A/N: i know this chappie's riddle isn't great but it is hard to create these. and i know it wasn't that scary either but you'll see, maybe Jack's right, maybe it is a little bit too easy.

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she couldn't stop crying. Everytime her eyes fell on the man that said was her brother, her sobbing grew harder.

" Maybe, you should go," said Rachel. "not far away, like in the another room, until she calms down."

He nodded and after one last glance in the two young women's direction he left them.

" there, there, calm down." Said Rachel in a soothing voice.

" it's…it's…my…"

" Brother. Apparently." Finished Rachel.

Hannah stared at her.

" but that's impossible. He is dead."

" Well, two hours ago, I would've agreed with you but we just survived the attack of what looked like an anaconda,."

" the snake, yes it came from the game."

" yep."

" so, it's not that crazy to think that my brother could have come from that same game, right?"

" Absolutely."

" I'm sorry if I lost it."

" don't worry, I've seen worse."

Hannah got up and looked around, searching for something.

" where is he?"

" I told him to leave us since you were panicking Everytime your eyes layed on him."

" where did he go?"

Rachel showed her the direction and followed her friend.

" oh, he went to his room."

Hannah knocked on the door and waited. A few seconds later, the door opened.

" you're feeling better?"

" yes. I'm sorry I cried like that."

" I understand why you did. How long was I gone?"

" Thirteen years."

He closed his eyes and sighed.

" so long? I lost track of time."

" how was it?"

"I don't really want to talk about it. Where are mum and dad?"

Hannah's gaze fell on the floor and she sighed heavily.

" I'm going to be blunt because there's no other way to break it to you."

She sat on a stair and began talking, her eyes still on the marble floor.

" Mum and dad got divorced and…"

" they what? Why?" he exclaimed.

" that's not all. There's worse. Dad…well he didn't took it well when you disappeared. He began drinking, more and more and that's part of the reason why mum left him. One night, he was pissed drunk and he took the car…he's dead Jack."

She glanced back at him. He looked stunned.

" dead?"

She nodded.

" and mum,"

" she remarried and she lives in New York now."

Hannah turned to see Rachel but she was gone.

" where's…?"

" she left when you began talking. I guess to give us some privacy." Answered Jack.

" I hadn't noticed."

" she went in that direction. The living room, right?"

" yes, you still remember."

They went down stairs and found Rachel sitting on a couch, watching the fire place.

" Rach?"

" hey, you okay?"

Hannah nodded and sat next to her friend.

" so what do we do know?"

" we have to finish the game." Answered Jack, though the idea didn't seem to please him.

" great, what's coming next," muttered Rachel.

" I'll go get the game," offered Hannah.

Rachel shot glances at Jack who was staring outside.

" oaks," he whispered.

" sorry?"

" oaks," he said louder. "I haven't seen an oak in well thirteen years apparently."

" oh. " lame answer she thought.

" so are you glad you're back?"

He turned his gaze to look at her and she felt herself blush for no reason. His stare was…magnetizing.

" yes. Who rolled the dice?"

" hum…I did."

" you saved me."

She shrugged in an attempt to look confident and poised but he smiled and added:

" thank you, I'm in your debt."

Rachel's blush deepened and she felt sillier than ever. Jack frowned but said nothing.

Henry, who was getting slightly annoyed with this conversation, caught their attention by asking:

" so you lived in the jungle? That must have been awesome!"

Jack's light smile disappeared immediately and he looked very reluctant when he said: " not really. How old are you?"

" I'm eleven," said Henry" looking mighty proud.

" well, I was thirteen when I disappeared. Can you imagine? A young boy, lost in the middle of nowhere. Away from his parents, his friends, alone for twenty long excruciating years?"

Henry was now staring at him wide eyed and Rachel knew she looked no better. Before any of them could say anything, Jack stormed out of the room.

" weirdo," muttered Henry.

" Hey! Listen to me. What happened to him isn't fun. I know it may sound great to you but think about what he said. Would like that," said Rachel.

Blushing, Henry shook his head.

" where's Jack?" asked Hannah.

" he's…hum…gone for a walk", replied Rachel.

" I got the game. It took me a while cause I was scared something was going to attack me."

She placed the board game on the low table in front of the couch on which Rachel and Henry were sitting.

" so…whose turn is it," asked Rachel.

" mine," said a gulping Hannah.

" maybe we should wait for your…"

" no need. I'm here," said Jack. He sat in front of Rachel and stared at the game.

" okay. Here I go."

Hannah threw the dice and they all held back their breath when the number three appeared.

A sentence started to form itself in the center of the board game. Rachel read out loud:

In the morning,

There comes the mist,

Don't try to bring,

Your eyesight amidst.


Just when Hannah said that, they started to be surrounded by a heavy fog. Soon, it was impossible for them to see one another.

" Henry?" called Rachel.

" I'm here," he answered. She felt his little hand brush her arm and she grabbed it.

" Here take my hand," she heard Hannah say.

After a few missed movements, she finally grabbed her friend's hand.

" where's your brother?" asked Rachel.

" next to you."

She jumped when he talked next to her ear. He grabbed her arm and led her out of the room. Not once did he touch anything. It was like he wasn't even in the mist. Rachel realized they were climbing the stairs and soon, the fog lifted.

" well, that wasn't that bad," said Hannah, relieved.

Jack nodded, looking uncertain.

" what is it?" asked Rachel.

" I don't know. It just seems too…easy."

" speak for yourself. Not all of us have super vision." She teased him.

He smiled and nodded.

" maybe. Whose turn is it?"

" yours."

"where's the game?"

They looked around and Rachel sighed.

" we forgot it downstairs!"

" I'll be right back," said Jack. " couldn't you take it?" he said to Hannah, before disappearing in the mist.

Taken aback by his harsh tone, Hannah stared after him.

" remember, he lived in the jungle for twenty years. Being polite wasn't exactly his priority," said Rachel.

After a while, Hannah nodded.

She didn't notice the frown on Rachel's face. She had sais that to make her friend feel better but she knew there was something else. He hadn't seemed that pleased to see his sister again and sometimes he looked at her in a strange way. She could see anger flash in his eyes.