A/N: Hello! This is an "Easter-Egg" request by DanaIsis…she just can't get enough of Chris Redfield apparently ;]

Warning: Adult Content

Setting: Takes place a year before the outbreak; Depicts Chris and Aya's first Christmas together.

"Chris," my voice was barely audible over the sound of the Christmas carols that were floating from the speakers; the sounds of a choir filled the tree lot as more and more cars rolled over the freshly fallen snow, the white perceptional crunching under the weight of the vehicles. I sniffled slightly, tugging at Chris' hand again with my gloved covered one. The different colored lights that lined the wooden stand behind us illuminated his eyes, the reds, greens, yellows, and blues sparkling within his orbs as he turned towards me. His cheeks and nose were red from the wind nipping at the exposed skin, his head covered with a black beanie; I thought he would have learned to grow his hair out by now, being it winter and all. He raised his eyebrows as he looked down at me, wincing as a few white flakes fell from the sky, melting on his hot skin. "What about this one?" I asked, moving from his side to stand near the evergreen tree that I had spotted; it wasn't very tall, only a foot or two taller than I was. The leaves of the tree were fresh and green, just like it was supposed to be. I'd never seen a more perfect tree in my life. I rolled my eyes as I heard Chris' tongue click against the roof of his mouth in thought, his hands shoving into his pockets as he strode towards the tree and I, his eyes dragging up and down the green plant. I made several noises of disapproval as he circled the tree like a vulture, picking out its imperfections. I rolled my eyes once again, groaning as I stomped my boot clad foot in the few inches of snow that already blanketed the lot. We had been here for two hours already, freezing our asses off…just to find a tree. I couldn't deny the frustration that I had with this; I told Chris the day after Thanksgiving as the day to find a tree, sure, it would take some maintenance; keeping it moist and watered, making sure it never dried up, but, at least we would have tree. Come hell or high water…Chris wasn't going to get a tree that early, and that's why we were in this predicament now.

"I don't know about his one…" he drawled out slowly, pinching one of the pines in between his fingers, checking the thickness. I could feel my cheeks burn with anger as I listened to him ridicule the plant. "I mean look at it…its just so-so…" he stood out and looked at the tree, gesturing to it with his hands before he let them fall back down to his sides, an exasperated sigh escaping his lips.

"Chris," I sighed, looking up towards the sky, praying that the daggers that were flowing from my orbs would disappear before I looked back at him. "It's absolutely fine." I retorted. "Besides," I sighed angrily, biting my bottom lip. "It's what, December twentieth anyway…we're gonna take it down in five days." I couldn't deny that I missed the family tradition back in Chicago. The day or week after Thanksgiving we would go out to the tree lot and pick the biggest tree that we could find, some years they were so big that it took us weeks to decorate the tree; it was different here, we were barely ready for Christmas…not to mention that my parents and sister were coming out on the twenty-third and saying until New Years…and the apartment wasn't even decorated yet. Chris knew it was no used in arguing with me. Twenty minutes later we were in the car, driving on the shoulder at twenty miles an hour because someone's car wasn't big enough to hold a tree on the top of it. Chris' face was priceless as angry drivers flew past us, some of them shaking their fists out of their window as the snow continued to fall slightly…Chris hated every minute of it.

Later that Night

"God Dammit, shit-"I'd lost on how many times Chris' voice seethed those words. I looked over my shoulder as I continued to stir the batter in the big red bowl, the wooden spoon sticking to the sugar cookie batter that lined its sides. Flour and cookie cutters lined the countertop that had been turned into my workstation for the time being, the radio on the opposite wall released the sounds of many of the same Christmas carols that we had heard at the tree lot earlier that evening. From my haven in the kitchen I could see Chris struggle with green plant that was leaning sideways on him. I stifled a laugh as I watched him wrestle it; I'd witnessed him take on a four hundred pound drug dealer easier than this tree. I could tell from the scowl on his face that he was about to give up. I listened as he gave a few grunts of frustration, leaning to the side I watched him push the tree up right, it stuck perfectly. He chuckled softly, wiping sweat from his brow as he smiled in my direction, sensing my presence watching him. He opened his arms triumphantly, gesturing the work behind him. I leaned against the pane of the wall and smiled, crossing my flour covered arms over my chest; this is why I loved this man. He never gave up, never gave in…no matter what. "How does it look?" he asked, placing his hands on his hips as he gazed at me. I tilted my head to look behind him, my eyes scanning the poorly decorated tree. The top of the tree drooped sadly, the star atop the tree flickered in color, the bright yellow giving out instantly. Several ornaments were hung aimlessly in different places; not to mention that Chris broke the cardinal rule of three decorating…never put two of the same color bulbs next to each other. If my mother could see the way this thing looked right now, she'd have a heart attack, but, I had to give it to him…he at least put some effort into the whole decorating thing. I know it must have been hard for him, once minute being a bachelor; his home being just his, not that I had moved in…he couldn't just throw his clothes wherever he wanted to, or leave the dishes undone for a week, and he couldn't get away with not decorating for the holidays.

