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If things had transpired differently over the past few weeks, Draco wouldn't have been as deeply concerned as he was while he searched the table for any signs of either Lily or Harry. Something just didn't seem right about their absence, in fact, something just didn't seem right at all. The great hall was unusually quiet for a Friday morning, even the Gryffindors seemed subdued, and that irked Draco.

What bothered him even more than the silence, however, was the fact that Weasley kept staring at the vacant spot beside him, an odd satisfied smile taking hold of his features in a look that made the blonde's stomach curl, alarms beginning to blare in Draco's head. In a few graceful motions Draco pushed himself away from the Slytherin table and out the door, swiftly making his way up the stairs, his heart pounding as he went.


The hard chair was not the most comfortable thing to sleep on, or so Lily thought as she pushed herself off of the hard plastic. The last few hours where nothing but a blur as she attempted to piece everything that had transpired together, and just like a flood everything had come rushing back: Harry had been attacked, beaten, and raped. Immediately the seventeen year old felt her heart rate increase as she was overcome by the fact that everything that had occurred last night wasn't just a mere nightmare, but actually another part that belonged in the twisted reality they where belonged to. And the proof of that was laying in the bed right in front of her.

Harry's battered body no longer held as many bruises as it had the night before, but he was nowhere near the way he normally looked. His skin had a slight yellowish tint that was caused by the bruises that had nearly healed and faded, but the change in skin coloration wasn't as bad as the long thin cuts that were caused by the vicious beating he had endured.

'Hopefully nothing will scar.' Lily thought as she moved to sink into the empty space on her brother's bed, and began running her fingers through his hair. 'Please don't scar, the last thing he needs is a reminder of this.'


The silent hallways caused Draco's footsteps to echo as he ascended the staircases. His slow movements allowed his mind to race through various scenarios that would explain the absence of the two Potters, and none of them ended well. By the time the blond Slytherin pulled himself out of his thoughts and miserable daydreams, he found himself staring at the large oak doors that lead into the Hospital Wing.

Draco stared at the massive doors, his hand resting hesitantly upon the handle, as the horrid feeling he had been fighting off finally settled in the pit of his stomach and stayed. It was several moments before the young Slytherin mustered up the courage to finally pull the door open and step inside. Slowly Draco took to examining the many vacant beds that filled the expansive white room and like the previous year, his gaze stopped on the very last bed in corner that seemed occupied.

The boy began to edge closer and closer to the bed in the corner farthest from the door, and it wasn't too long before the supposed cold hearted prince of Slytherin felt his heart join the uncomfortable feeling in his stomach as his eyes rested upon Harry. The dark bruises still lingered upon the surface of his neck and trailed down below the hospital gown he was wearing. And for a moment it was nothing but a flash back in Draco's mind because no matter who did it, Harry always ended up looking worse for wear and this time was no different.

"Why does this keep happening?" Draco questioned as he made his presence known.

"I wish I had an answer to that." Lily replied as she stopped her task and directed her attention to the younger Slytherin. "But all I can tell you is how bad it is."

Draco stared at Lily for a moment, taking in how tired and miserable the older girl looked. It was the way she always looked after Harry had been admitted to the hospital after being beaten and . . . And . . . And . . . Draco couldn't bring himself to think beyond that point as his heart sank deeper. He could handle Harry being in the Hospital Wing, he could handle Harry being roughed up a bit, but the one thing Draco couldn't handle was the thought of Harry being raped, again.

"How-how bad is it?" Draco asked quietly as he sank into the plastic chair, his legs unable to keep him upright.

"He was beaten." Lily replied just as quietly as Draco had asked the question. ". . . And raped." The Hospital Wing was silent as Draco absorbed what Lily had just said, even though he had suspected it, hearing her say it made it real.


Lily found herself playing with Harry's hair again as the silence between her and Draco increased. However, it wasn't long before the silence was broken by the sound of the chair scrapping the floor as it was being pushed back as Draco left.

"I Know exactly how you feel," Lily thought as the hospital door shut loudly behind him. "However, there is nothing we can do . . . Yet."

The afternoon dragged on slowly as Lily stayed by Harry's bedside for no other reason than to be there. Besides, Harry would need someone there he was familiar with when he woke up, but no one knew when that would be, or if he would even wake up at all. As the sun began to sink, so did Lily's hope of Harry awakening. As her hope slowly left her, the guilt she had been pushing away all day finally began to break through, ready to consume her.


Everything seemed different, there was no pain, no noise, nothing, and it scared him. He did not want to be hurt by Ron, he did not want to be dead, he did not want to leave Lily and Draco behind, and he did not want to be the cause of their emotional pain. However, things began to gradually change, and the painless, soundless environment that held Harry started to dissolve. The aches and pains he was accustom to after that type of attack became more pronounced along with the familiar feeling of someone running their fingers through his hair. The soft sound of someone breathing assaulted his hearing as he came to, immediately signaling the fact that he was not dead, but alive, for the moment, and more importantly, not alone.

"Oh, Harry." An all too familiar voice said softly as Harry felt the fingers slowly withdraw from his messy hair. "Why do all these horrid things keep happening to you?"

Gradually, Harry willed his emerald eyes to open, he wanted to make sure that this was real and not some cruel joke Ron and the others had cooked up to humiliate him even more than they already had.

Sure enough, it was the real thing. He was in the Hospital Wing by the blurred look of it. The white walls and sheets with the green privacy screens he had come to know so well was accompanied by the smell of antiseptic he had come to hate. But the best thing he found was the person sitting in the chair next to him. And despite the fact that he had no glasses on, he could see Lily perfectly with her sapphire blue eyes and her long black hair that framed her face that now held a small smile. However, seeing her smile did not help ease the blame he placed upon himself


The guilt that had engulfed her vanished as Lily stared into Harry's green eyes. It felt good to know that Harry was going to be alright, that whoever had harmed him had not stolen him from her.

"I'm sorry." Harry said, his voice hoarse from the screaming he had done.

"Harry, there is nothing to be sorry for." Lily stated as she moved a bit closer, testing her brother's reaction.

"This is all my fault." Harry muttered as he looked into Lily's eyes.

"It's not your fault." Lily replied as she moved to sit on the edge of her brother's bed. "You didn't ask for this to happen."

"But I didn't tell you where I was going or that I was leaving." Harry replied as he felt tears pool in his eyes, the abused boy couldn't help but feel responsible for his condition.

"Harry." Lily stated as she pulled her brother into her arms. "It's not your fault; you did nothing to deserve this." Harry only nodded to this and buried his face into the crook of Lily's neck and allowed the tears fall. They stayed that way for what seemed like hours, days even, but neither of them said a word or pulled away. Instead of moving, Lily just repositioned their bodies; allowing Harry to feel safe and at the same time receive comfort in the arms that had come accustom to holding him after more beatings and nightmares than either of them could count.


Harry was waiting for that feeling he usually had after being brutalized, the one that made him flinch away from Lily after he was raped for the first time, the one that seemed to be dissipating with every attack, the one that seemed to be hiding from him as he held onto his sister.

"Lily." Harry asked breaking the silence that had overtaken them.

"Yes Harry." Lily answered as she rubbed small circles on Harry's back.

"Will you stay with me?" Harry asked quietly, his voice holding a note or two of fear.

"I'm not going anywhere." Lily whispered fervently "Ever"

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