, which had recently experienced the hairbrush.

Wally looked up from his eggnog and saw Marcia his beautiful wife with her strands of golden blonde hair wearing tan slacks that displayed a naughty visible panty line.

Marcia had been warned about this in the past, but the festive nature of this time with the Brady Bunch cancelled his desire to admonish her about her unladylike dressing behavior.

As the girls and children continued to trim the Christmas tree decking it with the colored lights soon that would light up the tree. Wally was blindsided by his father in law.

Mike said out of the blue. "Wally, walk with me to the den."

Wally was hesitant feeling bad about losing his job, hesitated. "There getting ready to light the tree.

"This won't take long let's walk." Mr. Brady with just a hint of demand in his voice.

"Okay Mr. Brady."

The two men enter the den and Mr. Brady shuts the door. "Have a seat Wally."

Wally sits down as does Mike at his desk.

"Wally I want you to know I asked you in here because I genuinely care about you, your wife Marcia and my grand children."

"I appreciate that Mr. Brady. We are all just fine sir."

Mr. Brady looks at Wally with one of those faces that showed concern he was so famous for on the show when he thought something he was being told was just not quite right.

Wally squirmed in his seat and lifted his butt off the seat wanting to take flight.

"You sit right there Marcia was right to tell me you lost your job."

Smiling at Wally, both getting up as Mike reassuringly pats Wally on the back.

"Alright I will see what I can do, but the bottom line is you need to sort Marcia out."

"Thank you Mr. Brady I am sorry she aired our dirty laundry."

"You know perhaps a visit to the old woodshed or in our girls case the garage with their panties down.

Though she hasn't been spanked since she was sixteen it would do Marcia a world of good, to bad the privacy you would need for such an act is nonexistent anytime soon."

"Yeah too bad." Wally laments his pride hurt and promising himself another place on Marsha's antimony would hurt before the New Year was rung in.

Mike leaned in close and whisper a Brady discipline secret in his ear and Wally's eyes went wide at what he was told.

"Now let's go light the tree." Mike Brady emphatically states.

The two men left Mr. Brady's den/office with his hand on Wally's shoulder, but it was Marcia's bottom her husband intended to light!

Unfortunately a spanking just isn't something you can do with a house full of people.

There was an obvious animosity between Wally and Marsha and a definite undercurrent. There children looked at each other and knew all was not well on the home front.

Christmas is over, Mike has been rescued, personal confessions have been made a day before New Years Eve around the long dining room table.

Marcia's spanking was upon her and it was time for Wally to put the secret discipline tip Mr. Brady had whispered in his ear before Christmas.

The Brady house was empty and that meant Wally was going to sort his pretty blonde wife out in the privacy of the residence.

Marsha watched, stunned, as Wally pulled a chest to the center of the room.

There was little time for Marcia to even wonder what Wally was doing as she was pulled forward without warning and put one of his legs up on the chest.

Wally picked his wife up and placed her across his crooked strong knee.

Marcia's long golden blonde hair hung down from her face as her khaki clad pants stared up at him and her size panties visible through the slacks made a perfect target. "Wally, let me up!" Marsha kicked and squirmed.

Finding herself in this time honored position, across her husband's knee, her bottom pointing up, could only mean one thing,

Marcia realized suddenly. As if on cue, her struggles intensified.

Wally couldn't possibly mean to spank her, a grown woman of thirty-one. No one had ever set limits on her as an adult before, and Marsha felt butterflies in her tummy as she realized that things were about to change.

Again Marcia shrieked, let me up!"

But Wally was a man on a mission. He wasn't going to let Marsha up until the naughty brat was sporting a very red sore behind!

Wally was tired of talking, and was now prepared to let his hands talk for him.

Wally figured that since words weren't getting through to his friend Marsha who he
truly cared about, then it was time to spank the brat.

He was certain that by the time he was through, Marsha was going to want to mend her ways.

"Marcia, someone should've blistered your butt a long time ago in this marriage.

You have had this coming!'

"The outline of your panties is clearly visible through your pants yet again today."

"Marcia you like attracting unnecessary attention to your bottom young lady from guys viewing your shapely butt at the mall."

Talk was cheap at this point. Wally brought his hand down repeatedly, across the seat of Marcia's khaki pants and cotton brief panties underneath did little to protect her helpless bottom from the force of her husband's hard spanks.

The spanks kept falling, as all the while Marcia shrieked her outrage. Marcia could feel her bottom starting to burn, and she reacted to each and every hard spank, by wiggling her bottom and shouting her outrage.

Wally appeared oblivious to Marsha's protests, continuing to bring her hand down hard
across each cheek over and over again.

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, the spanking stopped, and Marcia lay quiet, waiting, across Wally's lap.

Silently she hoped that her spanking was over, but inwardly she remembered Wally telling her, that a spanking wasn't complete, unless it was on the bare bottom.

"Please oh please," Marcia silently intoned, "Let this be it!"

"Now Miss, are we starting to understand the problem?"

Wally paused momentarily, and then suddenly pulled Marcia's khaki pants down
and hooked his fingers into the waistband of her panties, yanking them down to her knees.

Marcia's eyes flew open wide as she tried to pull her panties back up, but it was no use all the blonde haired pretty woman could do was wiggle her still marshmallow white bottom contrasting greatly with the rising red shine across the center of both butt cheeks.

Marcia continued to shout her outrage.

"Ouch! That hurts!" Marcia whined, as she released her hold on her white cotton panties.