"It looks-"my eyes grew wide as I watched the three falling towards him. The star lit up once again, almost like the tree and the inanimate ornament had joined forces in a fit of vengeance against his roughness with the two of them. The pines poked out towards him, threatening to impale him on their leaves. "Chris!" by the time his name left my mouth and the shout echoed off the walls it was too late. The green giant fell on him, knocking the seasoned S.T.A.R.S member to the ground. My hands flew up to cover my mouth as I watched his hands twitch from under the tree, curse words flowing from his lips as he stood up knocking the plant backwards. He stood before it, almost as if the two were about to duke it out, right in the middle of his-our- undecorated living room. His anger was getting the best of him at the moment; I watched as his ears turned red, almost so that you could see the steam rising from them. His fists gripped at the trees 'arms' pushing the giant until it was backed up against the wall, resting all of its weight on the window. I'm sure I wasn't the only one in the house with common sense…but that window wasn't installed to bright, and the apartments that we lived in were cheap…so cheap that the glass was brittle and would break even if you so much as leaned against them. "Um, Chris," I asked carefully. He turned around, a triumphant smirk on his face as he nodded his head up and down, pleased with his, err…decorating skills. It looked a total mess; the tree was leaned up against the window, the lights flickering, the star atop was lopsided its points drooping towards the floor. "I don't know if that's such a-"I didn't need to say anything more, a shattering sound filled the room. Chris jumped away from the sound, landing a few feet in front of me as I covered my ears, my eyes wide as I watched the tree come to a halt. Chris turned back to me, his hands held behind his head as he groaned, eyes wide with shock; the tree had shattered the window, half of it sticking out of the pane while glass littered the carpet beneath it. I took a deep breath; trying to calm my nerves…this whole decorating thing just wasn't working out.

"I-"he stammered, pointing towards the shattered window, the decorations falling out of it as a freezing breeze swept though the glass deprived space, chilling the both of us to the bone. "I can fix that." I closed my eyes momentarily and looked up at him, crossing my arms over my chest; both to keep myself from strangling him, and because the air coming in though our new addition was freezing. My eyebrow quirked as I nodded at him; I could tell he was guilty and upset from what had happened, but I swear I could see the faintest smirk trying to force it's way onto his lips.

"Yeah." I nodded sarcastically. "You better." My eyes rolled as I turned back around, fuming inwardly as I went back to making the cookies…this was going to be an interesting holiday.

The next day: December 21

I glanced back at the clock that sat atop the dresser, the sun streamed in though the blinds, shinning slivers of sunshine over Chris' body as he slept; there was no point in getting him up early to shop, besides, he would ruin his presents anyway. He didn't come to bed until late last night; I think it was around two in the morning. Most of the night I listened to him curse the whole Christmas season. The sound of glass being swept and vacuumed filled the apartment, along with his constant moaning and cussing. The numbers on the black contraption turned to show that it was nine-forty five in the morning, yeah, too early to have Chris up and walking about, especially when there was going to be hundreds of rude holiday shoppers in the mall this morning, each of us procrastinators trying to get the best deals of the season. He'd end up killing someone, or, there was going to be a repeat of when we went shopping on Black Friday… Shaking the memories away I grabbed the black Peacoat that was sitting on the end of the bed, sighing quietly as the warm fabric enclosed my body before taking a glance back in Chris' direction, his light snoring filled the room.

