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Two women walked down an ordinary looking street. One of them wearing a dark grey, sleeveless, gi under a dark green robe. Her blonde hair tied back into two ponytails leaving two bangs to frame her face. On her forehead a violet coloured, rhombus shaped, mark was present. The other had dark brunette hair, black clothes and for some reason carried a small pig in a green jacket. They spoke in Japanese with each other as they walked "Tsunade-sama, why are we here?" The brunette asked looking around. The blonde shook her head

"if I knew I would tell you Shizune. I just have the strangest feeling I need to be here" the blonde, now known as Tsunade, replied with a slight frown. Shizune nodded slowly and they walked in silence.

For ten minutes there was nothing until they heard a shrill voice from a nearby house that was practically identical to every other house of the street. "Get out you little freak. You should've died with my freaky sister" then a door slammed. Tsunade glanced towards Shizune and they silently made their way down the path that lead behind the house and peeked around the corner. Tsunade's eyes narrowed in anger and Shizune covered her mouth in shock. In the back garden stood a small boy, no older then three at the most, dressed in clothes far too big for him. They couldn't tell his skin tone as every inch visible was either black or blue. The boy looked around the garden slowly before sighing to himself and limping over to a small tree that was hidden from the house. The way he moved gingerly and how he held his upper left arm suggested broken bones. What worried the two women most however was that he didn't look to be in pain. As though this were a normal occurrence for him. He sat down in front of the tree and leant back closing his shockingly emerald green eyes.

A moment later however they snapped open again and instantly span around to look directly at the two women suspiciously. "Who are you?" He asked quietly. Tsunade stepped around the corner and, after glancing in through the window to see no one, she approached the boy who made no effort to move away. Whether he could physically move any more she didn't know and didn't plan to find out. "My name is Senju Tsunade" she said in heavily accented English. He seemed to understand though so it wasn't really a problem. "What happened?" She asked crouching in front of him. His eyes dulled and looked away from her "fell down the stairs" he muttered as though the answer had been drilled into him. Tsunade scowled "they beat you didn't they?" She asked. He was silent and she shot a glare over her shoulder. "What's your name?" She asked looking back at him. He shook his head

"I don't know. They just call me freak" he answered. In her head Tsunade was going over several different idea's. All of them ended up with just one question, how did he know they were there? Shaking herself a little she said "well, that's my apprentice Shizune" the boy looked over before raising an eyebrow "why is she holding a pig?" He asked curiosity flooding his voice. Tsunade smiled "he's mine. Tonton is his name" she told him. He blinked several times

"you have a pet pig?" She nodded "emergency bacon sandwich?" He asked with a tiny smirk that she returned. "How old are you?" She asked turning serious again. He blinked several times.

"Three...I think" he added mostly to himself. Tsunade nodded once before making up her mind

"do you want to come with Shizune and me? We'll fix you up then I can teach you a few things...or a lot of things" she added with a grin. He looked confused

"why? Im just a..." he was cut off

"don't say it. Just because they call you that does not make it true. In fact, what kind of person treats a child like this?" She said scowling over her shoulder again "anyway, its your choice" she told him. He nodded once for his acceptance and she smiled "excellent. Now, we'll leave first then I'll heal you up but im afraid im going to have to knock you out. I don't want to cause any more injuries by accident" she told him apologetically. He just nodded again and she did the act before gently picking him up and heading over to Shizune. "Well Shizune. Guess you have a brother now" she said as they walked away. Shizune blinked twice

"are you going to adopt him Tsunade-sama?" She asked confused. Tsunade paused for a moment in her tracks and looked down at the boy in her arms. It was just a moment later before she smiled and nodded "yes. He didn't even know his own name. Senju Arashi I think" she thought idly as they quite literally disappeared from the spot.

Unknown to the two women that at almost exactly the same time halfway across the world a white haired man dressed in green and red carrying a large scroll at his lower back was looking down at a blonde haired small boy in a hospital bed. He had whisker marks on his cheek and several cuts and bruises. Across from him was an older man in white and red robes. "Jiraiya, this is the third time this month" the older man said quietly.

"I know" the white haired man replied "I should've done this three years ago Hiruzen-sensei. I'll take him. Im his godfather after all. I was a baka to think he would be respected. Gomenasai but I won't be staying in Konoha. Its too dangerous for him" he said bluntly. Hiruzen nodded once

"I understand Jiraiya. Take good care of him. When will you be returning?" He asked. Jiraiya grinned "oh, when the others in his age group graduate. He'll be ready for a team that's for sure" he replied. Hiruzen chuckled

"hai hai, I have no doubt about that Jiraiya. Arigato" he ended with a tiny sigh as they both looked down at the boy in silence.