"Spankings are supposed to hurt my sweet," Wally replied, however it wasn't his pasty white ass getting spanked!

Wally was acting now more as a father figure to Marcia.

"Now don't put your hands in my way again, or there will be extra penalty swats at the end, across those upper thighs and you know how much that hurts."

Marcia braced herself for what she knew was coming.

Suddenly the spanking resumed, the painful spanks landing randomly upon
the pretty woman's bare and already well spanked behind.

"Oh no Wally, what are you doing?"

Marcia cried out, frantic now, trying hard to bite back her screams, but unable to ultimately.

"Well Marcia, we've established the problem, now we're going to work on the solution"!

"No, No!" Marcia screamed, but it was no use.

Wally's palm continued his assault on her now rosy pink and getting sore bare

"Dear are you learning, you are going to get your act together, if I have to repeat this lesson again!"

Wally didn't wait for a response, he knew better then to hope that this one spanking would do the trick.

Marcia I found this in the laundry room on the top shelf way in the back.

"Kind of fitting since you chose to air our dirty laundry with your father."

Marcia turned around and her eyes went wide as she saw the long forgotten Brady wooden paddle in her husband's hand.

There was an inch of dust on the maple wood, which Wally blew off and then polished its spanking surface to its original surface for use on Marsha's naughty bottom.

The "heat for the seat" paddle, a little board about 10" long and about 1/4" thick was made of cedar just the thickness of your pinky finger and lacquered to a dark shiny stain with a picture of a little girl with her dress up and her red bottom could be seen under where the panties ended on her butt cheeks. It said, "Use To Guarantee A Hot Arse Seat"!

Marcia also had a lump in her throat as she nervously swallowed. The paddle she saw in Wally's hand.

Wally had known Marcia long enough to know, that humiliating panties down spanking with the wooden paddle would definitely be required before this spanking was done.

Marcia kicked and squirmed and screamed, and promised
everything, if only the spanking would end.

Her stern husband still with one of his legs up on the travel steamer chest took time to reposition his wife further bottoms up still off the over his strong knee.

Marsha's long golden blonde hair hung down from her face as she felt her khaki pants lowered off her already very red burning bottom.

"Wally, let me up!" Marcia whined kicking and squirmed.

The spanking seemed to go on forever.

The more Marcia begged and pleaded, the harder Wally spanked blistering her ass bright red with the paddle.

"Dear you should be grateful all your brothers and sisters are not here to hear you cry during your well deserved spanking!"

Wally announced, punctuating each and every word with a swoosh sound as Marcia felt a burst of air on her rapidly heating bottom just before another spank of the hard wooden paddle landed on her naughty ass.


Marcia screamed with agony and frustration and anger and lust as the thin wooden paddle spread fire across her burning ass again and again...



"Dammit! Wally!" Marcia simmered how dare he do this to her! She was weeping.

Finally after an eternity, and when Marcia was sure she
wouldn't sit comfortably ever again,

Wally stopped spanking, and rubbed her cheeks soothingly.

Marcia collapsed exhausted, across Wally's raise knee, sobbing hysterically, and

All kinds of thoughts were going through the pretty blonde's head. She had just received a severe spanking, and she realized how badly she had deserved it and that caused her to cry more.

Still sniffling Marcia was let down off his raised knee and she rubbed her deep red and purple bottom pulling her cheeks apart giving her hubbie an accidental view of her private pink pucker.

The sniffling blonde still with her trademark shoulder length hair lay down on the bed back in the house as her husband rubbed cold cream that Marcia felt soothing her boiling bottom.

The door opened downstairs her sisters, mom and female Brady mates were back from The Forum as Marcia with her bright red bottom heard footsteps climbing the stairs.

"Marcia are you in there, she knocked and opened the door announcing Alice had dinner was ready."

Carol's mouth went wide as she saw her oldest daughter with hair of gold like her mother lying with a very red bottom and she was all alone.

It had been many years since she had seen her daughter Marcia with a red spanked bottom.

"Marsha what did you to get your bottom spanked so, very red?"

"Oh mom I aired our dirty laundry in public and after Wally being distant to me he decided I needed my panties taken down and Mom here is the crazy thing he knew where to find the Brady wooden paddle." My bottom still hurts awful."

"Marcia, that paddle hasn't been used in years."

"I know mom it had an inch of dust when he pulled it from the top shelf of the laundry room. It was freaky how he knew just where it was."

Marcia rubbed her red blistered and slightly purple bruised bottom.

"Mom, I think I will skip dinner." Brushing her long blonde hair out of her face.

Without warning her mother reaches out and spanks her sore daughter's bottom right across both cheeks hard enough for Marcia to illicit an "Ouch" in response and a cute pout on her face.

"Pull up your panties and pants and join your family for dinner young lady and enjoy your happy marriage, your butt just signed the check for"

"Okay mom I guess sometime we girls just have to take our medicine." Marcia pulled up her white cotton panties with a wince as they rubbed across recently paddle spanked bottom.

Carol smiled as left Marcia to dress. Just another typical day in the Brady House

Brady Bunch central on New Years Eve was a house that could use some more glowing red bottoms to bring in the New Year.

Consider the strained way Jan and her Scientific Beau glared at each other or the way Cindy blonde like her sister's but not now in curls, who was out of sorts, because she had been told to come for Christmas and not asked.

Perhaps even more curious still was the way Carol pouted at Greg like there was a secret they were sharing.

End of Part Three:

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