When I passed the living room I stopped and did a double take, my eyes scanning over the duct taped window that was expertly hidden behind the un-decorated tree. I shook my head and sighed, praying that Chris would have the window replaced in time for my parents, if my mother saw that she'd have a heart attack. I couldn't deny that the ride to the Raccoon City Mall was boring; usually Chris would sit in the passenger seat, laughing at my white knuckle driving that I was an expertise at, then, he'd fiddle with the radio, changing it to some old bluegrass station and refusing the change it until I let him drive…after that incident while I was shadowing him, there was no way I was letting him drive me around. I slammed on the brakes, holding my fist up and yelling curse words in the direction of the obnoxiously yellow colored car that cut in front of me, stealing the parking spot that I had been eyeing up since I pulled into the lot. My old black Honda crept passed the car as the woman got out, wearing an equally obnoxiously pink track suit with black stiletto heels, popping her gum, and wearing sunglasses; for Christ's Sake woman, it's the middle of December, not to mention that it's overcast today…no sun. "Try watching the news, bitch." I mumbled as she looked in my direction, giving me one of those looks that people give you when they want you to know that you've lost. Rolling my eyes I continued though the maze of trucks, cars, and the occasional bike as I searched for a spot. Several times I had begun to pull in, only to find that an extremely small car had somehow found its way into the spot, fooling us other larger cars of its presence. I rode around like that for another five minutes; I was staring to think that this whole thing was a waste of my time, my nerves on their very ends, fried, then, as if by the grace of god, a parking spot suddenly emerged…my name written all over it.

The mall was packed, and when I mean packed…think of how sardines are packaged? Yeah, it was that packed. I had given up on saying excuse me five minutes after being in the mall, realizing that no one seemed to car that I was in there or, or vise versa. The shoppers weren't even the most annoying part of the whole experience, it was those damn kiosk workers; always shoving free samples in your face, practically begging you to buy stuff from them. I always tried to be polite and remind myself that they're just doing their job, but, damn….when you're going with traffic, don't stop me to ask if I want some of your "Miracle Cream", I'm twenty-four…what in the hell do I need that for right now anyway? As if being bombarded with offers such as this wasn't stressful enough, my hand immediately flew to my pocket, grabbing the vibrating machine from inside my pocket; I hated it when people called me when I was shopping. Without even looking at the id-caller, I flipped the portable device open and held it to my heart, stocking my free hand against my other ear as I tried to listen to the conversation that was about to being on the other line.

"Aya!" my sister's voice squealed, I flinched as I heard the perky voice on the other line, forcing me to hold the phone out from my ear so she didn't give me hearing damage. I couldn't help but crack a smile at her enthusiasm though, Christmas was always her favorite time of the year.

"Hey, Tanya." I smiled, apologizing with my eyes to the few people that I pushed passed, trying to make my way towards the outer ring of the mass of people that had since converged on the stores surrounding the area. I watched as the horde of shoppers passed before me, their arms lined with bags from Forever 21, KB Toys, SunCoast ect, I really didn't see how they got their shopping in; they must have gotten up several hours before I did.

"My god, Aya!" she squealed again, still not out of her teen stages. "I'm so excited to see you guys soon!" she mused, I chuckled, the laugh dying down to smirk as I listened to the underlying meaning of what she said; you guys. What she meant to say was that she was excited to see Chris, I wasn't stupid. Whenever someone she found attractive was around she would get this little glint in her eyes, I immediately saw it when she practically shoved my mother out of the way so she could sit next to Chris at my graduation, and I wasn't mistaken…I could tell he knew it too. I knew I didn't have anything to worry about; she wasn't the type to 'steal' someone else's significant other away from them, no matter how much she dreamed out it, she just wouldn't have the heart or strong enough conscience to do it.

"Oh, I'm sure you are." I drawled out, moving my feet to blend in with the flow of people that were passing by me again. It seemed that every fifteen minutes a new wave of people walked though the doors, this place was getting worse by the minute.

"Whatever." I could hear her sigh, stressing the word; I could almost envision the eye roll that accompanied the reply. "So, what is my big sister up to this early anyway?" she asked. I closed my eyes as my cheeks burned hot; my shoulder involuntarily shoving me forward as a woman shoved passed me. I rolled my eyes as I recognized the pink track suit that had stolen the perfect parking spot.

