OK so i loved both of the anime's that much i thought i would take a stab at writing a story for one

so enjoy and review

"Ha" The man laughed to himself "Keep your gates, I'll make my own entrance thanks". Looking at the wall in front of him he smirked concrete was mere child's play, waving his left hand he opened a hole in it big enough for him to walk through gaining access to the great academy city.

"I'm hungry" Index moaned as her stomach began growling while holding onto her partner's hand, she was still wearing her usual nun's outfit with it's many safety pins keeping it held together.

"We just ate" Her partner Kuroko said sighing "Come on cheer up we'll eat when we meet up with the others". Kuroko Shirai had her brown hair tied into pigtails as usual wearing her school uniform, today she didn't have on her Judgement sash she had finally gotten a day off in weeks in order to spend it with her girlfriend.

They were meant to be meeting up with their friends however Index had slept in snuggled up close to Kuroko, they were running late although Kuroko had a feeling that Onee-sama was in the same boat.

"Sorry" Kuroko was snapped out of her thoughts as she turned to see Index apologise to a boy in a black hooded jacket, he was also wearing black jeans and trainers to match. He didn't even stop or say anything as he walked on hood pulled up over his head hiding his face, Kuroko was suspicious about this as she knew most people in Academy city to do that were up to no good.

"Are you OK?" Kuroko asked "You're not hurt are you? Still have your phone and purse?"

"Yes" Index replied "Stop worrying you're not on duty now, you're with me". Index lent closer kissing Kuroko lightly on the cheek before looking over her shoulder, something about that boy was off and she couldn't work out what.

"WILL YOU HURRY UP" Misaka yelled looking over her shoulder as sparks of electricity flared up around her, she was wearing a tight t-shirt and jeans today as she didn't feel like wearing her usual school uniform on a date with her boyfriend, if she could class it as a date.

"I'm coming" Touma yelled back "It's your fault were running late anyway". Touma was wearing a white t-shirt and blue denim jeans seeing the electricity flaring up around Misaka he seemed that annoying his girlfriend wouldn't earn him much of a response.

"Sorry" he heard her say looking up he spotted who she'd apologised to, a boy wearing a black hooded jacket carried on walking he was also wearing black denim jeans and black trainers.

"Are you ok?" Touma asked walking up to her and grasping her hand.

"I'm fine" She said her cheeks slightly pink they'd been going out for a while now and she still wasn't use to holding hands in public "There was just something odd about that boy".

"How so?" Touma asked looking at her with concern.

"I don't know" She said "Just odd".

"As long as you're safe I don't care" Touma said putting his arm around her shoulders and pulling her closer to his side.

"UIHARU" Came a shout from behind her turning Uiharu was met with a rather long and passionate kiss on the lips from her better half Ruiko.

"Do you always have to yell like that?" Uiharu asked after they had broken apart. Uiharu was use to this now however she couldn't help the embarrassment she felt every time it happened, she was wearing a tight t-shirt and jeans this time as Ruiko had a habit of flipping up her skirt. Ruiko had decided to dress the same grasping Uiharu's hand they headed to the café they were set to be meeting the other at.

"Do you think anyone will be already there?" Ruiko asked.

"I doubt it" Uiharu replied resting her head on Ruiko's shoulder "Shirai-san text me and said they were running late, I'm not sure about Touma and Mikoto-san".

"They'll probably be running late as well" Ruiko said accidently bumping into a boy wearing a black hooded top with black denim jeans and trainers "Sorry". The boy didn't say anything he didn't even seem to register anyone had spoken to him, Uiharu was looking at him concerned she knew that she wasn't on duty yet something didn't add up.

"That was odd" Ruiko said looking at Uiharu "No, you're off duty so don't even think about it".

"What?" Uiharu asked trying to change her facial features but it didn't work.

"You're not going after him" Ruiko said "You're with me today no Judgement business".

"You're sure?" Konori asked down the phone.

"Positive" came the replying voice of Aiho Yomikawa "We're at the scene now, someone busted the wall and broke in. We need Judgement to run scans on esper abilities someone's got to have the power to do this, we're sending images of the damage to give you an idea".

"That's impossible" Konori said after seeing the images she'd been sent "No one could do something like that it's too clean".

"Clearly someone has" Aiho said "The problem is who and why".

"I'll look into it but I'm making no promise's" Konori said "That's the best I can do".

"That's all we can ask" Aiho said disconnecting the call, Konori kept staring at the images on screen before her. Who could have done this? From what she knew there was no ability that powerful, looking at her phone she considered calling Kuroko or Uiharu but remembered it was their day off and they were spending it with their partners but she soon realised she may not be given any other choice.

"So we were all running late" Touma said scratching the back of his head nervously "That's not so bad then".

"True, I suppose I can't argue with that" Kuroko said as Index began to order.

"I still can't forget that boy" Misaka said cuddled up next to Touma "He was hiding something otherwise he wouldn't have had his hood pulled up".

"Black hooded jacket, black denim jeans and black trainers" Ruiko said "I still can't get that…Kuroko what's wrong?"

"Black hooded jacket?" Kuroko asked looking at Ruiko "That's not possible it must just be a coincidence".

"What do you mean?" Touma asked "Kind of reminds me of the boy who bumped into you".

"There's no way he could have bumped into the three of us no one can move that fast unless they are an ability user" Misaka said. Before anyone could say anything Kuroko's phone began to ring, checking the caller ID she saw it was Konori-senpei.

"Hello" Kuroko said answering the phone.

"I know this is your day off but this is important" Konori said down the phone she didn't sound herself "Antiskill phoned they said that someone has broken into Academy city I'm sending you images of the damage but there's more, I'm sending you an image of who they think is behind it". Kuroko removed the phone from her ear as she looked at the images, a look of shock etched across her face as she saw the damage done to the wall showing everyone else they too seemed to mirror her expression.

"That was the damage" Konori said "This is who they think did it". Kuroko once again looked down at her phone and looked at the picture, she dropped it out of surprise after seeing the person. Confused and concerned the rest of the group looked at the phone as well the same surprised expression's mirrored on each of their faces.

"Konori-senpei, please tell me you have it wrong" Kuroko said through numb lips.

"No that is the image, why?" Konori asked concern dripping from her voice.

"We've seen someone who looks like that" Kuroko said "In fact we walked into him".

"Get back to headquarters" Konori said instantly "You have to tell us what you remember, it's possible they are a rouge esper and what makes things worse is. We don't know there level".