Author's Note

Hi there!

This is a complete story, but I just wanted to add this in order to respond to a specific review that I got. The reviewer left an Anon post, so I can't respond directly, but I really would like to take the time to answer it.

I do see how this story can be seen as a Goku bash – thats because it is! I don't see that as a bad thing. It's ok to explore different ideas, and this piece was one that portrayed Goku in a particularly bad light. Contrary to your opinion, I don't actually hate Goku (I know I didn't exactly give you much to go on in this fic). I like the character, but this story is about Gohan and his feelings on his life.

Lets address Goku first. In the anime, Goku is completely pure of heart and willing to do anything for those he loves (and he does – even sacrificing his life!). This is fantastic, and in the anime, everyone understands this and love him for it. I, however think its just a bit annoying that the z-warriors, and his family especially aren't allowed to be sad and a bit hurt that he is away so much. Again, I have taken this idea and pushed it to an extreme.

I think that Goku probably is a good parent. He adores Gohan, and when he is around he clearly dotes on him. But I don't think that it is fair to push Gohan's feelings at being left behind when Goku is away to be ignored. Maybe it is unfair for him to resent Goku. But sometimes – feelings are irrational. Gohan might logically understand all the sacrifices Goku made for him and the planet, but emotionally, he was still a little boy that was hurt. It doesn't have to be logical.

Also, thinking about Goku – when he was dead after cell, it is safe to say that he would have been able to keep tabs on his family by asking King Kai about them. Hell, he could probably have checked in now and again by King Kai letting them talk to them (I don't think its too much to ask for the saviour of the universe!). Goku doesn't though. He doesn't even know about Goten's existence. I see that as bad parenting. If I had the ability to check in on my kids in that situation, you can bet I would take advantage of it!

Finally, I am not saying Vegeta is a good parent – he isn't. But he is there for his family and cares for them in his own way, even if that is a bit messed up. Vegeta is a VERY flawed individual, and I think you need to take his past into account when thinking about his parenting style.

Now – Gohan.

It has been said that I put Gohan on a pedestal and that he is "super-honerable". Ok, I can see that. I have made him into a bit of a martyr. I'm not sure that this is too much of a stretch however. Like I said, in the anime, Goku and Gohan are portrayed as pure of heart characters that would do ANYTHING for those that they love. I think that Gohan would be taking care of his family and doing all he could to help out. Its just who he is.

However, I do think that I have made it clear that Gohan does resent this responsibility a little bit. He gets tired out and stressed in this fic – it adds to his anger in general. Gohan's character (in the anime) has always been based on anger. He lets it build up. I don't think he is perfect. If he was, I don't believe that he would do this. He is flawed, and I have attempted to show this in the story – maybe I didn't do a very good job as this hasn't come across. I also don't think that the ending can show that he is anything other than flawed. If Gohan was perfect, then he would have forgiven Goku and all would have been well. It wasn't. He can't forgive Goku, and this is a bad thing. But you know what? Stuff like this happens in real life – families get broken up and people can't move on.

I would like to say that I most definitely CAN say that it wouldn't have mattered if all of the characters came after Goku.

Raditz did come after Goku, but the sayjins came back for the dragonballs, not Goku.

Garlic Junior came to take over the world – not to get Goku.

The androids and cell did admittedly come for Goku, but I don't think his presence actually made all that much of a difference. In future trunks time, Goku was dead and they terrorised the earth anyway. I do believe that Cell would have done the same. Goku's presence wouldn't have made a difference to them.

And Buu? He was definitely going to have come whether Goku was there or not.

I do appreciate that Goku's decision to stay dead was a noble one. However, it could be seen that it wasn't completely necessary for Goku to stay dead. I believe that he did it for the new adventure. Goku DOES love his family, but I think that he gets swept up in his love for adventure, and sometimes forgets his obligations at home. I am taking into account the upbringing Goku had in DB for this. As it was pointed out, he was raised alone in the woods, and then spent time going off having adventures with his friends. I think Goku would think that this would be ok when he was an adult as well.

One further point. As people who have followed this story know, it has taken a VERY long time for me to update and finish it. This is related to issues in my personal life. I have many issues that I won't bore you with, but I do have trouble expressing when I am upset/angry with people – it tends to turn self-destructive. It is entirely possible that when I have been updating/writing, my anger and hurt and pain has come out in my writing. It was not my intent to do this, but I think it may explain a few things about how Gohan has been written. It isn't an excuse, but i think it needed to be said.

To the specific reviewer – I really do appreciate your review. It has given me a lot to think about. Constructive criticism is always appreciated, and I have certainly taken on board your views. I hope that you don't mind that I have taken the time to explain my opinions (hopefully address some of the points you have made) and to explain why I have written this piece the way I have. It was a well written review and you raised some good points. I would ask however that in future you refrain from insulting the person who has written the piece. You called me a hater and ignorant a few times. You can get your point across without using these hurtful terms – you did so infact. It just makes people feel unnecessarily bad when you insult them.

In closing, this story has been my "perspective" on these characters relationships. Its not for everyone, and thats fine. All people have a right to their own perspective.

Thank you for bearing with me through this. It may not have gotten my opinion out completely, or as well as I had hoped, but I felt that I owed people an explanation.