Right, I wrote this two years ago, so if it hasn't been up the standard of my most recent work, that's why. Thanks to the like, four people who have reviewed this. I've only put these chapters up so the story can be complete. Thanks for reading.

One month later…

Paton and Julia were married in a little church at the edge of the city. It was quite an event. Half-way through the ceremony, Grandma Bone decided to gate crash, but was chased out by the Flames. Another thing that had irritated Grandma Bone to the point of madness, Julia had decided to take the Yewbeam name.

The reception was rather funny as Paton kept smashing the light bulbs in the centre room, much to his supreme embarrassment. There were waiters everywhere, not only serving champagne, but all holding dustpan and brushes. Whenever a bulb smashed, the waiter closest to it would give out a loud exasperated sigh and doddle over and clear everything up. Everyone, except the Yewbeams, the Tilpins and the Bloors turned up. Even Alice Angel, who was moving towns, turned up. It was a very happy and joyful occasion.

Zara had managed to persuade her parents to move to the city. Martha and Jeremy O'Sheridan didn't like the idea, but Zara wanted to go back to Bloors Academy. She had never felt more accepted in her entire life. She moved to Filbert Street, number eleven and started dating Ben after a while. So life was good for her.

Billy was offered a place in the Gunn house, although he had politely declined. He feared that the people he wanted most to adopt him never would. But his wished were about to be answered. One weekend, he stayed round Charlie's house. Lyell and Amy Bone had come back from their honeymoon, and they had a little surprise for Billy. They called him into the kitchen after a very long discussion (Charlie included) and asked him,

'Would you like to come and live with us Billy?' Billy looked round at the Bones' happy smiling faces.

'For how long?' he stuttered, swaying happily in an invisible breeze.

Lyell Bone smiled graciously and replied, 'Forever.'

Soon after, the Bones' moved to Diamond Corner. Luckily, there were four bedrooms and enough room for everyone, Lyell and Amy, Charlie, Maisie, and Billy. Grandma Bone had moved out, much to everybody's delight.

Lola had to stay in hospital for a couple of days. She had broken a wrist, an ankle, a knee and a hell of a lot of bruises, but she recovered after a few weeks. She was also on crutches for six weeks and missed her entire English project because she couldn't write anything. Gabriel stayed with her all the time.

All the girls refused to say anything about what happened in the Grey Room. The Bloors had to close the school temporarily whilst the West Wing and the Music Department were re-built. This meant no one had to go to school for an extra two months on top of the summer holidays. Everybody wins.

The End.