Two years later found Tsunade, Shizune and Arashi walking through a town. Arashi holding his mothers hand like always and looking around with eyes filled with both intrigue and intelligence. Both of which the women fully expected. Arashi was very intelligent for his age and not only mastered Japanese within a year but became utterly fluent in it. "Arashi" Tsunade started getting his attention "there's something we should talk about" she told him "its your choice but I would like to start training you to be a shinobi" he blinked several times before grinning

"I was wondering when you were going to get to that oka-san" he replied. Her eye twitched as Shizune smirked. "I take that as a hai then?" Tsunade asked with an amused tone to her voice. He nodded "definitely. My oka-san is a legendary Sannin after all. Got a reputation to live up to here" he said cheekily. She raised an eyebrow

"how do you know about that?" She asked. Her answer was a flat expression that she rolled her eyes at "never mind" she muttered playfully as they walked around the corner only to come face to face with the old man with red face paint and a scroll. By his side the blonde haired, whisker cheeked, boy. "Jiraiya?" She asked surprised.

"Hello again Tsunade" he greeted before seeing the raven haired boy at her side "oh? Whose this?" He asked crouching down.

"My son Arashi. Arashi, this is..." the boy cut in

"the self proclaimed super pervert Jiraiya the toad Sannin" he said with a smirk. Jiraiya chuckled as Shizune giggled behind her hand. Tsunade's eye twitched again "I don't know why I bother. You already know everyone" she said playfully.

"Maybe its just fun to see you try?" Arashi suggested grinning. Jiraiya smirked and ruffled his hair standing again. "Funny seeing you here Tsunade" he said looking back to her. She nodded

"hai hai, im guessing that this is Naruto?" She asked looking to the blonde boy who grinned widely

"you bet!" He said loudly. She raised an eyebrow but smiled as both he and Arashi started talking. With Arashi taking the intelligent standpoint and Naruto taking the enthusiastic, but often wrong, side of things. "Are you training him?" Tsunade asked Jiraiya quietly.

"Not yet, I was going to start in a week. You?" She nodded

"just asked him before meeting you. So smart im beginning to think he might be clairvoyant" she said with a smirk. Arashi looked over his shoulder "bless you" he said. Shizune sneezed and Tsunade blinked several times looking between the two "ok" she said slowly "anyway" she started again as Jiraiya chuckled but cut in "they seem to be hitting it off already Tsunade. Why not train them together?" He asked.

"Because you'll turn my son into a pervert" she said flatly. Jiraiya smirked and they heard

"oh ye of little faith" from Arashi who went back to talking with Naruto. Tsunade rolled her eyes again but smiled "ok Jiraiya. You don't corrupt my son and we have a deal. I was planning to return to Konoha when he turned twelve though to be put on a team" Jiraiya nodded

"likewise...Konoha won't know what hit it" he said already proud. Tsunade and Shizune nodded their assent.

Three years down the line and the two boys could be found utterly exhausted in an open field with both Sannin grinning over at them. The two put them through some extremely tough training and Arashi was willing to bet that they could equal any high level chuunin if they really tried. Naruto just seemed oblivious to his skill level and only aimed to get stronger so he could one day be Hokage. The two of them were almost polar opposites. Naruto was loud, brash and quite stupid at times whereas Arashi was calm, collected and extremely observant. They rivalled each other perfectly and pushed one another onwards. This rivalry seemed to be just what Jiraiya and Tsunade planned to happen. Of course, the two had their separate training as is expected from two different Sannin. Arashi was being trained as a med-nin by both Shizune and his oka-san. He didn't even want to guess what Jiraiya was teaching Naruto but it seemed to work for the boy as they would always come off equal in their fights. Arashi was a whole hell of a lot stronger and a little faster then Naruto but he had an unbelievable stamina and healing factor to aid him when he inevitably got clobbered by Arashi. Naruto knew several high level ninjutsu already as his massive chakra reserves allowed him to use them with relative ease. This however stunted his chakra control quite a lot so he had trouble with more precise jutsu. Arashi's chakra reserves were nothing to sniff at but his control was masterful, as should be expected from a med-nin, so using healing jutsu came easily to him. Arashi himself was fairly certain that his medical skills probably rivalled that of any average med-nin in a hospital already and, despite complaining about the training to annoy his oka-san, he was both extremely happy and uncharacteristically proud that he was being trained by the best med-nin in the world and her apprentice, who he thought of as his Nee-san by that point. Naruto was like his Otouto, being a few months younger, and they were best friends by that point. Arashi had soon learnt his friend had a talent for traps and pranking. He would often get Jiraiya and Shizune but was terrified that Tsunade was going to smack him all the way to Kirigakure if he tried so he left her well alone much to the others amusement.

