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Legolas POV

Legolas breathed in slightly in awe of the place he truly called home, as ever speechless at the stunning image presented to him. As he made his way through the peaceful forest he took in the sight of the towers, ledges, sloped roves and balconies that made up the last homely house as well as the abundance of nature that surrounded it. How thankful he was to arrive in the spring time, with all the flowers blooming, blossom twirling and all of the fresh green-leaves unfurling in the sunshine. As much as he rejoiced at the life he saw in abundance here, it made him ache in sorrow for the home he had left behind. Making a conscious decision not to focus on that for now he tuned his face towards the entrance way he could see in the distance.

He could just make out some figures waiting there expectantly, as always. The proud Lord Erestor stood next to the tall and strong figure of Lord Glorfindel. Constant figures in his upbringing, he was glad to see that they were still there to see him home. Erestor would probably be quick to enquire about the state of Mirkwood, whereas Glorfindel would leap at the chance to get him out and onto the training field.

A young human whom he had not seen before was stood close to them. He looked to be about 16years of age and had a mop of curly brown hair and a nervous, yet excited air about him. 'Ah, so this must be the Estel the twins have told me so much about' Legolas mused. He was excited about getting to know the young man his brothers had spoken so highly about.

And his brothers. Legolas suppressed a grin at the two of them. Clearly they were trying particularly hard to constrain themselves. They practically radiated energy. Just looking at them made his heart feel lighter. Legolas caught a brief glimpse at the man he considered to be his true father before he caught sight of the twins' movement. Caught up in their excitement Legolas leaped off his horse towards them. Suddenly caught in a surge of energy, arms, legs and greetings, Legolas toppled to the floor, along with the twins and started to laugh helplessly.

Eventually, after many hugs and greetings, Legolas managed to untangle himself from the mess of limbs and straighten himself out. Flanked by a twin on each side, Legolas made his way towards the staircase of the last homely house.

He only had eyes for one person. Elrond. Although Thranduil was his sire and he had to stay with him in Mirkwood, Elrond was his true father. He was the one that had truly raised him and loved him. As he gazed up at Elrond, he suddenly felt like a small elfling again. He hadn't been home in such a long time. Living in Mirkwood took such a toll on him, especially having to live with his sire. They just didn't get on. Legolas was so quiet in comparison due to Thranduil due to all he had been through. Thranduil just didn't understand. Elrond did. As Elrond opened his arms to embrace him, Legolas felt his worries retreat as he ascended the last steps to sink into the embrace of his father.