Speaker chapter one

AN uh oh, to anyone waiting for another chapter in something else I am desperately sorry, but I've just had mock exams and am revising for my January exams, so no updates for quite a while.

For the record this takes place in Icefire just before Sophie appears.

The dark figure strode down the road, his presence barely noticeable, even in broad daylight, he stuck to the shadows, to anyone watching it seemed as though the shadows were coiling around him . Giving him the appearance of wearing a trench coat. He continued his slow walk, his heavy, sure footing sending birds and animals scattering. Finally he reached the front door of Henry Bacon, he pressed the doorbell, once and quite firmly, after several seconds the door opened revealing a dishevelled looking Henry Bacon

"hello, what can I do for you?" there was a tense moment when the man didn't respond

"I'm looking for miss Elizabeth Pennykettle" his voice was raspy and very flat, giving his words a dead quality

"Pennykettle residence? You just missed it, just one house over" he jabbed his thumb at the Pennykettle's house

"many thanks" henry nodded, clearly unnerved, watching the figure as he walked up his path with hawk eyes. Only closing the door when the figure was out of sight.

The figure carried on walking, until he was at the Pennykettle's front door, sighing he composed himself and rang the doorbell quite firmly, he waited like before, when the door was opened he was confronted by what seemed to be Gwendolen, but around 11 years old, he frowned momentarily before talking

"is miss Elizabeth Pennykettle in?" he enunciated each syllable clearly, just in case this girl was anything like the real Gwendolen. The girl appeared confused for a second before calling out

"Mum, there's someone here to see you" he faintly heard a pair of feet clattering down stairs, crossing the landing and running down the final set of stairs, Elizabeth Pennykettle then finally saw the visitor and skidded to a halt, he smiled a cold malevolent smile and spoke in the same clear voice

"Hello miss Pennykettle, how's life treating you?" she gasped unable to speak for a second before regaining her breath and basically hissing

"speaker, what are you doing here?"