Arashi forced himself into a sitting position and groaned a little when Naruto copied his actions. "Hey Naruto. I've been working on something in secret. Want to see?" He asked with a rare excited grin. Not that he didn't get excited, it just didn't normally present in such an obvious way. Naruto nodded eagerly so Arashi made a ram seal and focused his chakra. Moments later there was a creaking noise from between them as a small tree started to grow rapidly from the ground. It soon towered over them and branches spread out shielding them from the blazing sun to their relief. "Wow. That's cool" Naruto said looking up at the tree with wide eyes. Arashi grinned then blinked several times as he turned to the adult ninja. All three of which were staring at the tree in utter shock. "What do you suppose is up with them?" He questioned his friend who looked over as well

"no idea. What's up?" He called over. Tsunade approached slowly

"Arashi, how did you do that?" She asked quietly not taking her eyes from the tree as she neared. He shrugged "it just came naturally to me. I've been working with water and earth element chakra for a year now and I wanted to see what happened if I combined them. This is what happened" he said gesturing. Tsunade looked down at him still in shock

"you're a Senju" she said quietly. He raised an eyebrow

"hai hai, Senju Arashi. Your son, remember?" He asked with a smirk as Naruto chuckled. She shook her head "no, I mean you were always a Senju. That's Mokuton. Only the Shodaime Hokage could use it before now. Its a Kekkai Genkai. You must be related to him some way" she reasoned quietly as Shizune and Jiraiya came over.

"Damn gaki. That is cool...come on Naruto, he's not beating us yet" Jiraiya said with a grin as Naruto jumped up suddenly full of energy again. "Yea! Lets go Ero-sennin" he called loudly. Arashi sniggered as Jiraiya's eye twitched slightly. The two went off to train in whatever it is they trained in. Arashi always ended up finding out Naruto's newest jutsu as the blonde liked to showcase them in their monthly spars. The spars were monthly for a reason, to give them chance to improve for the next fight in secret. Arashi had to admit it was an efficient way to do things. Neither of them knew what the other had been practising or attempting so there would always be a surprise in store but it also meant that they learnt the way each other fought perfectly which increased their level of team work. "Well Arashi. We have training to do as you want to keep with the med-nin training or do you want to switch to using Mokuton?" Tsunade asked.

"I'll stick with med-nin. I can work out the Mokuton anyway, to be honest its not like I can be taught how to use it by anyone" he reasoned. She nodded and grinned as they set off again.

They continued their training for another four years in which the two became easily able to take on several high level jounin at once. Both Arashi and Naruto were a little bummed that they would have to start at genin rank then work their way up but both of them knew better then to argue with Tsunade. In that time Arashi, and Naruto, had learnt that he was the jinchuuriki for the Kyūbi. This didn't bother either of them that much frankly so they didn't talk about it. Sure as hell explained Naruto's accelerated healing and ridiculous levels of chakra and stamina though. He had also been taught several high level jutsu by Jiraiya, including the Rasengan. That had been a shock to Arashi when he used it in their spar. He had been able to block it with a Mokuton jutsu he had finished only the previous day but it was a close thing. On that note, Arashi's Mokuton skill had advanced in leaps and bounds. He didn't really bother with many jutsu but kept the Moku Bunshin no Jutsu as they were incredibly versatile and useful and the Mokuton: Mokujōheki . It created a chakra enriched half dome from wood that protected him from high powered attacks, including the Rasengan, and didn't take that much chakra. His favourite use of the Mokuton though was his ability to, quite literally, turn his arm into wood that he could lengthen and manipulate at ferocious speeds. He even managed to catch Jiraiya once using it and the Sannin had been trying to avoid it. He had managed to expand that particular skill to utilize more then one branch and created them with sharp tips so if he really needed he could just impale someone on them.

