"Well, what do you think? Cute, isn't it?" Rin exclaimed happily as she twirled around her dress, her long blonde hair swirling along with her motion.

"It's-it's cute." Kuro's embarrassed face tinted into a red shade of hue as she examined every part of Rin's body in enjoyment.

Her friend was wearing the most sexiest and cutest costume she had ever seen her wear. A female Santa dress is what she was donning. And she looked amazingly stunning in it. Even though Rin's breast were undeveloped, the cleavage that bordered half of her flat chest, made her look more stupendous. The dress only came reached down above her knees, exposing Rin's slender white legs that were covered in black stockings. Long, red sleeves draped around her arms, ending with white fluffy fur on the hems, making her cuteness and sexy frame arise to the maximum.

Kuro couldn't help but stare at Rin's epitome of sexiness and beauty. She felt a wave of tingling excitement reach down her lower regions, almost giving her a massive nosebleed.

"Let's go to school then!" Rin cheerfully announced, grabbing Kuro's hand.

"Wait. You're going to school with that?" Kuro asked, a bit baffled, as she was dragged down the stairs by her best-friend.

"Of course. Mimi-chan will also like it too, right? And it's almost Christmas, see?" Rin said as she pointed at the accumulated pile of fresh snow when they got outside. "And I want to see Aoki-sensei's reaction when he sees me."


The virgin teacher that Kuro despises so? She felt her her face flush more into a deeper shade of crimson, but not because of embarrassment, but of contempt. She hates him. Sometimes, she wonders why Rin is attracted to that loser.

"Mou, what are you so slow for, Kuro-chan?" She badgered, breaking her trance. "Come on!"

She grabbed Kuro's hand, and began dragging her down the sidewalk.

'Rin's hand feel warm...' Kuro thought pleasantly as she caressed it with the pad of her thumb. Feeling the subtle heat of her friend was certainly enough to disperse her thoughts from the virgin lolicon sensei that she so hates.

"I can't wait to see Aoki-sensei's reaction..." Rin mischievously said.

And the thoughts of pure hatred and scorn quickly came back. But she tried hard not to ruin Rin's happiness. Seeing her friend happy made her happy. Somewhat. She would always feel something when she sees him with her. Something she always felt when Aoki first decided to teach the students and got close to Rin. A pang of jealousy, perhaps.

'I'm better than him...' Kuro would always say to herself.

She watched Rin's hand unchain from hers, disdain crossing her face, when she saw her friend greet a flustered Mimi.

"'re-you're..." The bespectacled girl began to stutter while her face flushed into an embarrassing red.

"I ordered it in the internet. You like?"

Kuro watched her two best friends engage in their own small conversation.

"I think Aoki-sensei will certainly like it," Mimi brought up.

Again with the virgin teacher. She felt that same feeling whenever she sees Rin with Aoki. Jealousy.

'Rin...' Kuro saw her friend's face quickly brighten up as they began discussing about their teacher. Rin is certainly fond of him. Kuro would always ask why- Why her friend likes him so. And yet, he never pays attention to Rin. He's always disapproving at her antics, . She's always there by her side, always paying attention to her, so why?

'Rin, I wish you'd pay more attention to me...'