Quinn and Rachel took their seats in front of the principal's desk, both with their hands in their laps like touching or even looking at each other would incriminate them further.

The theatre director was still raving like a lunatic, flailing her arms around like she was on fire. Quinn swore she'd never call Rachel a drama queen again. Even Rachel's infamous diva tantrums were nothing compared to this.

"They defiled that stage!" the woman pointed accusingly at them.

Sue crossed her arms; "You took me away from planning the acrobatics routine for this? How exactly did they defile it?"

"They were fornicating in the orchestra pit," the madwoman widened her eyes at Figgins.

Rachel, who was utterly horrified that one that woman said she was fornicating and two that she accused them of doing it at school…during school hours. "We most certainly were not!" Rachel shot out of her chair.

The theatre teacher looked at Coach Sylvester, hoping to recruit her on her side, "On one of the cheerleading stunt mats."

Quinn was quiet as she watched horrified, as Rachel and the director got into a yelling match while Figgins tried to calm them down. Sue for once was quiet and contemplative which made Quinn all the more nervous.

To make matters worse the bell rang, releasing everyone from class. So now the entire student body could watch through the transparent wall of Principal Figgins's office.

"Oh god Quinn actually killed those freshmen," Santana shook her head as she and Brittany passed the office.

"We're done here," Sue finally stated, with authority and finality effectively silencing everyone in the room. She looked at Quinn, "C'mon Q." Sue turned around and started walking out of the office. She added like it was an afterthought. "You too short stack."

Quinn was already scrambling to follow Sue and Rachel was shocked for a few seconds before she quickly followed.

Both girls felt their hearts speed with panic when they realized Sue was leading them back to the scene of the crime. Sue led the way inside and walked over to the still-open trap door. She peered inside, then the thoughtful look blanketed her face. She started talking to herself, "If we put that one on top of the one we already have out, we could probably get away with using that giant slingshot I saw on eBay." She turned to Quinn, "Who is the smallest girl on the team?"

Quinn's mind raced through the whole team. Technically as far as weight and frame, Santana was probably the smallest, but when coach mentioned a slingshot Quinn figured it was dangerous so she offered up one of the freshmen that slushied Rachel.

Coach nodded, "Alright. Get that mat out of there and bring it to the gym." She paused to look at Rachel, "You're small. How do you handle heights?"

Rachel froze in place, "I throw up and I…pass out and I get a nose bleed…. seizures…"

"Too bad," Sue stated before she walked out of the theatre.

Quinn looked at Rachel in utter bewilderment. The brunette breathed a sigh of relief over what she deemed two rather large bullets.

When Quinn's mind started to move again, she peered down in the hole, "I think Coach Sylvester wants you to be a Cheerio."

"Not if she's shooting me out of a giant sling shot," Rachel shook her head.

"So you would if she didn't want to shoot you out of a sling shot?" Quinn asked, looking back at Rachel.

The shorter girls shrugged, "Probably not. I've thought about it and as nice as it would be to stop getting slushied, I'll leave the pompoms to you. I put enough pressure on myself. I don't need the rest of the school to put it on me."

Quinn looked at Rachel for a moment, thought clouding over her eyes. Rachel was about to ask what she was thinking about before Quinn unexpectedly did a flip and twist, her arms tightly tucked to her chest, into the orchestra pit before landing on her back on the mat.

Rachel looked down at Quinn who was smiling up at her from the mat, "I'm impressed."

Quinn smiled, "I'm glad my body still remembers how to do my gymnastics moves."

"How come you never do things like that in Cheerios?" Rachel asked, putting some of her hair behind her ear.

"Because I don't want to die," Quinn reached down and moved her skirt up her leg a little, teasing Rachel, "I trust this mat to catch me. The only girls that actually seem to like me at Brittany and Santana and Santana only likes me half the time. Why would they want to catch me?"

"It'd catch you," Rachel smiled sweetly down at Quinn.

The blonde melted at the cheesy yet sweet sentiment. She put her hands behind her head, "Where are we going to make out now that your rabbit hole is gone?"

"Would you please stop calling it a rabbit hole?" Rachel giggled, "It sounds dirty."

"But you are a dirty girl," Quinn teased her.

Rachel shook her head and put her hands on her hips, "Before you dig yourself into a sexless hole, we should probably figure out how to get this out. I'd like to get to class at some point today."

"Fine," Quinn rolled off of the mat and looked around the little room. She was a little disappointed that they weren't really going to have a place to get away from the rest of the student body while at school. Rachel's stack of books and pile of blankets were still in the corner, but she wasn't sure how much comfort the blankets could afford against the concrete floor. Plus, that crazy theatre director would probably be constantly checked on the little hideout for the rest of the school year.

"Should I call Noah?" Rachel asked, straining to see Quinn who had moved directly under her.

"If we call him, he'll want to make out with one or both of us," Quinn reached down and got a grip on the bottom of it. She lifted it off of the ground, but she had to put in some effort. She let it drop with a dull thud, "We can do it."

