Advice for a Lifetime

By: The Letter D

Disclaimer: I don't own the world or characters of Harry Potter, Dan Brown, Stargate: SG-1, or Sanctuary. I just like to play with them, honest! Diana Langdon is my own character, though, so treat her nicely!

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"Time" by Libera

"Professor?" Minerva McGonagall, Deputy Headmistress and Transfiguration Professor at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, looked up from the papers she had been grading to see a Ravenclaw student standing the doorway of her office.

"Miss…Lumen, is it? Can I help you?" She set down her quill and motioned for the girl to come further into the office. The fourth year Ravenclaw student quietly closed the office door behind her before coming to stand before Minerva's desk.

"Professor, do you believe in a God?" Diana Lumen's question startled her, it wasn't what she had expected, but then again, Ravenclaws tend to ask obscure questions.

"Yes, I do, Miss Lumen. I was raised in the Church of Scotland and I'm a Christian by choice, why do you ask?"

"I've been thinking," Minerva bit back a sarcastic reply as Diana continued, "I'm almost fifteen, come June, and I don't know where I stand in life, in my beliefs."

"Miss Lumen, you're only fifteen, the world isn't expecting you to find out your life's purpose right now. It's natural at your age not to know what you're going to be doing for the rest of your life. When I was your age, I was worrying about whether or not I'd pass my O.W.L.s, let alone what I'd be doing after school."

"But you did think about it?"

"Of course, I'd dream about my future and make plans, but some don't always turn out the way you expect them to."

"Like how?" Minerva was surprised to see so much wisdom emanating from those sapphire blue eyes that were quite the opposite of her sister's mischievous brown.

"Like, for example, when I graduated school, I went into Auror training and fought in the war against Grindelwald. I dreamed of having a family and continuing in the Auror ranks," Minerva smiled softly, "Little did I know that participating in the war would lead me to teaching."

"What about your family?" Diana questioned, her tone simply curious.

"I met a man, yes," Minerva's smile brightened, "We have three daughters, one adopted. We have five grandchildren from all of them and we're happy."

"So, I shouldn't worry about my future too much?"

"Think about it, yes, worry? No, thinking too much about the past or future will lead you to forget to live the present. What you experience in life helps shape your beliefs and where you stand. I was raised in the Church, but that didn't stop me from experiencing things in life to reaffirm my belief in God and in Christianity. That was the purpose of human beings, Miss Lumen; we were given free will to choose as we please. If you'd like I could give you some books on the different religions of the world for you to read."

"Thank you, Professor, you've helped a lot," Diana answered softly, playing with the ever present silver pendant around her neck.

"May I ask what brought this thought up?"

"Lately I've been feeling distant from my parents and sister, it's like I don't even belong to the family on some days. I see bits of my father and mother in Kaylee, but not in me."

"Perhaps you're just the black sheep of the family, Miss Lumen," Minerva remarked, "I was the same."

"I just identify more with a woman who I haven't though about in a very long time. She was in my life up until we moved here to England. I don't even remember her name anymore and my parents don't want to talk about her, Kaylee doesn't even care, she says I think too much."

Minerva huffed, "I think your sister needs to think a bit more, the way her grades are looking. What was this woman like?"

"She was smart, passionate, caring. She would give me books and answer all my questions no matter how obscure or specific. We would take trips around New York City together; her knowledge of how things evolved over time was amazing. She was the one who gave me this necklace shortly before we left America," Diana held up the pendant, Minerva recognized the Claddagh symbol on top of the key, "saying that she'd 'always be in my heart no matter what', I remember not wanting to leave and that my parents told me I couldn't keep in contact with her once we started at Hogwarts since she didn't know of my magic."

"Maybe you'll get back in touch with her, but have I answered your questions for now? I can get you those books if you want to read them."

"I'd like that, Professor," Diana smiled, "and thank you."


"For listening even though I'm not one of your Gryffindors."

"My office door is always open, Miss Lumen, all you have to do is knock," Minerva handed over the books to the young Ravenclaw and went back to her grading after Diana left her office.


Minerva sat down behind her desk with a sigh; the news of the death of Kaylee and Diana Lumen's parents had hit them hard so soon after the war. The girls acted out their grief in different ways, Kaylee turned brash and loud, she was angry that a simple car crash had killed her parents after they had all gone through so much. Diana on the other hand detached herself from the situation, looking at it through an analytical gaze.

It brought Minerva back to a conversation the two had little over a year before, where Diana had remarked that she didn't feel like she belonged to the Lumen family. Now that she thought about it, Minerva could see that Diana was very different from her parents. Kaylee was a perfect blend of her mother and father, but Diana was the oddity, that and she looked different from them as well. As far as Minerva knew, nobody in the Lumen family had ever had blue eyes, especially not that keen shade of it.

She couldn't help but worry for the two, as they wouldn't be attending Hogwarts come fall. Instead they were moving back to America where they would reside with their godfather, Doctor Robert Langdon. He was a nice man, a good man, they had met at the funeral and it was there that she decided that the two girls going to live with him would be for the best. The Wizarding World was still recuperating from the second war against Voldemort and both girls had seen the horrors that had come from it.

Kaylee had resisted the offer of staying in touch with a cold look, not wanting the pity of others. Diana gave the professor a small smile that didn't quite meet her eyes and promised to write as often as she could.

Minerva watched as they were led away from the gravesite by their godfather, Albus waiting patiently by her side as always, "I worry for them, Albus."

"We cannot always help them, Minerva, sometimes they have to forge on through life on their own. They know we're always here for them, it's up to them if they are willing to accept our help."

"I know," she sighed, "that's the hard part."