Chapter 5: The Volcano

The Volcano is probably the most unkind habitat in Albia, filled as it is with dangerous radiation and searing heat. No plants grow inside it; even the hardy Spinnomosa's seeds wilt under the heat. However, through mere chance, I have found that the Volcano is indeed not the only radiation source in Albia. Up in the highest point in the sky over the desert, there is volcano-level radiation in the turquoise level, with pure blue, the lowest level, everywhere else. Use an Angel Norn to explore the area, and then check with the Ecology Kit.

No plants can be found inside the Volcano, but one can be found on the desert island near it, which I personally classify in the Volcano area.

Coconuts: The coconuts are the only native food source in the volcano area. They grow on the palm tree on the island, and for some strange reason, there are always six fruits in the world at any time. Must be a thing in the scripts. Hmm. Anyway, the coconuts are listed as 'fruit'.

There is only one animal native to the Volcano:

Albian Snail: The snail is immortal, and doesn't really need to eat, but eat it does. It eats organic nutrients from the soil, and if there is none, it doesn't eat at all. Harmless to creatures, not edible; listed as 'critter'.

These objects are found in the Volcano:

Grendel Mother: The Grendel mother consists of a bunch of eggs. Normally, a male Grendel will hatch at the beginning of the game from one of these golden brown eggs. The males from these eggs are infertile unless you have a COB to change the scripts. Listed as 'egg'.

Advanced Science Kit Pickup: You won't get this until you are very far into the game. It powers up the Advanced Science Kit, letting you take a deeper look inside their biochemistry, and probe superficially into their genetic structure. Listed as 'implement', can only be activated by Norns.

Rainbow Butterfly Launcher: Launches Rainbow Butterfly eggs. Don't ask me why this is in a volcano, it just is. Eggs listed as 'critter', launcher listed as 'implement'.

Bubbling Lava: This includes all vents, lava, and steam coming from the volcano. Listed as 'nature'.

Well, that seems to be all! Coming soon: Swamp/Tree Houses/Albian Garden!