I woke up early, freaking about the test, I went to my study and took out all my books. I began readying, already knowing it, I was just revising. I sighed and yawned, looking over questions that would come up, I organised my patient's files and then packed my bag, this morning I had to leave for 6am so no one would be up.

I got into the shower, brushed my teeth and then got into my scrubs. I looked at Bella curled up in a ball, I smiled, poor thing was still tired. I walked over to her and kissed her cheek, she groaned.

"Baby, go to sleep, I am leaving for work." I told her.

She frowned, "Good luck on the test sexy ass, I will see you in a little bit, what time will you be home?" She asked sleepily, her voice thick.

"At around four-thirty or five." I replied, kissing her lips.

She kissed me back, "I love you." She told me, already falling back to sleep.

"I love you too." I smiled, kissing her again; she smiled and gave me a tight hug.

I pulled away reluctantly and frowned I went to Zack's room; I smiled and kissed his forehead. "I love you buddy." I whispered, I tucked the comforter around his body and closed the door behind me.

Carson was asleep but he looked a little better, I smiled, "I love you too baby." I kissed his forehead and then grabbed my backpack.

I got my car keys and ran out the door; I drove down the highway, towards the hospital.

The exam was bittersweet, I know I passed it, it was just rough in parts, but other than that it was easy.

I went to my office and sat down, closing my eyes, all I could think about was Bella, I don't know what it was, I just needed to be with her and our boys, it was a weird feeling, like something bad was going to happen, the feeling was really strong.

I groaned when my pager went off, I was paged to the lobby. I got up and caught the first elevator I could.

I saw Bella standing there and I smiled but it quickly turned to panic when I saw her expression. She hugged herself to me and I could feel her tears on my neck, I sighed and dragged her towards the closest private room, I locked the door and held her tight.

"What happened? Are the boys okay?" I asked panicked, had something happened?

"No the boys are fine, Alice and Jazz are minding them right know, but I have to go to Arizona, Phil called my mom did an overdose of weed and I have to go sign her into a clinic and do another intervention . . . Why is this happening?" She cried into my shoulder, her tears running down her face.

I held her tightly, "When is your plane? How long are you leaving for?" I asked my eyes searching hers.

"My plane is in six hours, I am all packed and I will be a week tops, I promise, I am so done with this, all they need is my signature." She wiped her tears.

I kissed her forehead, I hated seeing like this, her and her mother's relationship just got back to being okay and now this happens . . . Why does Renee do this to the family?

"I am so sorry, I feel as if you shouldn't go alone." I said.

"No Edward I have to do this, once it is all sorted out I am back and I will have nothing to do with her, she is going to be out of my life." Tears came streaming down her face as she said this; I wiped them away with my thumbs.

I gave her a kiss on the lips, "I love you, and take care of yourself." I said, looking into her eyes.

"I will take care of the boys and yourself, sexy." She giggled.

"Is that my new nickname?" I whispered against her lips, kissing her.

She nodded and wiped her eyes, she opened the office door, "I got to go." She whispered sadly, "Take care of the boys, I will miss you." She kissed my lips lightly.

"I will miss you too, I love you." I said helping her into the care.

"I love you too, sexy." She giggled.

She drove off and I frowned. I looked at her go and then went back up to my office, wiping my mouth, making sure my mouth didn't have any lipstick on it.

I sat in my office hair, completing charts; I couldn't believe Renee did this to our family again! She was crazy!

How many times was she going to put Bella threw this, she already nearly died from an overdose before. . . . . . . .

I was glad when I got to go home, once I walked threw the door, I was met by Zack and received a big hug, I hugged him tightly, putting him down I gave my sister a hug and Jazz. They handed me Carson and I kissed his forehead.

"Zack go play in the playroom while I talk to Aunt Alice and Uncle Jazz." I told him, he nodded and ran off.

We all went to the living room; I sighed and sat down, Carson smiling at me.

"Can you believe she did this again?" I snorted in annoyance.

"Yeah, she was always never going to change. Renee has dragged Bella threw enough, she doesn't even deserve Bella. Bella is emotionally drained at this point." Alice said shaking her head.

"I know that, she is going to sign papers to put her mom in a clinic and then she said she is done, she doesn't want any other relationship with her mom . . . It's like she has lost a parent." I sighed and groaned.

"Well she will figure it out . . . We will help her . . ." Jazz said, looking in deep thought.

I shook it off. I didn't really care what they were thinking, I just wanted my wife here, instead of on a 7hour flight to Arizona, helping her drug addicted mother.

Jazz and Alice left after dinner, saying that they would watch the boys during the week while I was at work, I just had to drop them off and collect them at there house.

"Where's mommy?" Zack asked, sitting on my lap, hugging himself to me.

"She went to Arizona to help Grandma Renee." I said quietly.

"Ohhhh . . . When will mommy be back?" He asked his voice sad and innocent.

"This weekend, but we just have to stick together, okay?" I said.

He nodded and we both watched the end of The Simpson's, I got up and we all went up stairs, I ran a bath and put both boys in, washing them, I dried Carson off first and he coughed, wheezing a bit, looked like he was coming to work with me tomorrow, I needed to get him checked out.

I put him in his pyjama's and then put him in his crib, I went back and helped Zack, I washed his hair and then dried him off.

I got him ready for bed tucking him in, I rang Bella, she had checked into a hotel and was going to see her mother in the morning.

I sighed and looked at the clock, 2am, I was staring at the ceiling for two hours, not knowing what to do . . .