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Flopping onto the bed, Kara pulled out her dirty little secret. The tiny handheld machine she picked up a few shore leaves ago, slim and beat up, but durable and lasting, much like herself, was something that no other person on the ship knew she had. Lee, the Old Man, even Helo, had been fooled by the Starbuck persona om this one. They all thought they knew Starbuck, but they would never guess her (second) favorite pastime.

Checking her curtain to make sure it was drawn so no one could see the small light emanating from her bunk, she flipped the on switch. She listened as the tiny machine whirred to life in her hands, text appearing on the screen.

The relic was something made not long after the cylon war, and was pretty popular. Popular enough you could find the machine and the chips you could want for it. Kara had managed to find all her favorites and was more than willing to crack open her favorite one tonight.

The Legend Of Count Gahoule
C. G. Smith

A grin lit up her face as she hit the button for the next page, eyes darting across it at a rapid pace before hitting the button again and again.

Kara Thrace was an avid reader.

The only downside to her love was that it didn't fit with Starbuck.

This had presented her with a dilemma when she took her first posting. When she was in the academy she could always find a storage closet to hide in in the middle of the night, but not here. If someone needed in a storage closet that you had locked yourself in, they made a fuss until you came out and if you walked out of there alone there would be questions, not to mention books weren't easily hidden.

So Kara had gotten herself the machine and hidden it and the book chips in the cigar box in her bunk, something no one dared touch lest they face the wrath of Starbuck.

And so the problem was solved, at least most of the time.

The curtain she had so carefully placed got violently ripped aside, Constanza standing the yelling as his mentor struggled to get her indulgence hidden.

"Sir, we're having a probl..." he began before getting cut off by a very angry and very shocked Starbuck.

"Hotdog! What the frak do you think you're doing ripping the curtain off on my rack during my rack time without even warning me, let alone waiting for my frakking permission to enter?" Constanza visbly shrunk, muttering something underneath his breath.

"What is that? I'm hoping it was 'Yes sir, sorry sir'. Now get the frak out of here and fix your own damn problems. And put my curtain back the way you found it or you will definitely be having a problem."

Hotdog, too embarrassed to do or say anything else fixed the curtain and scampered from the room.

Kara sighed. Her secret was still safe.

A/n: This is just something I thought up late last night. All of what would be considered "dirty secrets" for most people are just laid out in the open with Kara, so I thought she might have one that wasn't so dirty after all. Reviews are most welcome.

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