Taking Over Me

Ok I have recently just seen this movie last night, I hated how they ended the movie so now I'm going to get all of my frustrations out on fan fiction this is just a short one-shot about close to the end of the movie when Jared was telling Loren that she couldn't kill him anymore, what if she gave into him and saved him

"Melissa, you can't kill me, your soul is mine" his voice murmured in my head once again. I than saw Steven still as a deformed wolf drive out in his uncle's delivery truck, as he was trying to run over Jared. I felt something animalistic pass over me, as I took Jared and threw him over to the side, so he didn't get killed.

I felt the protectiveness for Jared start to kick in. I looked into the full moon becoming entranced. "Melissa you can't escape" his voice whispered like the wind in my head. I saw everyone staring at me incredulous that I saved him. I felt myself start to change painfully. I screamed out agonizingly as I felt a stab of pain in my back.

My eyes started to burn, as I saw my nails start to grow to an incredible length fascinating me. I looked over at the three scared boys who were now afraid of me. I than realized what they were trying to do, they wanted to kill Jared and that couldn't happen I can't lose him, he has my soul. I growled out menacingly not even recognizing my own self anymore.

They backed up scared of being attacked. I crouched down in a predatory stance over Jared, looking over my shoulder checking if he was ok. He had a questioning look on his face at my sudden change of heart. "You have my soul" I whispered indifferently in my head knowing he would hear me telepathically.

I felt the hair start to sprout out in scary places. I felt myself start to change into a werewolf…. I guess. I felt nothing but rage, as I lunged at Red greedily attacking him. I sliced his throat with my now long claw, as I sunk my teeth into his flesh ripping it off as I savored the taste.

I growled lunging for more, I felt Jared in my head watching my every move. I wasn't paying him no mind at all eating up this lying son of a bitch that I strongly hated now. I noticed out of the corner of my extra better vision that the other two ran off scared to get eaten. I soon felt his heart slow, as I gnawed on all of his flesh, not caring that it probably sounds disgusting.

I soon knew that I was finished, I lifted up my now huge wolf head, and looked Jared in the eyes noticing love and some other emotions I didn't recognize shine through his eyes as he stared at me.

Approval…. Maybe it was shining in his eyes. It felt as if I was desperate for his approval wanting him to be happy…. This must mean I'm officially his bitch now.

I told you, you couldn't escape me-He whispered in my head teasingly

I looked over at him growling, feeling some weird hunger when I stared at him, which scared me.

When will I be able to be human again-I whined out tiredly

Right now-he said indifferently

I looked up at the moon and felt myself body shift, back to human form as I growled out clenching in the scream of pain that was threatening to escape me.

I looked myself over and noticed, I was fully naked. I saw Jared standing there shirtless, in front of me, laughing at how weird I was probably acting right now. He was ready to run to my house, but I jumped up and stopped him.

I walked ahead of him, wanting to get my clothes from my room. But he soon stopped me, and came up behind me, breathing me in. I felt myself shiver in delight, as his lips traveled down my neck, kissing and biting at it. I moaned out, as his hand started to travel down my front. He soon pulled away from me, gently pushing me into the direction of my house.

I ran quickly in the direction of my house. He was right about the new speed and everything was better as a werewolf, now I can live forever. I used my new abilities, and jumped up the tree right next to my window. I noticed my bedroom window was wide open with the telescope right in front of it, slightly blocking an entry through the window.

I sighed and stood on the window seal sliding myself in through the window, successfully knocking the telescope out of the way. I looked around trying to find something that looked pretty good.

I threw on an exact replica of the outfit I had on when he turned me, honestly the outfit looks pretty hot on me I think at least. I jumped out of my window, landing on my feet skillfully.

I looked around for Jared, but soon found that he snuck up behind me, momentarily scaring the shit out of me. I growled slightly not liking to be scared.

"Calm down, young one" he said simply coming up with a nickname for me off the top of his head. "Young one" I asked chuckling at the end. He shrugged his shoulders actually cracking a smile at me. "Lover" he tried again. I smiled widely happy with my new name.

"Hell yeah" I replied back enthusiastically. He leaned down nervously as he came in trying to kiss me. I felt myself response leaning up into him, I kissed him slowly, savoring the first kiss between us.

I replied back instantly, as the fire erupted into sparks between us, leaving me partially numb in the aftermath. I gasped out as he traveled down to my neck kissing it sweetly, while sucking and slightly biting at my pulse joint. I felt my head lolling back as we experienced becoming actual lovers for the first time

Ok I know this is the only story for never cry werewolf but please no flames for this I just wanted to let my frustrations out on here and my fingers took control and they had a mind of their own during this story so sorry if it isn't good this just came off the top of my head PLEASE REVIEW!