Of Xmas, Jealousy, Words and Kisses
by DefineLoveless (:



There's something 'bout love
That breaks your heart
Whoa oh oh oh
It sets you free

-David Archuleta



The worst thing that could happen this Christmas season for Natsume is another mission.

So when it was announced that everything is peaceful and there would be no missions, Natsume was more than delighted. Though you won't be able to tell.

Heh. So what was the first thing the rejoicing teenager did after hearing the news?

He walked quickly to his girlfriend's room. Heck, he sprinted halfway, unable to keep the news.

"I just met that guy this afternoon…He's so… I don't know!" Isn't that Mikan? He thought. Moving closer towards the inventor's room, he discovered it was indeed her, and the girls were having a party of some sort.

"Mikan-chan… Describe him!" Anna squealed.

"Well… He smells really nice, as usual…"

"Describe describe! I'm sure lots of guys want to smell the same…!" Nonoko eagerly cut in.

"Um… You know… like the soil after rain? I like that smell…" Mikan said shyly.

Natsume could not help but wonder how he smelt like. Then, he realized that Mikan was talking as though she was having a huge crush on someone.

He began to panic and bad, bad, thoughts ran through his mind.

He wondered who the person was, until his mind wondered to how he should torture the person to making Mikan fall for him again. He decided to hear more about the said person.

"His voice is ohmygawd so dreamy all of a sudden! I mean…"

Natsume contemplated going in and asking Mikan who the hell the person is.

"You know… He tastes like strawberry! And my gawd! Have you seen those lips of his?"

Another chorus of giggles and Natsume was burning with jealousy. He swears to god, whoever dare touches his childish girlfriend would get fried. That guy dared to kiss her? He was courting his death.

"I know right! Have you seen those strong, lean arms of his? That perfectly chiseled body… Oh gawd! He's awesomely awesome!"

"Hey… What about that day when you said you two went on a date? I heard rumors about how hot he looked!"

Mikan went on a date with that son of a….? He looked at his arms and suddenly, he felt as though his ego just got popped. He prides himself in front of Mikan yet some guy make her felt this way?

"OH HELL YEAH! Did you know? Those jeans totally brought out his eye color! I get lost in those pools of his. BAHHHHHS!"

With that he gave in to his ever increasing temper (and jealousy). As he burned down the room and pulled Mikan towards him at the Sakura tree, he realized that maybe… Just maybe… He couldn't be that guy Mikan dreams of. That prince charming she always rant to him about.


Jealousy's a bitch.

As he fought against his inner self on asking Mikan about the 'prince-charming' or whether to just pretend nothing happened and try to win Mikan's heart again… Mikan was getting bored sitting on Natsume's lap.

"Natsume…?" The brunette asked the raven-hair lad, wondering what the hell is wrong with him.

First he had barged into their slumber party, and now he was sitting there with an antagonizing look on his face. Now it became a pained expression. Then it became a grimace, then an evil look… and so on so forth.

Mikan decided to keep quiet as she watched the fascinating expressions on her boyfriend's face. It was quite entertaining, for one. No one gets to see such expressions. No one but her gets away with it alive anyway.

Again the brunette got bored after a while. She decided to poke the Natsume's cheeks.

The said lad glared at her as she chuckled and pecked him on the mouth.

All was well Natsume decided a peck wasn't enough, and it became a full blown make out session.

"So," He started as he hugged the brunette tightly from behind, "who is this prince charming you have been meeting behind my back?"

It came out more… harsh than he wanted to sound.

The brunette just raised an eyebrow, motioning him to continue.

"You know… The one you were describing in that cold bitch of a friend's room."

The brunette just glanced at the shrugging teenager, an unfathomable expression on her face. She turned around and faced him in the eye.

"So… What would happen to the guy if I tell you his name?"

"Well, I decided to fry him, and then get someone to heal him. And then fry him again and maybe cut of his you-know-what so that he's not a man any longer." He leaned in onto her shoulder.

The brunette let out a chuckle.

"You won't do that."

"'Course I will."

"You can't do that."


"Cause if you do, you're no longer 'a man' and you can't date me." The brunette replied gravely as she explained it to her jealous boyfriend.

He froze and then laughed.

She replied it with a kiss,

which was the start of another full blown make out session.

-End (;

Merry Xmas (: This is part 1 of a 3 part special I'm posting for Xmas (:
Hope you like it !

Edit: Thanks EmmaMoon for pointing out my uh o-o obsessions with the word 'lad' (: