I'm sorry for the long wait but the HDD that this story was on got trashed and I lost motivation for a while. Then I went back and looked over the story and noted a number of things that I could have done better and I rather lost where I was going with it.

Firstly I realised that Arashi and Kurenai wasn't the best pairing, I had to take a full thirteen years off her age and she was still six years older. Thinking it through a little better I think I should have made it a Arashi and Hana story instead. I think I could have had fun with the interaction with Tsume.

Secondly was the fact that I was going purely on memory of the anime and not once referred to the manga as I should have done. A good point of this, and was mentioned in a review, was when I said in an AN about Elder Chiyo thinking, in the anime, that Sakura had surpassed Tsunade as a kunoichi in the fight against Sasori.

Thirdly was that I made both Arashi and Naruto rather overpowered, and even said that they were probably stronger than Gai and Kakashi. Thinking about it I should have clarified that I meant in terms of just strength, not taking experience into consideration.

And lastly was the fact that the latter chapters were rather rushed and didn't make much sense, to me at least.

I know a lot of you would prefer that I carried on but I'm going to have to discontinue Senju Arashi, though I'd love to see someone else try this kind of crossover. I started it after getting bored with the numerous, similar, stories that take up Harry Potter/ Naruto crossovers.

I've had a couple of ideas that I may end up trying though, but perhaps someone can write a better story on the same idea so, by all means, please try the following challenges if you want.

Bad treatment at the hands of the Dursleys causes Harry's magic to apparate him, accidental of course, to Mount Myoboku where he lives with, and is trained by, Fukasaku and Shima. Pairing would, preferably, be a Harry with a Naruto character.

Sirius retrieves Harry before Hagrid does but takes him to the home of an old girlfriend, Inuzuka Tsume. (He's a dog animagus so it made a little sense.) Tsume takes him in and raises him as an Inuzuka.

Lily is actually sister to Kushina but was sent away due to malformed chakra coils, adopted by the Evans family. She uses a portkey to send Harry to Konoha as Voldemort attacks. Harry grows up in the orphanage, not knowing about his relation to Naruto.