"Trying not to get run over my bimbos in track suits." I sighed, rolling my eyes as my brown boots clicked across the marble tiled flooring, trying not to step on the back of anyone's heels in the process.


"Ugh, never mind." I groaned, pulling the purse higher onto my shoulder as I listened to my sister's confused voice on the other end of the phone. "I'm attempting to get the rest of this Christmas shopping done."

"Ohhhhhhhh." She replied, her voice holding a hint of sexiness behind it, I rolled my eyes. I'd be very, very happy when she got out to this 'everything has a sexual underlying message to it' phase. "Did you get me anything yet?" See? Pettiness at it's best.

"Yeah," I replied, knowing that the next questions to come would be inquiring what this said gift was. I didn't understand why people don't learn the first five times you don't tell them, if I really wanted you to know I'd just give it to you, not waste a bunch of trees and stick it under one for a few days until you just so happen to pop buy and open it. "It's already wrapped. So, I have no idea what I got you." I smirked, hearing her whine on the other end.

"Did you get Chris' yet?" she pressed. That was the whole reason I was out here today; sure, I got him a new tool kit, and a few shirts, socks, and pants…but I needed to get him something that was more than that, you know? I sighed and stopped in front of the store, a sweet essence flowing from the doors as people walked in and out, carrying pink bags in their hands.

"Yeah, but, I need to get him something else." I replied, clicking my tongue on the roof of my mouth, pondering on what I was going to get him. I glanced down at the watch that adorned my wrist, checking the time; twelve-forty five.

"Why don't you get him something that the both of you will enjoy?" She suggested. I rolled my eyes at her suggestion; is that all she ever thought about nowadays? "I mean, I know there's a Victoria's Secret in Raccoon City…am I right?" I looked upwards, praying to god that she would just stop picturing Chris naked and actually help me think of a present for him. That's when I saw it; in black bold letters with pink trimming….Victoria's Secret.

"Aya? Aya are you there?"

"Tanya," I said, my eyes scanning the inside of the boutique that was lined with clothes, perfumes, and lotions of all sorts. The mannequins were decked out in the world's sexiest lingerie. "I'm gonna have to call you back."

"What? Aya, Aya. Come on-"I hung up the phone on her flabbergasted voice, my feet moving me towards the store, the smell of floral scents wafting up my nose. I didn't take me long to find the perfect gift for Chris-err- Us, and what made it all the more better? Pink Track Suit was eyeing the scantly clad mannequin from across the room, her eyes boring into me with that 'don't you dare, I saw it first look' that shoppers seemed to wear this time of year. I smirked, judging the distance between the two of us and the 'sleepwear'

The triumphant look never left my face as I pulled into the driveway that evening, the tires crunching and packing the snow beneath the tires. A few bags sat on the seat beside me including; Bath and Body Works, Champs, Men's Warehouse…and Victoria's Secret. I smirked to myself, remembering the look on pink track suit's face when she watched me swipe the garment from the mannequin, I gave her a wink as I strutted past her; letting her know that karma's a bitch. I quickly gathered the bags from the front seat, skillfully hiding the pink one behind the others, if Chris saw that bag he'd want to know what was in it. I was thankful when I crept into the house, seeing Chris nowhere in sight, I poked my head into the kitchen, but, he wasn't there, then the living room, the den…no where. I didn't think much of it; Emerson might have come and picked him up to hang out or something like that. I flipped the light on as I entered the bedroom, placing the bags down on the comforter so I could sort them out, and take the ones that needed to be wrapped into the living room. I was sidetracked as the pink bag came into my view, begging me to look in it. My hands dug though the bag, moving the underwear and pajama's that I had gotten for my sister out of the way so I could get the nightie that was hidden deep in its depths. My fingers grasped the fabric, pulling it up from the bag. The eerie silence that filled the room was suddenly shattered by the sound of the toilet flushing; my eyes quickly snapped up, half of the fabric peeking over the rim of the bag as I glanced in the direction of the bathroom door that was creeping open slowly. Just as Chris' broad shoulders came into view I shoved the fabric back into the bag, trying to act like everything was cool and normal. He jumped slightly as he turned around, not realizing that I had gotten home already.