The five were walking down the wide dirt road that lead to Konoha's tall wooden gates with Naruto and Arashi out in front excited. Arashi was dressed in normal ninja footwear but he had forest camouflage cargo trousers and a similarly coloured shirt. Over that he had a dark tan jacket. Laying on his chest was a scuffed silver locket. His kunai holster was strapped to his left leg and, instead of the normal pouch, his was twice the size and crossed the back of his waist. It was the size it was to contain several medical items including soldier pills, scrolls containing more advanced field medical supplies and explosive tags in one side and on the other three hundred senbon. He preferred to use senbon over shuriken because they were so much more precise and, although only lethal in just the right places, they were very useful. In fact, he liked them so much he had storage seals tattooed straight onto his palms that held another five hundred each. If he focused enough chakra into the seals he could quite literally unleash a cloud of senbon at his opponent. That was a last resort thing. His hands were mostly covered by a pair of fingerless, armoured, gloves. On the metal plates across the back was the Senju clan symbol which was also present, in black, on the back of his jacket.

Naruto on the other hand was dressed in black and dark orange clothes. Arashi wasn't sure why he liked orange but had long come to terms with his friends oddness. He wore his jacket open to reveal a dark orange shirt that had a blue whirlpool symbol in the centre that represented the Uzumaki in him. He had the standard ninja pouch on the back, and right side, of his waist as well as the kunai holster also on his left leg. He didn't have armoured gloves but his boots did have a strip of metal hidden inside them to give his kicks a little more oomph. His blonde hair as wild as always whereas Arashi's was grown out and tied back in a ponytail that reached mid back. He left two bangs that framed his face similar to his oka-san but he had a red headband on that they hung over. He had taken to wearing that as a tribute to Senju Hashirama with whom he shared a Kekkai Genkai.

After a moment Naruto stretched out and put his hands behind his head as they walked "so, what's the Hokage like?" He asked over his shoulder to the three.

"He was our sensei when we were training. He's very powerful but kind. However he can be strict when he needs to be" Tsunade told them. Arashi smirked a little

"can't wait to see how he handles lug nut here" he said clapping Naruto on the shoulder. Jiraiya grinned "should be fun to see that's for sure" he agreed. Tsunade gave Arashi a stern look

"try not to cause any trouble Arashi" she told him firmly. He smiled innocently, that was always a bad thing "I don't know what you mean oka-san. I never cause trouble" he replied looking forwards again. "Not intentionally anyway" he added smirking at Naruto who grinned back.

"I should mention, he's expecting Naruto but not you Arashi. That'll be a surprise to him" Jiraiya told them. Arashi grinned and Tsunade rolled her eyes "that'll go well" she said with a sigh.

They entered the village with greetings from the guards. Tsunade and Jiraiya lead the way to the Hokage's tower with Arashi and Naruto looking around interestedly. "Oh. Ramen!" Naruto called seeing a stand. He made to go over but Arashi grabbed him by the back of his collar "later Naruto. Kami, you eat so much ramen. Its no wonder you're a short ass" he joked. Naruto was easily four inches shorter then Arashi. Naruto huffed and crossed his arms as Arashi carried him easily. "I get it. You can put me down now" he muttered. Arashi smirked and put him down. "But we are going after we get our teams" he added. Arashi rolled his eyes a little with Tsunade. Shizune dropped back to walk beside them "at last! Some intelligent conversation Shizune-nee-chan" Arashi said in an exaggerated tone. They weren't siblings in real life but she was his sister in everything but blood, just as Naruto was his brother.

They were shown into the Hokage's office where they saw the old man doing what looked like an endless pile of paperwork. "Jiraiya, Tsunade! Its good to see you again" the man said standing to shake their hands. "And you sensei" Tsunade replied. Arashi wasted no time in going over to the portraits of the Hokage's. He hadn't seen a picture of the Shodaime until then and was quite surprised to find that, besides his emerald eyes, he was the spitting image of the man only younger. "Huh" he said mostly to himself.

"Oh? And whose this?" He heard the Hokage asked interested. Arashi turned around to him

"Senju Arashi" he introduced himself shaking the mans hand.

