Life on Earth had ceased for all but four heroes and one enormous demon. Flesh had turned to stone as Trigon had once declared it would. The sky was red and the ground scorched; seas and lakes replaced with pools of lava. Structures were in ruins, even Titans Tower, home and headquarters to the four.

When Raven could no longer hold back the dark energy welling up within her she reluctantly opened the portal she was born to create and, at Trigon's appearance in Jump City, and his declaration that the Earth was his, she vanished without a sign of life. The demon Trigon unleashed a long contained build of evil energy that spread around the world in a matter of minutes, petrifying the living and collapsing the sturdiest of structures.

Thankfully, before she opened the portal Raven cast on her friends a protection spell, sparing them from the flesh-to-stone curse. Once they found each other among the devastation and made a decision to fight, for a time it was four diminutive titans versus the towering Trigon, until he let out another burst of energy that, for a short time, incapacitated them. Then three were left to contend with Trigon, for there had been a shared feeling among them that, somewhere, somehow, Raven still existed. Robin volunteered to go and find her, leaving Starfire, Cyborg, and Beast Boy to battle and distract Trigon until their leader returned with their friend.

For a time, the three held their own quite well against their enemy. But Trigon, growing impatient with their persistence, struck a powerful blow against them. Cyborg had suffered a significant loss of energy from his power cell, Starfire was bruised. The two of them did not see Beast Boy anywhere. If he was somewhere out of commission, they hoped he was not destroyed. Yet they could not spare time to find him. Trigon was still active, growing stronger, and Robin had yet to return. They resumed fighting the demon.

Beast Boy admitted, that was quite a wallop Trigon struck him with. It tossed him quite a ways away from the conflict. Had he been less than what he truly was, no doubt Trigon's attack would have obliterated him. But he was more, much more than anyone knew. That was why he had to appear as though he had taken the attack like he often did, which tended put him out of the fight first. He was at this moment masking his life force and had been since his crash landing. That was why no one saw him, nor could they sense him.

Beast Boy, or rather that which he truly was, had once hoped no one would ever know, but now Trigon was here and things have gone too far. Further, Robin was not back yet with Raven. Had they been back, there was no doubt in anyone's mind that Raven would be able to overpower Trigon, her father, and Beast Boy could go on being Beast Boy and never have to reveal his real self.

Now Starfire was down, followed by Cyborg. She took an attack dealt by Trigon meant to finish Cyborg. They were down, but it appeared to Beast Boy that to Trigon it was not enough, so he made to do one of the most awful things that could be done to any living thing – crush them by stepping on them.

Beast Boy called out, "TRIGON," only in a voice that was thunderous, inhuman.

For a moment Trigon froze in his intent to crush the two remaining titans. Rather than following through, he set his foot back down on the ground, leaving them further unharmed. He turned, feeling compelled, as though commanded to do so. He looked, and from a height of rock that had broken through the ground after his release of power when he first appeared, there stood the shape-shifter. About him, both on the ground and in the air, further than he could see, were countless animals of many species – plant eaters and predators; rodents, rabbits, lions, tigers, bears, and countless more, including sorts not even native to the planet Earth.

"I will allow you to do no more, Trigon. I would leave it to your daughter to do away with you, but she is not yet returned." Glancing from right to left at the animals beside him he said, even as though he were speaking to those behind him and far out of his sight, "All of you, change shape." His voice never raised, but they all obeyed him.

Trigon saw new creatures of hellish shape. They were in forms he recognized as demonic, but he did not know a single one of them.

"Who are you, green one?" demanded Trigon.

"We are much older and far more powerful than you, Trigon. It is time to be done with you." To the horde he said, "Take him."

Several obeyed. Swiftly they closed in on Trigon and restrained him, and no amount of struggling by him could break their hold. As power in the form of pale green light went out from them, Trigon cried out, "You cannot do this to me!"