"Oh, hey." He laughed, rubbing his hands on his jeans as he strode towards me. My heart fluttered as he moved closer, a warm smiling spreading across his features as he reached the bed, inclining his head towards mine. He caught my lips in a brief kiss, his thin lips pressing against mine in the sweetest way possible. "I didn't know you were home." He mumbled, moving his lips against mine again, making the butterflies in my stomach flutter with excitement. Before I knew it my back was pressed against the quilted comforter that covered the bed, Chris leaning over me as he continued to move his lips against mine, mumbling questions left and right. "How was shopping?" he pressed, resting his chin on my chest as he looked up at me. My arms encircled him as my eyes glanced down at him, smiling at the crocked smirk that had found its way onto his face. I shook my head from side to side, suppressing a moan as he didn't wait for my reply before he leaned up, placing light kisses on my collar bone.

"Boring." I replied in short, closing my eyes as he placed the kisses upon my jaw line, following curve of my face as his hand slipped under my shirt, gripping my sides. Jesus, I hadn't been gone that long had I? My hands gripped the back of his neck as he moved me higher onto the bed, my back crushing the presents that I had just bought as he straddled my waist, hands tugging at the hem of my shirt. I continued to move my lips against his as he pressed his hips into mine, the breath hitching in my throat as I suppressed a moan. With one of Chris' hand groping my chest from beneath my shirt, the other one moved the gifts from the face of the bed; the paper and plastic crinkling forced my eyes opened, not a second later his hand went limp against my breast, his lips disconnecting from mine as he glanced up. I followed his line of sight, seeing that it had landed on the pink bag above my head.

"What's in there?" he asked whilst reaching for the pale pink encasement. I quickly wriggled from beneath him, flipping myself onto my stomach as I reached from the bag, snatching it out of his reach. He looked at me with a shocked expression, his brows rising in suspicion. I looked back at him, rising one of my own brows in a response.

"Gifts." I answered. He gave me that 'I'm not stupid look' as he cocked his head to the side, smirking.

"Let me seem em'." He pressed, reaching for it. I quickly jumped from the bed, holding it out of his reach.


"Aya-"he drawled out, still smirking.

"Chris," I mimicked. "No."

December 23

"So," I listened to my father's voice from the safety of the living room where my Mom, Tanya, and I were decorating the Christmas tree and hanging the stockings on the mantle just under the television. I felt bad for Chris; my dad had assigned him to dinner duty with him, which meant being subjected to the ever boring and quite uncomfortable 'daughter speech', so far though, my father hand been gentle with him. "I take it that you're takin' good care of my daughter, right?" he asked seriously. I twirled the ornaments in my hand as I continued to listen to their conversation; my sister and mother stifled their giggles as Chris stammered his answer out. I couldn't help but giggle myself, my dad was always like this when it came to men dating his daughters, and we'd grown used to it by now. He never went through with anything he threatened them with. My sister looked over at me and threw her head back in quiet laugher as she hung another bulb on the tree, watching as the weight of the glass weighed the branch down.

"Is he taking care of you, Aya?" my mom asked, placing a hand on her hips. I almost forgot about her little 'talk', Chris would get that on New Years. My mom knew to get them when they were drunk, that way they'd spill everything single thing about them-selves, both good and bad. I had already assured her that Chris had nothing to hide, but, she doubted that; everyone has their secrets. Before I could answer in my own words, my sisters voice cut the thought, her voice hushed so the men in the other room couldn't hear.

"I'm sure he is mom." She smirked, stifling a giggle as she focused her attention back on the tree, hanging another ornament on its branches. "In more ways than one." My jaw dropped as I focused my attention on her, appalled that she would even be thinking of something like that. My mom stifled a laugh; I swear the two of them were the most immature people I'd ever met in my life.

"My god," I groaned silently. "You guys are disgusting."

"Oh stop it, Aya." My sister laughed again, moving to the other side of the tree, looking at me though the break in the branches. "Come on, spill it. How is it?" My pupils reduced to mere slits in my eyes as I glared at her, my nose wrinkling in disgust.

"Tanya, grow up." I spat, fluffing the leaves of the trees until they were presentable. "I'm not going to discuss that."

