I sighed and waited for Bella to get home, it was three in the morning and I couldn't get to sleep without knowing she was okay. She was out with Alice, my sister. Alice said that Bella and her should have a night off since they were overwhelmed with work and minding the kids. I agreed and she had been out all night for a girlie dinner, I just hoped she was okay.

I went through the rooms of the house, looking at the faces of my sons, I looked down at Zack, his little body curled up in the sea of covers, I kissed his forehead and quietly walked out of his room, leaving the door open slightly.

I went into Carson's nursery and smiled, our six month old baby was fast asleep, sucking on his pacifier. I kissed pale his cheek and walked out, I went downstairs and sat on the sofa, I had my Iphone in hand, looking threw all the pictures I had of Bella and our boys, I smiled.

I got up from where I sat and walked to the refrigerator, I got out a bottle of water and I suddenly heard a small cry, I leaped up the stairs and heard that it was coming from Zack's room. I walked in and found my son bowling his eyes out into the comforter, I picked him up and he snuggled into my chest.

"Dada . . . Dada." He screamed, holding my white t-shirt, staining it with his tears, but I didn't mind.

"Shh . . . Its okay, I'm here." I soothed rubbing his back gently.

His cries went into muffled sobs as I rocked him back and forth gently. "Had a bad dweam." He whimpered, falling limp in my arms.

I held him tighter, "That's okay. Are you okay?" I asked my three year old son, brushing his bronze hair out of his eyes.

He nodded his head and yawned, "Tiwed." He said, laying his head on my chest, I lay down with him and he curled into my chest, I tucked him in and held him close, once he fell asleep I left his room, I put on his blue night light and left the door half open, I checked on Carson and found him wide awake, he was quiet but awake, he reached up for me and I smiled lifting him into my embrace, he clutched my t-shirt and I patted his back as we descended down the stairs. I got out his playpen and lay him down, he kicked his legs in excitement when he looked at all the colours, I smiled and picked up my water. I began to drink it and turned the TV on, I heard Carson make baby noise or language as he reached up, feeling all the different fabrics.

I settled on an old movie, I watched dancers sing and dance across the screen, one women sang and Carson looked at me, I smiled, "What?" I asked as he pointed behind me.

I looked behind me to see no one and then I went over to him, picking him up, "I guess you are my buddy for tonight." I laughed, I just said that to a baby!

Carson smiled and sat on my lap, looking at the TV, he smiled as they sang, he ooohed as they hit a high note, causing me to laugh.

I looked and saw my Iphone ringing, "Hello?" I answered, picking up Carson and going into the kitchen.

"Heyy E-Edward." Bella said, slightly slurred.

"Bella are you drunk?" I asked in disbelief.

"Ye-Yeah." She laughed stupidly.

"Where are you?" I asked clearly.

She took a moment before answering "Um . . . In Alice's, she is asleep on the sofa and Jasper is looking at me, Hi Jazz." I heard her say and she giggled snorting.

I stifled a laugh, "Put me on to Jazz." I said.

"Otay, i lovvve you, your a seexyy bittch." She whispered. I laughed quietly and held the phone away from my ear.

"Hey Edward." Jasper said, sounding a bit uncomfortable.

"Hi, do you want me to come get her or what?" I asked him.

"Let her sleep here and I will drop her off when she wakes up in the morning." He said.

"Okay thanks, if you will excuse me I have to put my son to bed." I told him, shifting Carson fro one hip to the other.

"Okay Edward, bye." I hung up and walked up the stairs, turning off everything. I hadn't realized that their was so much lights on, I made sure the front door was locked before, making my way to bed.

"Mommy is such a silly women." I said laughing, I shook my head and hoped that she wouldn't have a grumpy day tomorrow.

I brought Carson into my room, as I was putting him in the bed I noticed Zack was in the middle his head in between Bella and I's pillow's, I smiled and put Carson beside him, I got in and both my boys snuggled into me, I sighed and closed my eyes, drifting off to sleep . . .