She looked up at Rachel, studying her for a moment before letting out a sly smile and turning back to the mat.

"What?" Rachel asked.

Quinn shook her head. She wasn't going to tell Rachel that she could totally see up her skirt. She didn't want to end up in a sexless hole, especially when every inch of Rachel set her on fire.

Quinn managed to stand it up on its end so that Rachel could reach the top. The handles on the side proved to be very useful and once Quinn crawled out of the side door, they got it onto the stage.

Getting it to the gym was the easy part. They got some strange looks from passing students and a few of the faculty as they drug it through the halls. When they got to the section of the gym that belonged to the Cheerios, Rachel fell on top of it and sighed, "I really don't work out enough."

Quinn smiled and gently massaged the small of Rachel's back, "C'mon let's get out of here before Coach wants you to test out her new slingshot."

Rachel sprang off of the mat at the thought and drug Quinn laughing out of the gym.

She tapped her pencil on her desk as she stared at the epic poem they were supposed to be reading. She really wasn't in the mood for this. She should have just accepted Quinn's invitation to go back to her house and play in the tent.

A folded up piece of paper fell onto her desk as a red and white Cheerio skirt swished past her. Rachel looked up at Brittany who was returning to her seat one desk behind her and one over her, next to Santana who sat directly behind her.

Rachel carefully unfolded the paper. She read, What happened to you and Q?

Rachel wrote back describing vaguely that they were caught in the theatre orchestra pit under the stage and that the theatre teacher wigged out and called them and Coach Sylvester to the principal's office. She went on to explain that neither she nor Quinn had gotten into trouble because Coach Sylvester wanted to shoot someone out of a sling shot.

She subtly passed the note behind her and Brittany took it. Santana leaned over to read it with Brittany before they both wrote back. Santana poked Rachel in the back. Rachel reached her behind her and felt the paper hit her palm.

Brittany's response was first written in purple ink all bubbly. Somehow Brittany even managed to make her written words seem happy. Coach already has the slingshot. She's hiding it behind her desk so that Figgins doesn't find it. Glad you too didn't get in trouble! Rachel smiled as her eyes moved to Santana's carefully written words. Thanks for the mental image of you and Q in the act. I so did NOT need that. Rachel giggled to herself.

"Okay," the teacher stood from her desk, "Now that everyone has had a chance to read the poem, you can discuss it amongst yourselves."

Rachel heard a groan from a little farther behind her and turned in time to see Puck sleepily lift his head from the desk. She shook her head and turned around in her chair. She looked at Santana, "How is Coach Sylvester going to slingshot someone without killing them?"

Santana shrugged, "No idea."

"Hey," Puck slunk to the empty chair behind Santana, "What are we supposed to be doing?"

"Who cares?" Santana rolled her eyes.

Puck rubbed his eyes and then ran his palms over his mohawk. "I need a beer."

Rachel was about to comment when she felt her phone buzzed in her sweater pocket. Or more appropriately Quinn's sweater pocket. Rachel had a chill while they were walking back to class and Quinn got it out of her locker insisting that Rachel wear it.

Speaking of the devil, Rachel opened the text she just received from Quinn. What are you up to?

Rachel replied just as Puck said something to them. She wasn't really listening as she typed away. Nothing really. Talking to Brittany and Santana about the slingshot :) She looked up from her phone to find two Cheerios and a mohawked football player looking at her expectantly. "I'm sorry what?"

"Is that the dude that you dumped Finn for?" Puck hitched his chin toward the phone in her hand.

Rachel let out an amused smiled, "Definitely not." Her phone buzzed again. Back to her conversation with Quinn. Coach is going to kill someone. I hope it's that bitch of a freshman. Tell B & S I say what's up.

Rachel relayed the messaged and Brittany grinned, "Tell her I said nothing." The she paused and thought about how that sounded. Then she added, "I mean tell her I said hi."

"Why doesn't she just text me herself?" Santana droned and dropped her chin in her palm.

Brittany and Santana say hi back.

"You're texting Quinn?" Puck asked curiously.

Rachel nodded, like it was no big deal. She turned back to her phone which buzzed again. Before she could read the next text Puck's voice cut though her thoughts. "Oh no damn way."

"What?" Rachel looked up trying not to look as guilty as possible.

A slightly perverted smile took over his face, "You and Quinn are totally hooking up. I can't believe I haven't seen it before."

Santana whipped out her phone while Rachel was stumbling for something to say.

Quinn picked up her phone as Finn moved her table and sat down next to her, "I don't get any of this."

"Hold on a sec," Quinn opened the text from Santana. It read one word. Mayday

As she was texting Santana back a text from Brittany interrupted her. Puck knows about you and Rachel.

"You're super bff's now and she always has that 'I just got laid' smile on her face," Puck laid out all the evidence that he had been unknowingly collecting. "I just thought that Sam was getting lucky, but she dumped him. For you."

Rachel just looked at him, frozen in place. She could already hear people whispering about it behind her.

"Did you hear that?"

