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Author's note: I have always hated the fact that the creators of DBZ made Gohan into a nerd in the series. He really should have taken over as the main character. So. In this, Gohan has continued to train and is ridiculously strong (naturally). He has also had a large role in raising Goten. The way I see it, the have more of a father/son relationship, even though obviously they are brothers.

This chapter is told from the perspective of Goku, having recently decided to come home permenantly after the buu stuff. Trouble is brewing in the Son household and this is just the first chapter. Hopefully the story will unfold more in later chapters. I wanted to get this one up though in order to inspire myself to finish the other chapters. Im not entirely happy with the story, but lets see where it goes. If I dont post it now, i never will. anyway...on with the story...

Lying Goten on the bed and covering him with the soft dinosaur themed duvet, Goku ran a hand through his son's hair and whispered goodnight before turning and regarding the danger-zone before him.

He had to get over to the door without tripping over something and hurting himself. This was no easy task seeing as the floor was covered with a large array of toys and the clothes that had been haphazardly tossed there. He could fly of course, but he wouldn't risk the trouble he'd receive if Chi Chi found out.

So. He picked his way through the mess on the floor, and made it to the door. Smiling at the little boy snuggled deep within the covers, Goku turned out the light and shut the door behind him.

Man, he couldn't believe that he'd missed out on seven years of this – his – child's life. He was so amazing. He'd spent the last few weeks playing and training with him and generally getting to know the boy. Sadly, Goten's school holiday was nearly over, so they wouldn't be able to play all day – he was going to miss that boy while he was at school!

He'd also been spending time with Chi Chi. Renewing the relationship that he had with her. He'd taken her out several times, and enjoyed spending time with the woman he loved.

There was one member of his family that Goku hadn't really had time to catch up with. Gohan. His eldest had always claimed to be too busy, or was out with his friends or training with Piccolo or something when Goku tried to spend time with him.

Well that was going to change.

Walking down the corridor to his eldest son's room Goku gently tapped a small rhythm on the door with his knuckles. Recieving no answer, he quested forward with his energy and having sensed Gohan in the room, he gently pushed the door open and stepped over the threshold.

Gohan was there, lying on his bed staring up at the whiteboard that he had pinned over the head of his bed. All Goku could see was a long series of squiggles and numbers that made no sense whatsoever. Gohan however was staring avidly at the board in a manner that Goku realised was the intense concentration his son used to solve a problem or challenge. He was gently twiddling a pen in his fingers while he thought.

"Hey Gohan!" , Goku exclaimed "Whatcha doing?"

Silence greeted him.

"Gohan?" Goku quieried.

"Damn it Dad!" Gohan growled at him "I've totally lost my train of thought now!"

Goku wasn't really sure why Gohan was mad at him. "Well, sorry son, but hey! I guess you don't have to look at that boring stuff anymore!" Goku answered cheerfully.

Gohan sighed, "It's not boring Dad. It's interesting, and besides, I need to solve this problem for an essay I'm writing" he said while swinging his feet to the floor and sitting up to face his father. "What's up?"

"Just thought we could hang out, you know, like we used to. Goten's asleep so it could be just you and me again".

"Um...well I'm kinda busy" Gohan said hesitantly

"Really, aw come on Gohan! You can take a break for one night!"

"Yeah I guess so" Gohan said. "Where'd you wanna go?"

"How about down by the lake?" Goku suggested, immensely happy that he was going to spend time with Gohan. It would be just like old times!

At Gohan's nod of confirmation, Goku took off, bounding out of the room's small window and shooting off shouting "Race ya!" back at his son.

Gohan shook his head slowly and climbed out of the window then took off after his father.

Goku got to the lake first, not surprisingly given his head start, but Gohan was a very close second. Goku flopped down onto the grass lying down and putting his hands behind his head. Sighing contentedly he started to watch the stars as Gohan settled himself down on the grass more sedately choosing to remain seated while hugging his knees to his chest. Silence prevailed as father and son gazed up at the night sky.

A good few minutes past before Goku broke the silence by saying "It sure is great to be home! I've missed doing this ya know"

Gohan grunted in acknowledgement but continued to stare up at the stars.

Goku decided to try again. "So, I haven't seen much of you the past couple of days – where've you been son?"

"You know...work and stuff. Kinda busy" Gohan replied shortly.

Why was it so hard to talk to Gohan all of a sudden? He would usually have been chatting away madly by now! Goku was sure that Gohan just needed some time on his own with him and then things would get back to normal, but this wasn't working at all!

"Oh, well I'm sure your mum'll give you a break for the party tomorrow huh? I'll have a word for you ok Gohan" Goku said, trying to break through to his son with a common topic.

"Mums not forcing me to work you know. I've been doing it because I enjoy it ok. Leave her alone" Gohan snapped.

"Whoah! Where'd that come from? I'm just saying that its ok for you to have a break sometimes you know?" Goku stated, sitting up and trying to defend himself given that Gohan had kinda turned on him. "I just wanted to spend some time with you little buddy".

"Well maybe I have a lot to do and I'm not taking a break for a reason alright? You don't understand everything you know! And I'm not little anymore alright?" Gohan snapped again.

Goku was shocked. Why was Gohan mad? He always used to beg for a break from studies – and now he wanted to do them? What was going on here?

While Goku was lost in thought, Gohan had clamoured to his feet. "Look I'm sorry Dad. I'm just really busy and a little stressed out right now. I need to get back to that equation. I'll see you at home".

With that Gohan took off, leaving Goku sitting on the grass, confused about what had just happened.