"Jesus, lighten up." She groaned, coming back around the tree to stand next to our mother, draping a skinny brown arm around her shoulder. "Aya," she whined, "This is what moms and sisters do. They dish about their lives to each other, stop being such a prude." There was no way I was getting out of this one, I looked over my shoulder and sighed, making sure that my father and Chris weren't listening in on the conversation; it was Chris I was worried about anyway…I just doubted my father would want to hear about any of this…ever.

"Fine," I gave in, smirking as I felt my cheeks burn red with embarrassment. "If your asking if he's well equipped then…yes." My sister squealed in delight at the newly learned information, clapping her hands over her mouth as her eyes grew wide.

"And?" she pressed, giddy as a child in a candy shop. "How well equipped is he?" I looked down at the carpet beneath my feet and sighed, feeling my cheeks burn a darker shade of red as I answered.

It was after dinner that I pulled Chris into the bedroom; my mother, father, and sister had gone out to the car to get the gifts that they had brought with them, and my mother wanted to visit the elderly neighbor that they had met back when they visited during the summer. The only woman always asked about my dad, I think she wanted to steal him away from my mother; not that it would ever happen. "You're dad still scares me." Chris admitted as he closed the door behind us, but, not before he poked his head out of the door looking both ways, expecting my father to leap from the shadows at a moments notice. I giggled as I sat down on the bed, crossing my legs and placing my hands in my lap as I watched him retreat back into the bedroom; his hand rubbing the back of his semi-bald head as he walked towards me. He was extremely cute when he got nervous; his cheeks were flushed red with embarrassment. I reached to him, grabbing onto his hands as he sat down next to me on the bed.

"Aw. He's not that bad." I laughed, leaning in to catch his lips in a kiss, my hand resting on the back of his head as I played with the invisible strands of hair. Chris smiled and looked down at his lap before looking back up at me.

"Aya," he breathed out. "He told me that if I even looked at you in a certain way that'd he's castrate me and then feed it to the neighbor's dog." He admitted. I looked down at my own lap and laughed, I knew he wasn't being serious. "It's not funny, Aya. What if he's serious?"

"You're right, you're right." I said, trying to stifle my laughter as he looked at me with pessimistic eyes. "I'm sorry." I pulled him in for another kiss, his lips moving against mine lightly. "I won't let him. I promise." I mumbled against his lips.

"Promise?" he mumbled back, his hands gripping my hips though the black fabric of the little simple black dress that I was wearing.

"I promise." I reassured him, suppressing a moan as he gently pushed me down onto the bed. His hands resting on either side of my head as he hovered above me, straddling my waist. My hands rested on his hips as he looked down at me, my fingers looping in the belt loops. I loved this man more than anything in the world, my parents could see that. But, what kind of parents would they be if they didn't give him a hard time. I leaned up as he moved closer to me, lowering his body onto mine. My lips connected with the sensitive skin on his neck, my lips trailing along his jaw line as my fingers worked on the belt buckle that was secure around his waist.

"Aya," he breathed out, his breath already hollow and shallow with anticipation. My fingers continued to work at the belt buckle, finally getting it unclasped I worked at the button, my heart beating against my chest. "Aya, wait-"he breathed out, suppressing a moan as my fingers grazed against the lump that was forming in his jeans. I stopped and looked up at him, confused. Chris was never one to…and that's when I realized what was wrong, I smirked. "What-what about your parents?" he asked, fear coursing though those blue-green eyes of his. I leaned up, my fist grabbing the tie that was around his neck; yes, my mother requested that we dress formally for the dinner that he and my dad had worked so hard at. I pulled him down to me until our noses were touching, his eyes crossing as he tried to look me in the eyes.

"Chris, they went to visit Ms. Huntington." The creases of his mouth twitched; he remembered the last time they were there. "They won't be back for hours." I reassured him. That's all it took, that one simple explained and reassurance was all it took for the Chris I knew and loved to come back. It wasn't a second later that his hands were under my dress, pulling the matching black undergarments down my legs and tossing them to the side like a scrap of old fabric. His lips moved against mine in a sensual and sexy manner, his tongue running its course over my bottom lip, begging for entrance like it always did; and Chris wants…Chris gets. I his lips disconnected from mine as he hiked the dress up until it was at my waist, his hand finding its way between my legs. I moaned at the feel of fingers against flesh, his lips trailing up the side of my neck.