"I know right? Quinn and that girl? What's her name anyway?"

Quinn tapped her fingers on the table as texts kept coming from random people who she had no idea how they got her number or how word that traveled so fast. Even Finn's phone was receiving texts. Before he could open any of them, Quinn took his phone from him. "Before you open those. There's something I have to tell you and it may be hard for you, but I want you to hear it from me."

"What?" he looked confused, "Are you pregnant again?"

Quinn rolled her eyes, "No. I've been sorta…a lot…kinda dating Rachel."

Finn stared at her for a good two minutes before she sighed, "Are you going to say something?"

His lips started moving and she could barely make out his quiet whisper, "Mailman, mailman."

"Perv!" she smacked him in the arm and tossed his phone back onto the table in front of him.

Before Rachel could manage any sort of answer, the bell rang. There were people practically running out the door to tell everyone they knew about the newfound information.

She felt a gentle hand on her shoulder and saw Brittany smiling softly at her, "I'm sure they're just excited about their next class."

"Yeah right," Rachel stood up and pulled her sweater as tight as possible around herself.

"If it makes you feel any better," Santana says with absolutely no trace of sympathy in her voice, "I didn't think you could keep it a secret this long."

When Rachel exited the classroom, she saw Quinn leaning against the lockers on the opposite side of the hall. Her face was unreadable as she watched people walk by but when Quinn saw Rachel she smiled softly. Rachel made her way over.

"I'm so sorry," Rachel started to explain, but Quinn silenced her with a well-placed kiss. When the blonde pulled away Rachel's eyes widened and her mouth was slightly open.

"After Finn finished being a perv and picturing us making out, he was pissed at me," Quinn shrugged, "I guess I'll be getting dirty looks from him for the rest of the semester."

"Did you tell him how long it's been going on?" Rachel asked, glancing over her shoulder seeing the giant of a boy she used to date staring at them.

Quinn followed her eyes and possessively slid her hand into Rachel's threading their fingers together. "No, but I don't think it'll be long before he finds out."

Rachel looked down at their joined hands. She could feel the heat from Quinn's hand and a million eyes staring at them both. She swallowed hard and looked at Quinn who was shooting a glare right back at Finn.

"If he doesn't stop staring at me I'm gonna-" Quinn trailed off when she saw Rachel staring at their hands. She immediately realized what she had done unconsciously, "Oh, I'm sorry I just thought since everyone knew that you'd be okay with it."

Rachel looked up at Quinn. After she looked over Quinn's face and probed her eyes, she let out a smile, "I was scared that you wouldn't be okay with it."

Quinn let out a matching smile, "I'm the head Cheerio-"

"Co-head Cheerio," Santana called from across the hall.

The blonde rolled her eyes, "Whatever. I'm the co-head Cheerio and no one is going to say shit. And since you're dating the head Cheerio-"

"Co-head Cheerio," Santana interrupted again with Brittany and Puck snickering next to her, "And can you speak up? We can hear what you're saying?"

Quinn surveyed the halls. She called to the mass of people with their eyes on Rachel and Quinn, "Listen up! Rachel is my girlfriend. If you mess with her, you mess with me! Got it?" She found Karofsky in the crowd and made sure he nodded before she turned back to Rachel. "That means no more slushies for you."

Rachel threw her arms around Quinn's neck and Quinn was content to just hold her like that even though half the school was staring at them. She'd never been more comfortable being herself. It was a long hard road to get there, but in the end it was totally worth it if Rachel would hug her like that all the time.

"Q-Quinn?" a small voice came from behind Quinn. Rachel pulled away to allow Quinn to address the speaker.

Quinn turned around to find the two girls that had slushied Rachel earlier in the day. She growled, "What do you want?"

"We wanted to apologize," the other one explained, "We had no idea that she was your girlfriend…we just…"

"You know what, it's best that you never speak directly to me again," Quinn looked at both of them, "Get to class and make sure you're performance at practice today is flawless. Cuts are Friday and I'd hate for you to get cut because you missed a step."

They both exchanged a panicked look and turned around, scampering away down the hall.

Quinn found Santana's eyes and jerked her head toward the girls. The co-head Cheerio smiled devilishly the way only Santana could and stole two slushies from a group of football players talking down the hallway, before following the freshman down the hallway with Brittany on her heels.

"You really don't have to torture those poor girls," Rachel told Quinn although it made her giddy that Quinn was doing it for her.

Quinn bend down and rested her forehead on Rachel's forehead, "No one messes with my girlfriend like that. I have to make sure no one else ever will."

Rachel smiled wider than before if that was at all possible, "You called me your girlfriend."

"Because you are," Quinn pressed her lips to Rachel's and slowly pulled away, "Now c'mon I have to get you to class so I can run to the locker room and steal those girls' clothes while they're in the shower."

Rachel laughed and took Quinn's hand as they walked down the hallway. She could already see the stares start to fade out. Soon this would all be normal and no one would look twice, unless of course they were making out in the hallway.

That's the end. Thanks for reading and all of your generous reviews.