Chapter 1

I thought

-How can someone like I be so happy in my life with the man I love with all my heart?. It was the day before wedding. I was so nervous. Someone knocked on the door and I went to answer it. There stood the least person I was expecting...

-Aro Volturi? Felix Volturi? Rosalie Hale?

There stood Aro , Felix and Rosalie. I was so confused.

Aro saw my confused expression and said:

-Isabella,maybe we could come in and all the four of us could discuss things?

I was frozen with shock, but I still managed to nod my head. I lead them to the living room. Thank God, Charlie was at Billy's today.

I turned to face Rosalie. Her expression was blank , but her eyes were full of sorrow. We were getting along better and better. I went to her and sat next to her.I said

-Rose,what's the matter? I see, that something isn't right.

She smiled sadly at me. I turned to Felix and Aro, who were sitting across us. Felix looked like a blind guy , who finally saw the light in his life for the first time. And he was looking at Rose!

Aro had the same expression, but he was looking at me! And then realisation dawned on me.

-Felix and Rose are real soulmates. Aro?

He still continued to look at me , but nodded his head. I turned to Rose.


Her expression changed to livid.

-He knows. He trew me against a wall and said some mean things about me. Like it was my fault.

She started to sob. Felix wanted to comfort her, but I was the first. I wrapped her in a big hug.

-Rosalie, don't cry. I'm here , and so is Felix. Aro,how can we be soulmates? What about me and Edward?

Rosalie froze. She looked at Aro, who nodded his head to her and she began to tell.

-Bella, Edward is cheating on you with Kate Denali. You know all the hunting trips every week?

I nodded my head.

-He goes to Denali to be with 't marry him. You were never his soulmate. I have known for awhile. All the others knew all the time.

Now my expression was livid.

-WHAAAAAT? How can he do this to me? Where is he? I am going to burn his ass and make him eat his balls!

Aro and Rosalie chuckled, but Felix said

-You know, Isabella, you could come to Volterra with us and ditch him.

I thought for awhile.

-Aro, can we talk for awhile?

He nodded and I led him in the kitchen.

-Why now? What will your brothers say?

He looked at me and said:

-My brothers know everything. I can't let you marry that jerk, who doesn't even love you. Please, Isabella. Come with us to Volterra. Rosalie is coming too.

-Will you change me now? Then I will meet Edward and give him the shock of his existance and then we can go. But he doesn't need to know that I am with you.

He nodded and stepped closer to me. Only know I noticed the pull I had for him. He touched my hand and pulled me closer to him. After a moment I leaned in and our lips met. He wasn't so careful with me like Edward always was. He was full of passion. Our kiss ended soon , because I needed to breathe. And then he bit me. Fast and the pain came. I just layed still and didn't scream. I heard Aro explain everything to Rose and Felix. They decided to change Charlie too , so he could be with me in Volterra.

3 days later...

The pain was too much to bear. In my mind I pleaded all the time for someone to kill me. And then suddenly the pain was gone and I opened my eyes. Everything was chistal clear to me. I heard a movement and looked at Aro, who was looking down at me. He was gorgeous. I stood up and walked over to him. I said

-How do I look now?

He didn't said anything , but lead me to the bathroom. I looked around and saw, that we were in a hotel. I looked in the mirror and gasped. There was a goddess. She had long, wavy brown hair, all curves in the right places and the most beautiful crimson eyes ever.

I looked around and saw Rose and Felix coming towards me. I ran to Rose at my new speed and hugged her with all my strenght.

She chuckled and hugged me back. Then i remembered something and turned to Aro.

-Charlie? Where is my dad? What happened in the wedding?

Felix chuckled at all my questions and Aro said:

-Charlie is changing now. He is here. In the wedding nobody knew where are you. We burned down your house ,so that everyone would think, that you are dead.

I nodded my head and walked towards Aro. I touched his hand and felt something electic shoot through my hand. I grabbed his hand again and saw all his life. I kissed him with all the passion and let go.

-You know, Aro? I just went through all your life.

He looked taken aback and then smiled like a little kid.

-You can absorb powers, Isabella. That is marvelous. But I still can't read your mind.

I smiled and turned to Rosalie.

-You ready to face the Cullens, Rose? I will shield your mind.

She nodded and both turned to our mates. We kissed them for 5minutes and then left.

When we were running towards Forks, she asked

-Aren't you thirsty?

I thought for a bit and said

-No, I'm not. Must be one of my powers. But now listen. I have a plan…

After some minutes at the Cullen house…

Rosalie came through the door and everyone in the house growled at her. She kept her head high and went to her room. After some minutes she came down with a suitcase. Emmett came to her and slapped her hard in the face.

-What do you want , bitch? You have nothing to do here.

-What do you want, Emmett? Like I had the power to tell who my real soulmate is.

He slapped her hard again and then I couldn't take it anymore. I bursted in the house and stood next to Rose and hissed at Emmett. He stepped back a little bit.

Edward looked at me and smiled.

-Love, you are finally home. I thought you are dead.

I laughed at him like a maniac. Esme and Carlisle looked at me like I had lost my mind. Alice and Jasper were separated and Emmett looked at me in shock.

-First of all, Edward. I am not your love. And Emmett , how dare you slap Rosalie? Like she could control destiny.

Edward laughed at me and started to walk towards me. He was in front of me and suddenly kissed me. I absorbed his powers and pushed his off of me. I looked shocked. Esme and Carlisle growled along with Alice and Emmett. Jasper was next to Rosalie and hugged her.

-As I said Edward , I am not your love anymore. Alice, we were best friends all the time. And still you didn't told me about Edward and Kate.

They all looked shocked at that.

I looked at Rose and nodded my head.

-We are leaving. Don' follow us.

Rose hugged Jasper one more time , but he shocked us all by saying

-I'm coming with you. Alice, I know you are cheating on me.

Alice hung her head down in shame.

And so we left them and went to airport. Rose and I told everything to Jasper.

We met up with Aro and Felix and headed to airplane to start a new life….