"Be silent, Trigon, and be gone," responded Beast Boy as the light enshrouded the red demon then vanished with him. Moments later, the several demons that removed Trigon from Earth returned.

"Beast Boy?" came an awestruck and baffled voice.

The green shape-shifter and his horde simultaneously turned, seeing Robin supporting Raven, whose uniform was now white, both stunned having seen what they just witnessed. Instead of responding to them he first said to the horde, "Come to me," and quickly they did, all shrinking into small forms of pale green light and vanishing into their host.

"Sorry about that, Raven," Beast Boy then said in his human voice before he leapt down from the rock he stood on. "I would have left Trigon for you to finish off because I know you have the power within you to banish him from here, but he was about to crush Cyborg and Starfire. I wasn't going to let that happen so I dealt with him. Robin, you sure took a long time getting back here with her."

"Uh, Beast Boy…" said a still baffled Robin. "We had just gotten back as you set those things against Trigon. And… since when can you do that?"

"I'll explain later. First, Raven, restore the planet and undo Trigon's curse. Then let's help Cyborg and Starfire."

"Uh… Okay." Robin let her go and she set to doing her magic, only her powers now came out white instead of black. And they were more powerful than before. In nearly the same amount of time that Trigon's curse covered the Earth, Raven's spell-casting undid it. The sky became blue and beautiful and sunny; the land and structures appeared as they did before the curse, the sea full of water – not a trace of scorching or lava. Flesh was no longer stone. Birds chirped and dogs barked. Earth was again alive. All life moved along as though nothing had ever been out of the ordinary.

Next to be done was revive and heal Cyborg and Starfire, which Raven set about doing. When they inspected Cyborg the saw he had no more than fifteen minutes of power remaining and felt relieved. He would have drained it much faster and been dead shortly after from power loss had he been conscious and kept fighting. Cyborg and Starfire wondered how Trigon had been beaten and were stunned to hear that it was Beast Boy who had done it, more so when they learned how he did it.

When they all began pressing him for an explanation, he said, "Let's head back to the tower first."

And so they returned to Titans Tower.

After taking some time to freshen up and rest, they assembled in the tower's common room, which serves as their entertainment room and command center. Robin, Cyborg, Raven, and Starfire were seated on the curved couch that faces their entertainment center and central computer. Between these stood Beast Boy.

"So what's the deal, B?" wondered Cyborg, whose power cell was new and fully charged.

"I guess to begin with… my birth name, the one you know me by, is not Garfield Logan. Garfield Logan never existed. True, Mark and Marie Logan did exist," he added in response to their perplexed looks, "but they never had a son. They were, in fact, childless. And Beast Boy is a name made up by my foster father, Steve Dayton. That is, Mento. He and Rita knew the Logans, and about their scientific research and their unfortunate boating accident, and used that to build me a biography after I was found by and brought into the Doom Patrol."

"Then who are you really?" wondered Robin. His was genuine curiosity. He felt no need to be suspicious or defensive towards Beast Boy, considering his friend's history of heroism.

"Further – but not to offend," Raven insisted. "After what we saw you do, um… what are you?"

Beast Boy stood silent and thoughtful for a moment before continuing. "I believe this next part will answer both." He went to a control panel and typed in a command to call up a chair from beneath the floor. It came up and was turned to face the couch. Beast Boy sat down and reclined in the chair. "Earth. Israel. Nearly two thousand years ago I came and took possession of a man. Through him I sought out and found a certain Rabbi, intending to call him out and identify him as the Savior of the world."

He paused when he noticed how beyond astonished three of his four friends looked, who also at different levels of voice exclaimed, "No way!" Only Starfire remained silent and puzzled by their reactions.

"Are you telling us, Beast Boy, that you're actually… him… them?"

Beast Boy nodded. And in the tone of otherworldly voice he spoke with when battling Trigon, he answered, "I am, Raven. Or rather, we are."

"You're Legion?!" exclaimed Cyborg.

