Okay… Willow is an OC from one of my stories, who has very little impact on the plot. This is meant to be a short Christmas fic for the lulz.

The Snowpoint Incident. A Christmas Fic!

Chapter 1: Day 1

Gold and Crystal

Elm Research Lab, New Bark town.

"Hey Serious Gal!" Gold greeted Crystal as he barged into the New Bark Town lab.

"Oh… It's you Gold…" Crystal muttered, looking up at him from behind a wall of paperwork.

"So… You know how you wanted me to write a report on missions I participated in and stuff?" Gold shifted uncomfortably.

Crystal shrugged. "The only people who even bother to write reports are; Myself, Green, Willow and Silver."

"I did one."

Crystal looked up him shocked. "YOU did a mission report?" She narrowed her eyes at him "Verbal or Written?"

"Both!" Gold grinned and strode up to her. He handed her a document and a small voice recorder.

"Wow Gold… I'm impressed." Crystal beamed. She suddenly narrowed her eyes again. "Are you just being nice to me because of a bet?"

"No Chris. I just felt like doing something nice for you is all…" Gold rubbed the back of his head and looked away.

Crystal blushed, "Well thank you Gold… see you at the Airport on Wednesday!"

"Yeah bye Crystal…" Gold gave a small wave and ran out the door.

Crystal smiled gently to herself and picked up the recorder. "Well let's listen…"

She pressed the Play button.

"Okay… Gold here… Mission report number… One, I guess. Anyways Silver and I encountered a swarm… we won… End report."

Crystal sweatdropped. She then examined the document; exactly the same thing spoken was written down.

Crystal sighed, "Oh Gold…"

Blue, Green and Silver

Goldenrod Shopping center, inside a clothes shop…

"Okay…" Blue muttered looking through some clothes, she picked one and pulled it off the rack. "How's this one?" She asked the two boys with her, both carrying bundles of clothes.

"It's nice Blue…" Silver forcefully put on a smile.

Green rolled his eyes. "Pesky girl…"

Silver shot him a glare. "Say… sis are we nearly done?" He flashed her a hopeful smile.

Blue held the dress up to size up against her. "Sure… just a few more shops!"

Willow wandered by the clothes store and broke into a fit of laughter. On both of the boy's backs was a piece of paper, attached by tape. On them, were poorly drawn donkeys and under the pictures was some writing. 'Blue's Pack Mules!'

Blue turned and noticed him. "Care to join us Willow?"

He shrugged and walked up to the two 'Pack Mules' and whispered, "She'll make you wear those dresses next." Green and Silver shot him sceptical looks. "Trust me, she got Red and Gold to do it once."

Green and Silver shot him a look of terror; they dumped the clothes on the floor and ran.

Willow laughed as the two 'mules' shot out of the store, he turned around and abruptly stopped laughing. Blue held a dress up and smiled evilly.

"Oh crap."

Red and Yellow

The Viridian Forest

In the frost covered Viridian forest, a boy of 16 staggers through the deep snow. His Pikachu, wrapped up in a scarf for warmth, smirks at his master's difficulty.

"Geez it's cold…" Red shivered and rubbed his hands together.

His Pikachu rolled its eyes.

"Hmm Yellow's house is nearby… right Pika?"

Pika nodded and pointed its tail towards a small house covered by snow.

"…When did that get there?" Red muttered dumbly

Pika sweatdropped, 'what an idiot.'

Red approached the house and noticed a letter taped to the door. He ran up and started to read it.

'Hey guys, I decided to go ahead and meet the Sinnoh dexholders early. There is no heating in my house and so it wouldn't make sense to hang around. Hopefully the snowfall didn't make your journey here too difficult.'

Red sighed, rubbing his gloved hands together once more.

'But I did send you all e-mails before I left and Red is the only person I can think of who would rush here without checking. Sorry Red! (If you do turn up.)

Merry Christmas!


Red finished reading and groaned. This was going to be an interesting holiday.

Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald

Lilycove City, The Lilycove Grand Hotel.

"It was SOOO funny!" Blue's face cackled on the screen. "I didn't know Willow could run that fast!"

Sapphire laughed loudly and smiled at her senior on the videophone screen. "Yeah… Ruby probably would have volunteered to wear the dress though."

"Oh please, Sapphire. Just because I like making women's clothing, doesn't mean I want to wear it!" Ruby shouted from the other side of the room. "Besides I make them for you, so that you look less like an ape."

"What you call me prissy boy?" Sapphire snapped back, glaring darkly at the boy fiddling with a sewing machine in the corner of the room.

On the screen Blue rolled her eyes as she watched the drama unfold.

From the balcony Emerald shouted. "Hey Sapphire! Pee CAN freeze when falling!"

Ruby and Sapphire immediately stopped arguing and stared in horror as Emerald wandered back into the Hotel room, zipping his fly back up.

Blue stared at the newcomer on her screen in shock, remembering the Hoenn Frontier and shuddered mentally at the image. She silently stared at Emerald with Ruby and Sapphire for a few moments.

"I'm going to go pack…" She said awkwardly, breaking the silence. "See you at Snowpoint!"

The screen flickered out.

Emerald, who was for some reason excited with his 'accomplishment', jumped up and down frantically. "Wanna see?"

Ruby suddenly spoke up. "Sapphire, you go take a look. You like that sort of thing right?"

Sapphire turned back to Ruby and snarled. "Why don't I throw you off the balcony so you can see!"

And thus the epic argument continues…

Next time…

The Sinnoh Dexholders meet their seniors in person. Gold tries to teach Crystal to snowboard. Blue starts a prank war with Green. Red tries to talk to Yellow. Willow and Silver start a staring contest. And finally, an enormous blizzard forces the dexholders to do the impossible… live together.