A/N: hi! i watched this great movie again last night (thank you Christmas reruns, don't you love those?) and this story came to me, so here it is.

DIsclaimer: i do not own Jumanji though i wish i had that much imagination.

Jumanji : revenge of the Hunter.


At eleven years old, jack winter could easily pass for a nine years old boy. He was skinny, small and had nothing particular about him, except his deep blue eyes.

The day had begun as it always did. He had fought for the first round in the bathroom with his little sister. And as always she had won, after his parents had told him to leave her alone, as they always did.

So he had waited, pondering about how unfair his life was and how much he would have preferred to a little brother instead of that annoying little brat. Yet, it would have been okay to have a little sister if his parents didn't always take her side. She was clearly the favourite child and he was the ugly duckling, the one that didn't fit in the perfect picture that was the Winter family.

He often thought that if he was to disappear, they probably wouldn't even noticed.

When his sister finally came out of the bathroom, he was planning on eloping but changed his plan since he really needed to go to the bathroom.

" it's about time!" he yelled after her.

She turned around and stocked her tongue out.

As always.

Little did he know that he was going to miss this nice routine very soon.

On that same day, after his parents had told him to stop messing with his sister, he went to school. The day passed, at a normal pace and he was on his way to school when he heard something strange: drums. A deep and low drum sound.

When the sound abruptly stopped, he resumed his walking, only to be stopped by the same drum sound again.

Curiosity being his middle name, he followed the sound to the nearby river. There, under plants and other less natural things, was a chest. A big wooden chest, from which escaped the drum sound. When he reached the chest, the pounding stopped.

He pulled the chest to him, and sighed when he saw the lock forbidding its opening.

He was not discouraged for long however: his house was not far away, he could very well pull the chest.

One hour later, it didn't seem as such a good idea, but he was nearly there so he kept on going.

Finally, he reached his house.

He slowly opened the door and checked to see if anyone was there. They were not so he entered, pulling the big chest behind him.

He quickly ran to his father's tool box and picked up a hammer. Seeing how rusty the lock was, it couldn't be that hard to open.

Indeed, it was pretty easy. His eyes widened when he saw what the chest contained: a simple smaller box with a word written upon it: Jumanji.

What was Jumanji, he didn't know, nor did he care. This was his discovery, his treasure and he couldn't wait to see the look on his parent's faces when he showed it to them.

He took the box out of the chest and opened it.

" A game!" he cried. How strange that someone would want to lock a game.

Curious as ever, he took two pons and turned them into his hand: they were made in wood and one was a elephant and the other a crocodile. He had seen pictures of these animals in a book they had studied in class. How great would it be to actually face one of those animals. He was daydreaming about fighting one of them and didn't heard the door. He, however, heard his sister yelling in his ear: " whatcha doin'?"

" stuff that concern you, go away"

This of course, wasn't exactly the right thing to say when you want to get rid of your little sister.

" what is it? A game? Can I play too? Please, pleeeaase, jack?"

" alright, but stop whinning".

Glad to have her way once again she sat in front of him and waited.

"how do we play?"

"I don't know. There, it explains how."

After reading the notice, he took two pons and placed them on the game.

" can I begin?" his little sister asked.

" no, I think I'd better start. We never know," said, Jack with an important air about him.

He rolled the dice and waited: six.

"where are you going?" he asked his little sister when she got up and ran out of the room.

"I need to go to the bathroom!"

" but it's your turn to…" his eyes widened when he saw the pon moving by himself.

" Wicked! " he exclaimed. "there has to be something electronic in it."

He bended over when he saw an inscription appearing on the middle of the board game.

Dans la jungle tu attendras, un cinq ou un huit te délivrer as.

In the jungle ? before he could even react, he realized that he was being pulled into the game. Yelling of terror, he called his sister.

Thirty seconds later, the room was silent once more: Jack had disappeared inside the game.