A great many are owed an ample abundance of gratitude from the author.

Above all else, I would wish to affirm my undying adoration to my muse, to whom my work, as always, is devoted. Without her presence, her love, and her understanding, there would simply exist no cause to bother with such expression; words and life alike would be meaningless.

Of tremendous significance, naturally, while they remain anonymous at their request, is the patron who so generously sponsored this work, simply for their affection for my writing. It is my most fervent hope that Ling Long exceeded even their lofty and gratifying expectations.

Obviously, I would not be so remiss to as to neglect the reviewers who so generously devoted their time to expressing their fondness for, and impressions of, Ling Long, as well as various other works upon the site. I fear that I have been wayward in offering responses to their commentary, but it is often a bit challenging to capture one's gratitude in a manner that does not seem formulaic.

Everyone who has read Ling Long, with adoration or otherwise, is also appreciated; while you may remain anonymous to me, there is nevertheless an undeniable delight in glimpsing the vast constellation of nations whose residents have settled upon my tale.

I would also wish to offer a reply to one anonymous reviewer whom I was unable to contact otherwise, courtesy of a lack of information: my command of Chinese is not even approaching fluent, and, while Han Yu Pinyin (or Pin Yin, I suppose) is the most desirable for terms within the realm of Mandarin, it is slightly more challenging to transliterate words unique to the Wu dialect. Xi Go's pronunciation of 'Kuae Tsy' is intended to reflect her rural origins; it probably also represents how dubious my approach to such transliteration is.

And, a final notice from the author: fictional work is available for commission, with payment via or other electronic means. Interested parties are encouraged to contact the author via E-mail or private message for rates and terms. Ling Long was developed as a donor project at the aforementioned anonymous patron's request, and should be considered characteristic of the quality of work to be expected.