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Life for Sakura Kinomoto has always been dull. However, once she moves to Japan, everything changes! When Sakura accidently releases special cards which hold, and can take the form of, powerful spirits, a talking "stuffed animal" introduces her to an unbelievable world of magic and history. Though, because of her blunder, the fate of world is at risk and it is up to Sakura to save the human race! In order to ensure peace, she must capture all of the cards. Things get worse when the handsome Li Syaoran arrives. At first glance, this boy is a perfect prince charming. But with his sharp tongue, perverted nature, and constant mood swings, he may be nothing of the sort. Sakura isn't fooled for a single moment, but she has to put up with him and his constant teasing to focus on her mission. How can Sakura ever return to her quiet, boring life that she has begun to miss already? Be careful what you wish for! ~