"Senju huh? You do look a lot like Hashirama" he commented idly. Tsunade cleared her throat

"that's not all sensei. Arashi can use Mokuton" the Hokage's eyes bugged out "I should also point out that I adopted him nine years ago. I had no idea of his relation to the Senju before that" she explained. The Sandaime nodded slowly before smiling

"somehow I think you're about to say you want for Arashi to be placed on a team" Tsunade nodded "I don't think I need to test his level, nor Naruto's, to know. The teams selection will be tomorrow. For now" he moved over to his desk and pulled out several forms for officially making them genin. "I hate paperwork" he muttered. Arashi grinned

"ah, now that is yet another use of the Moku Bunshin no Jutsu" he said smugly. The Sandaime looked around at him for a moment before his eyes widened "bunshin...of course! Why didn't I think of that?" He asked himself before making a cross seal with his index and middle fingers "Kage Bunshin no Jutsu" he called creating three solid copies of himself that settled to do the paperwork as he sat down in a more comfortable chair. "Would I be right in thinking you have medical experience?" He asked Arashi who nodded

"of course" he said considering how obvious it was. Hiruzen nodded before giving Tsunade a searching look "and the strength?" He asked with a raised eyebrow. Tsunade smirked at him and that was all he got as an answer.

An hour later, and after a picture being taken, the two were given ninja licenses and hitae's. Arashi looked down at his before slipping it around his forehead planning to remove the plate and placing it on his red headband. Naruto put his on around his forehead as well before grinning and wasting no time jumping out the window. Hiruzen raised an eyebrow "energetic isn't he?" He asked with a smile.

"You have no idea" Jiraiya said chuckling.

"Someone should make sure he doesn't get into trouble" Shizune said with a pointed look towards Arashi who rolled his eyes "hai hai Shizune-nee-chan...he's probably at that ramen stand we passed. I'll go find him" he assured her.

"Hold up" Tsunade said. Arashi paused on his way to the window. "Sensei, is the Senju estate still closed up?" She asked. The man nodded "well, we might as well open it up again. Come find me in about two hours Arashi. I'll open the place up for us" she told him. He nodded and waved as he headed to the window "later oka-san. Ero-sennin" he said with a smirk as Jiraiya pouted and he jumped out the window.

Arashi's first port of call was a place to get his hitae plate switched around. He was there for all of twenty minutes before walking out with his red headband back on complete with the plate on it. The shop keeper kept the original fabric which could be used for another hitae. Now he had to find Naruto. Sighing he spiked his chakra three times in quick succession. After a moment there was a replying three chakra spikes to the east which he followed.

A minute later he came across Naruto sat in the ramen booth seemingly on his fourth bowl of the stuff. On one side of him was a pink haired girl in pink clothes and on the other a blonde girl in purple. " do you eat so much?" Arashi asked sitting next to the blonde girl. Naruto grinned at him. "Hi, im Yamanaka Ino" the girl said. Arashi nodded to her

"Senju Arashi" he replied. The pink girls eyes widened

"Senju? Are you related to Senju Hashirama?" She asked in awe.

"Hai hai" he replied casually before looking to the good looking girl waiting for his order. Smiling "one miso pork please" he said to her. She smiled and nodded before setting to work. "So, you are?" He asked the pink haired girl

"oh, Haruno Sakura" she replied. He nodded once

"are you kunoichi?" He asked the two. They nodded and smiled

"team selection is tomorrow. Are you?" The two nodded

"hai, we'll be at the selection as well" Naruto confirmed. Ino frowned slightly

"but, you haven't been to the academy" she said slowly. Arashi smirked

"we got private training" he explained whilst accepting his ramen with thanks to the girl who smiled at him. He took one bite "wow, this place is good" he said with a smile. Naruto nodded his assent as he started on his eighth bowl. "I hope you know I am not paying for yours as well" Arashi pointed out. Naruto looked stricken "that's just mean. You know Ero-sennin keeps taking my money" he whined. Arashi sighed "ok fine. This is the last time though Naruto. I'll end up broke if I keep buying your food" he said with a smirk. Then they both looked up to see Jiraiya sailing over them from the Hokage tower. The two girls looked as well "what was that?" Ino asked.

"Ero-sennin" Naruto explained going back to his food.

"No doubt said something perverted to my oka-san" Arashi added.

They left the stand, and the obvious fan girls, half an hour later after Arashi paid for the ramen. Naruto always paid him back but over time plus Arashi was the opposite of his oka-san. He almost never lost when it came to gambling so he always had plenty of money. He had to hide it from both his oka-san and Jiraiya as they tended to either gamble it away or spend it in a brothel. As they walked through the streets they noticed that Naruto was getting dark looks from some of the villagers that seemed to recognise him. Arashi rolled his eyes "ignorance at its best" he muttered. Naruto nodded "you don't even know what ignorance means Naruto" Arashi joked with the boy who smirked "I get points for trying" he said.