"You have nothing to fear from us, Cyborg," he said in response to his best friend's sudden shift from his former reaction. "We are not like that anymore and have not been since that day. And to make referring to us easier, we will speak with 'I' or 'me.'"

"If you are not the Beast Boy that we know, then who is this Legion?" wondered Starfire, still puzzled since no one was explaining.

"One of the most ancient and powerful demons in existence, Starfire," answered Raven. She rose from her place on the sofa only to kneel before Legion and bow her head in reverence to her superior, to the confusion of the other three who sat with her.

"Please don't do that, Raven," insisted the shape-shifter in the voice the titans knew as Beast Boy's. She did not budge. "Okay, Raven, if it's a command you want then here goes: stand up and never kneel before me again."

This time Raven listened and did as told.

"I'm not here to conquer, command, or be worshipped." Beast Boy gestured for her to return to her seat, which she did. "I'm reforming. Well, trying to, at least."

"What do you mean, Bea- I mean Legion?"

"It's okay to keep calling me Beast Boy, Robin. I much prefer it anyway. It's who I've been and choose to be now." Beast Boy leaned forward a little in his seat. "It began that day I called out the Savior of mankind. I had no idea just how truly powerful he could be until he silenced me, kept me from identifying him to the masses. I felt commanded to obey. In the body I possessed I fell to my knees, afraid of what he might do to me, and to the man I asked what he would do to me. He cast me out of the man and into the sea.

"I was in the sea for a long time. In all my time there I felt as though I was imprisoned. When one spends much time in solitude, I guess he must lose knowledge of himself, as that happened to me. To us," he corrected while making a couple of taps on his chest in indication of all the others within him. "We all shared the same loss of memory.

"Over time we formed a body. This one. One day, after centuries as you measure it, I wandered out of the sea and into the world. I had forgotten what it was like and spent the centuries since rediscovering the world, only I did not rediscover who I was. Then I crossed paths with the Doom Patrol. It was by Mento that I was able to remember. You can be sure he and the others were terrified of me. I gave no thought to what madness he might succumb to by looking into my mind, and to the surprise of the Doom Patrol, Mento especially, he didn't. Still, I spent so many years doing deeds completely opposite my former ways, I could not go back to them. I felt no desire to.

"Mento periodically checked my mind to see if there was any indication I would slip back into my formerly evil nature, and in time came to accept that I had no intention of doing so. He welcomed me fully into the Doom Patrol, made up a biography for me, and he and Elasti-girl adopted me as their son. Eventually, I found you guys and was only too glad to stay."

"But what's the purpose?" asked Robin. "What are you trying to accomplish?"

"And," added Raven, "why the behavior? Why act like a fool when you have ages of knowledge and so much power?"

"The answer is easy, Raven. Because it's fun. It makes me laugh, even though others don't. It's also better than dwelling on the way I used to be.

"As to the purpose of it all, Robin: atonement. I realize it may take eternity to make up for eons of evil, but I'd like to find out if it's possible. When I faced the Word Made Flesh, he merely cast me out of that man. He did not throw me back into what you term 'the pit.' Maybe he saw in me a chance that I might reform. I've been working on that ever since I left the sea."

"So then, what's next?" asked Cyborg. "What do you intend to do now that we know?"

"I ask you to keep my secret. The Doom Patrol has, so I'd like to believe you'll do the same. My real identity stays with you and you take it to the grave. Would you do that?"

"It'll take a long time to get used to knowing," answered Robin. "You realize we'll never look at you the same."

"But can you keep my secret?"

"We all have secrets we're keeping, Beast Boy. Knowing yours definitely outclasses ours, though."

"We can keep your secret," assured Raven. Robin, Cyborg, and Starfire agreed and promised they would.

Legion thanked them. He kept to himself the realization that they may be wary of him for a long time, but did not hold that against them.

The tower intruder alert sounded off. A probe appeared with a message to Beast Boy from Mento stating that the Doom Patrol is in trouble. Following the message they headed out at Robin's order.