"Wait," the word left my mouth in a moan as my hands gripped his shoulders, his fingers toying with the bundle of nerves between my legs, the animalistic growls rising in my throat as my muscles clenched around those slender fingers of his. "Wait-"I breathed out again, "Chris," He looked up at me, slowly, the throbbing between my legs continued even though his hand was now resting on the bed next to my head. He looked worried, almost as if he had hurt me; he hadn't in the least.

"What?" he asked, "What's wrong?" I sat up, his body retreating from mine as I pulled the dress back down over my knees, even though it wasn't very long to begin with anyway.

"Just hold on," I held up a finger, trying to steady my breathing and finally remembering how to walk on two legs. "I have a surprise for you." He looked dumbfounded as he watched me shuffle towards the closet. I swear the amount of time it took me to find what I was looking for could have made anyone think that I had traveled to Narnia and back. In what felt like a lifetime later I emerged from the depths of the bottomless pit, carrying the pink bag in my hands. Chris' eyes seemed to light up as I sat in front of him, placing the bag between us. "Go ahead, open it."

His grew to the size of baseballs as his hand pulled the fabric from the bag; it was one of the weirdest contraptions I had ever laid eyes on. It was kinda like a bar with a canopy attached to it, but, it opened like a tent able to expose my curves, the tent like opening ending right at the bust line. It would be easy for Chris to remove, and oh look; it came with a free pair of under wear, matching the floral pink print. Chris held it up in front of him, taking a deep breath, lust pouring from his eyes as he tried to find words to explain whatever he was feeling; though, I don't think it was necessary for him to explain, you could clearly see it. "I cannot wait to see you in this." He breathed out, looking at the outfit then back over at me. I smirked as I stood up, gripping the hem of my dress with my hands.

"You won't have to wait that long." Just as I hiked it up to my thigh I heard the sound of the front door slamming shut. My eyes widened, almost reaching the size of Chris' as his eyes locked with mine; fear coursed though both of us. "Chris? Aya?"

"Shit." Chris and I hissed in unison. In record time the two of us composed ourselves; I snatched my underwear from the floor, quickly putting them back on as he zipped up and re-buttoned his pants, not to mention re-buckling them before we both quickly shuffled out of the room.

Chris and I were cuddling on the couch; hot chocolate filled both cups, simmering as we sipped it cautiously; not wanting to burn our tongues. He kissed the top of my head lovingly as we continued to watch The Christmas Story, that was one tradition that they Mraz's and the Redfield's shared in common, every Christmas that was the only movie that played in either of our homes. My dad smiled at the two of us as he got up from his spot on the other couch, saying that he had to use the bathroom.

"Dad!" I called as he began to walk towards the one that was in the hallway, he stopped and focused his attention on me. "Mom's taking a shower in that you. Use the one in our room." He gave me a thumbs up and thank you before hurrying off towards Chris and I's room. I snuggled in closer to Chris as he wrapped his arms around me tighter, holding me against his chest. Each of us was eager to go to bed tonight…shit. My blood ran cold as Chris and I looked at each other at the same time, worry racing though our eyes.

"Aya did you-"his shaky voice asked, referring to his present, inquiring if I had stashed it away somewhere.

"No, did yo-"the words couldn't have left my mouth soon enough. My dad's voice bellowed though the apartment, awakening my sister who had fallen asleep on the floor, a plate of gingerbread cookies next to her head. Chris and I both cursed unison untangling ourselves from one another as he came from the room, point in Chris' direction; if my dad had much lighter skin you would be able to see how red his face actually was, his eyes glaring daggers into the younger man, completely ignoring me…the one who bought that thing in the first place.

"You're sleepin' with me tonight, Chris." He warned, and so he did. Later that night, Chris found himself under my father's watchful eye which meant sleeping on the floor, between him and the coffee table. Poor Chris, but, it couldn't have been any better than what I was doing; sleeping squished between my sister and my mother…one a sleep talker the other a snorer. God, I couldn't wait until this Christmas was over…

A/N: Wow! I actually reached twelve pages with this one! Hope you all liked it! Even though no zombies and no carnage was involved!