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-This is loosely based of the story of the real little mermaid. But I fill be adding my own twist and turns here and there, and pertty much everywhere.
-Also to make the story work, I had to changed Ksiame's age, so now he's 20 and about to turn 21. Hinata will stay pertty much the same.
-Also there will be OCs in here and some will play a big part in this story.
-So now thank you to everyone who bother read this at all, and please remeber to comment, even if it's constructive criticism. Thank you and have a wonderful rest of your lives! XD

A vass blurriness filled my eyes, my sight obscured by this strange murky grayness. The only sounds that enter my ears were a numbing silence. My body was numb, and I felt weightless… weightless, what was this feeling? My mind swarmed with a blurry mess of colors, where was I? What is going on around me? Why is it so hard to breathe? Why is it so hard to breathe? Breath, breathe, why can't I breath? Am… am I dying?

Dying, why am I dying? What in the world is happening? Why is everything so strange? Why can't I feel anything? My legs, my chest, breathe? My breathe? What is this heavy thing filling my lungs, my chest filling up with this heavy cold substance? What is it? Water, water… there is water all around me. Am I… Am I drowning? My body twitches in the emptiness, my hands grasp and catches nothing. I'm going to die, die in the water, the ocean. This beautiful being is taking my life away, my breath with its angry hands. Cold claws wrapped around my throat and steal every last fiber of my being, my mind starts to despair before my very eyes. My life slipping through my cold fingers…

Black… blackness, darkness, is all I see. Where am I? Where am I going? What is this heavy pounding in my chest? It's my heart. My heart still beating. Shouldn't I be dead? Where was the water that filled my lungs, where is anything… What is that light? That strange little light?

I reach towards that little light, its warmth flowing through my cold fingers. It feels so nice, so soothing. My head states to clear, my ears fill with a strange sound. A beautiful sound, what is this sound? It fills my ears and envelops my brain… its singing, it was a soft beautiful singing… smoothing and soothing, a lullaby maybe… I reach for this sound, this voice in the darkness and I grasp the sun.

Two pair of soft sparkling slivery lavender eyes stared back at me. What beautiful, soft eyes they were, such a sweet smile, and kind face. I reach out for that beautiful face, that mesmerizing voice…

"Kisame-sama!" a voice pulls me back to reality.

My head suddenly felt horribly aching again and my body was numb to the point of pain. My eyes blinked to the golden sun blinding me. The sky so blue, so clear.

"Kisame-sama!" the voice called again. I recognized that voice.

"Kisame-sama, thank the lord you're alive!" a dark pair of concerned ebony eyes looked over me.

"I-Ita-Itachi-san…" I almost didn't recognize my own voice. It sounded like thrones filled my throat.

"Kisame-sama, don't try to speak. You've been through a lot."

Itachi bent down and pulled my up to lean against his shoulders.

My mind was still so blurry and murky. All I could remember was the darkness and that voice.

"Wha-what happen…?"

"Do you not remember, Kisame-sama?" Itachi asked with concern. How that slender little boy could lift me with so little effort was still am amazement to me.

"Hon-honestly n-no… I j-just re-remember see-seeing a lot of f-flashes and da-darkness…"

The dark hair boy turned his head to face me. His dark eyes filed with worry.

"Is your head alright?" he asked.

"N-no, n-not really."

"We should find you a doctor as soon as possible. We though we had lost you in that storm. You nearly got struck by lightning and fell overboard. Thank goodness you're in one piece."

"It-Itachi-san, t-tell me, di-did you… did you hear a voice be-before, before you found me?"

He just stared at me with wide eye.

"We really need to find you a doctor as soon as possible."

I just chuckled a bit.

"Se-seriously, Itachi-san, was there another person here, with me?"

"No, why do you ask? Did you see some one?"

"I… I'm not sure… but I did hear this voice, th-this beautiful voice. It was si-singing, singing a strange, soft song. It was like a lullaby…"

My friend just stared at me.

"Perhaps it was a mermaid?" he suggested.


"Or more likely you swallowed too much seawater you goof. Mermaids only exist in story books."

"Ahh, must you be so cruel?" I joked.

"Come Kisame-sama, let us find you a doctor." He began to lead me away from the ocean's tide alone the soft golden sand.

"Seriously Itachi-san, I really did hear a voice."

"You were probably hallucinating my friend." He sated very plainly.

"Aww, come on, have a little faith, will you?" I chuckled. Itachi-san could be so cold sometimes.

I looked back out to the blue tides, perfect and beautiful. Hard to believe something so wonderful could take my life away. Hard to believe it could be hiding something that gave it back, something with that beautiful, mesmerizing voice...

