"The Sacrifice (from "The Gift")" by Christophe Beck

The dried and fallen leaves crunched under her sure footsteps and swirled around her ankles. The cool wind teased the brown curls free underneath her beret and turned the end of her nose a slight pink. Sapphire blue eyes searched until they came to rest on a familiar marker.

She knelt with some difficulty as her expanding stomach sometimes got in the way. Gentle fingertips swept away the leaves that had settled on the white marble. They traced the engraved letters that formed the name of two very old friends.

Their deaths had come as a surprise, nobody had seen either one of them coming. But soon after one died, the other followed, not wanting to be apart for too long. She wiped a few escaping tears away as she read the names in front of her:

Here lies Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore, a great man, gentle father, and loving husband.

Here lies Minerva Caitriona McGonagall-Dumbledore, a wise woman, loving mother and wife.

"Nos must amitto vivo en," she whispered to the cold marble stone, "we must let go to live on…"

She tightened her coat around her as she stood to shield herself against the sudden burst of cold wind, "Thank you, for being there for me, even if I didn't realize it. Others may forget you and you may only be mentioned in history books, but I won't forget about what you have done for me…never."

As she turned to leave the grave behind, a small wreath of thistle appeared before the tombstone and she could swear that she felt a warm kiss on either cheek. It made her smile a she burrowed into the warm of her coat and exited the small graveyard.