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Authors note: This is probably quite similar to my story "A curious meeting", but whereas that is going to hopefully turn into a proper story, this is intended to be a series of one shot glimpses of characters thoughts when Legolas returns to Rivendell. Once again, I am saying that Legolas was fostered/adopted into Elrond's family, and thus when he returns home, it is like the return of a family member. Hope you enjoy

Elrond POV

Elrond anxiously and intently gazed out the window, awaiting the return of his son. The son he hadn't seen for nearly twenty years. Oh, how he missed and worried for him when he went away. Life wasn't fair. It never had been for this son. Although, if not for the misfortunes that had occurred in his life, he would not be blessed with this son.

Truly, thought Elrond, his life had been blessed, which he thanked Illuvtar for. He had had a beautiful wife, who he knew was waiting for him upon the shores of the undying lands. And he had five wonderful children. Three natural, and then two that he had "acquired". First, the twins, Elladan, the oldest, and Elrohir who was younger by two and a half minutes. Natural born pranksters they were more than enough trouble. Also, he had his beautiful daughter, Arwen, who was currently visiting her Grandmother in Lothlorien.

His two adopted children. Well, there was the young human, Estel, who he had adopted when his parents had died in an Orc attack. Aragorn, son of Arathorn had now been in his care for around fourteen years, and was starting to develop into a fine young man.

Then, perhaps his most troubling child. The one he was awaiting at the moment. Legolas Greenleaf, youngest son of the King Thranduil of Mirkwood. Legolas had to split his time between Mirkwood and Imladris meant that Elrond didn't see Legolas as much as his other children, especially as Legolas was a natural wanderer and so travelled the world finding new places. But now, Legolas was returning to Imladris. Returning home. And Elrond was waiting.

Soon after, a chestnut coloured mare was spotted upon the horizon. Elrond eagerly bade a passing servant to assemble a small group of well selected relatives and friends to greet the young Prince. Small, because it was likely to be a very emotional reunion. As he arrived at the entrance to the last homely house, Elrond found that the small group had already assembled. He took his place next to the twins, Estel, and the Lords Glorfindel and Erestor and waited upon the threshold of the last homely house. Rapidly, a chestnut coloured horse appeared through the trees, bearing a lithe blond figure.

It was then that the twins lost all pretence of self restraint and ran un-abashedly towards their long awaited brother. Legolas, grinning, leaped off of the still moving horse and threw himself at his brothers, who then proceeded to collapse in a tumble of arms and legs as they hugged each other and exchanged greetings.

Estel meanwhile waited with an air of nervousness about him, which made Elrond realise that Estel had never met this strange Elf. Long had he been gone this time and he could only hope that Legolas would easily embrace Estel as the twins had. As the jumble of arms and legs started to untangle and the three elves moved towards the steps of the house, Elrond abandoned his reflections and turned his attention to the slender blonde figure who now stood gazing warily up at him through long dark eyelashes.