"Kisame-san, Kisame!" The voice snapped me back to reality.

A grin spread across my lips.

"Why, hello Itachi." I turn my head to see my good old friend walking towards me, a cold glare in his dark eyes. But then again, that was nothing new. He seemed to be always glaring or scolding these days.

The dark hair man walked up to me, and just stared with those cold eyes at me. Those cold dark eyes, they could freeze your soul if they wanted to and release all your pain at the same time as well.

"Oh, why such a cold look? Did I do something wrong… again?" I chuckled.

It was hard to believe that one could grow even colder, and planer then Itachi was now. It was hard to believe that he could get even older on the inside. For lord's sake, the man is younger then me and yet he's the one scolding like an old man.

"You shouldn't wonder off without telling someone Kisame-san. At the very least tell me. You have everyone worrying."

"Well, then I apologize deeply father." I turned to bow towered the dark hair man. He just scolded back.

A chuckled slipped out my lips.

"Ah, have a little scene of humor now will you Itachi. Just because you look dead on the inside doesn't mean you have to act it."

"Well if I was your father, I never let you leave the palace, Kisame-dono." He made perfect sure to add emphases on the "dono" part.

"Aww, why such a term Itachi? Haven't we've been friends since you could scold with those fancy eyes of yours?"

Itachi just scowled more.

"Ha ha, very funny. Seriously, a prince should not be wondering off without letting someone know. You could be killed or worst you know."

"Same for you, your highness, are you and I not one in the same?"

"Yes, but I am not inheriting a throne in three months."

"Yes, true. But you should."

The man just stared at me with cold, unmoving eyes. How could one be so young in body and yet so old in spirit?

"Do not talk of such things." He turned away to stare at the ocean as I did.

"Ahh, it seems I've hit another nerve."

"Please Kisame, do not talk of such things." This was one of the rare moments of Itachi's weakness. His cold, dead, mask cracked ever so slightly to show that there was still the boy who used to smile hiding under there. A boy who used to be so filled with live, a boy was and is still my best friend.

"Of course Itachi, nothing more of this."

"Thank you." The whisper barely escaped his lips.

I stared back out to the tumbling blue ocean. Its waves pushing up against the grains of sand and pulling then away. My mind slipped back to that day, the day this beautiful being nearly took my life away in its fingers. My breath, my being.

"You are thinking of that day again, aren't you? That day three years ago, the day you nearly lost your life…" Itachi asked.

"Yes. I still can remember that voice as clearly as the day it enter my mind. It was a lovely voice, hard to forget something as strange and wonderful as that."

He was silent for a moment. This was strange. Usually Itachi would quickly just dismiss it as a hallucination that I had swallowed to much seawater. But now, he seemed to be honestly thinking it over. What is happing to my friend? He's been acting stranger then normal lately.

"Perhaps… perhaps it was real after all…" He stated very quietly.

My eyes widen.

"Are you saying, you were wrong?"

"No, I'm just saying there is a possibility. Now Kisame-san, let us return to the palace. It is getting late." Then he turned away and began to walk back toward the palace.

"Ahh, as cold as ever I see? Really my friend, how could one be so old on the inside and yet so young in body? What ever happened to that boy who use to smile once in a while and at least laugh a little at my jokes?" I turned to face him and called out after him.

"It's called growing up, you should try it Kisame-san." He never even bothered to look back.

"Ahh, yes growing up, but wouldn't that take the fun out of everything? Life would be so dull without some imagination, some faith?" I chuckled out.

He stopped for a moment, and turned his head towards me, his eyes never leaving the ground. I believe he must have mumbled something for his lips moved, ever so slightly, but it was much too quite for me to hear. Then my friend turned back around and headed back to the palace, my home, my prison.

I turned back around to face the ocean. A laugh escaped my lips, yes, yes, growing up is not much fun. Unfortunately for my dear old friend, old father time had gotten to him before me. Fate is a cruel mistress. All she had done to poor old Itachi and his family. All the emotional suffering he must have gone through. He had grown up way before his time. So young and yet so old…. My poor friend I do hope you know I'll always be here for you.

I looked back out one last time to the setting sun. The golden orb cast ribbons of glittering dust onto the ocean's surface. It speckled its surface with little flakes of gold. A beautiful sight if you ask me.

I knew what I saw that day. I know that voice is real. It was no hallucination, that warmth, those eyes, that voice. I will find it someday. I will find that beautiful voice that gave me back my life. I turn away from the setting sun, and raced to catch up with my friend.