The day passed without much happening. The Senju estate had a few houses available. Tsunade allowed Jiraiya and Naruto one, Shizune another and had one opened for herself and Arashi. They were moderately sized with four bedrooms apiece along with the necessaries. It was all they really needed or wanted frankly. Arashi and Naruto explored the village afterwards a little more in order to map it out a little but they went to bed early excited to have their own teams the next day.

Arashi was the first into the classroom where the chuunin teaching looked around at him before remembering "oh yes. Everyone" he called getting their attention, it had been refocused to Arashi the moment he walked in "this is Senju Arashi. He'll be joining one of the teams" he explained "would you like to take a seat Arashi-san?" He gestured towards some spare seats. Arashi nodded and took one next to a guy with black hair and eyes who looked distinctly disinterested in what was going on around him. His face seemed set in a permanent scowl and Arashi noted that many of the girls in the room were staring at the boy. "Hi" he started. The boy ignored him. Rolling his eyes Arashi saw the clan symbol and decided not to bother trying to talk to him. He knew what had happened to the clan and that made him Uchiha Sasuke. However the Uchiha seemed to rethink his not talking idea and turned to him "how is it you have not been to the academy but you are here for a team?" He asked bluntly. That seemed to get everyone's attention, including the chuunin teacher.

"I, and Naruto, were trained separately outside the village" he explained. Sasuke scowled

"and they let you straight into the teams?" He asked disbelievingly.

"Indeed" was all Arashi said.

"On that note Arashi-san, where is Naruto?" The chuunin asked. Arashi shrugged

"Kami knows. He'll be here sometime" he said with a shrug. The chuunin nodded

"well, I'll read out the teams now. I'll leave it to you to inform Naruto" Arashi nodded and the man started.

Arashi pretty much phased out until the man said "team seven. Uchiha Sasuke" that was what got his attention "Haruno Sakura" the girl squealed happily while Sasuke's already dark expression got heavier. "Ouch, fan girl huh?" Arashi asked the boy who nodded once "try being stern with her. Its like training a dog. You ignore them they get worse for the attention" Arashi pointed out. A smirk crossed Sasuke's face and they listened to the next member "and Uzumaki Naruto". Sasuke turned to Arashi

"this Naruto. Is he strong?" Arashi grinned

"very" was the brief answer

"your jounin instructor is Hatake Kakashi" the chuunin finished with their team just as Naruto walked in scratching his head sheepishly. "Gomenasai...I got sidetracked" he explained. The man nodded "its ok, I just announced your team. You're with Uchiha Sasuke and Haruno Sakura" he pointed the two out. Naruto nodded and moved to sit next to Arashi. "Your team been read out yet?" Arashi shook his head

"team eight. Hyūga Hinata, Inuzuka Kiba, Aburame Shino and Senju Arashi" he told them. "Your instructor will be Yūhi Kurenai" he moved onto the next team. Arashi blinked several times before rubbing his chin "four genin on one team? the names I would guess at a tracker team" he reasoned before looking around. The Inuzuka and Hyūga were easy to notice with their obvious bloodlines but the Aburame was a little more difficult to find.

A few minutes later the chuunin left the room via shunshin and the students moved around to their teams. Arashi approached the three who would be on his and sat down next to Hinata. "Hey" he said giving a slight wave.

"Hello Arashi-san" Hinata said in a timid voice. Shino just nodded to him but Arashi guessed he was getting a searching, and curious, look from behind the boys sunglasses. Kiba grinned widely at him "im Inuzuka Kiba and this is Akamaru" he said pointing to the white dog on his head that barked. Arashi nodded to them both "good to meet you" he replied. The door opened again and several jounin entered. Most of them took their teams and left straight away but two stayed behind. "Team ten?" A bearded man with a white sash accompanying his standard jounin uniform asked. Yamanaka Ino, Nara Shikamaru and Akimichi Chouji stood and left. That left an ebony haired woman with red eyes and a strange white, black and red dress that looked vaguely like bandages. She wore an emotionless expression that Arashi recognised as a defence. "Team eight?" She asked. The four stood and she nodded to them.

"Later Naruto" Arashi said with a wave. Naruto returned it as team eight left.