Renesmee POV

"If I were a boy" I sang and strummed a string on my guitar as I practiced my If I Were A Boy cover by Beyonce for the school talent show. I was going to play the next chord on my guitar, when my bedroom door opened. I looked up to see Angela and Ben smiling at me. I smiled back and closed my laptop in front of me and made room for them. I placed the guitar back in it's holder that was on the wall and scooted over.

"What's up?" I asked when they sat down on my bed. Angela slid over a three boxes. One small one-probably with a piece of jewelry- and one medium sized one, and one small jewelry box that was baby blue. I grinned. Tiffany's!

"Happy birthday angel" Ben told me and kissed my hair line. I giggled and attacked them with hugs. They hugged me back and Angela kissed me cheek as I sat back.

"Thank you" I smiled and opened my presents. The first one was a notebook. It was a green diary with a heart lock and a heart key connected. I gasped. It was vinyl lime green covering and so cute!

"What's this?" I asked. Was it supposed to be a diary? I examined it when Angela took it from my hands.

'I suggest you open it later, when you're alone. Come us to us when your finished reading. Here's the gift from…friends of ours. This one you should open next" Ben said. I gave them a suspicious look and opened the box he handed it. I gasped again. It was an emerald ring with a design on it. It looked like a family crest. It had a palm at the top and a lion in the center. It had three clovers at the bottom of the lion. It was gold ring and had a swirl design. I tried it on my right ring finger and it fit like a glove. It was gorgeous!

"Is this our family crest?" I asked. Angela and Ben shared a look and bit their lips then looked to me.

"Ask us after you read your journal. This is one if from us" Angela said with a sad smile. I wondered why she was sad, but decided not to ask. I opened the blue box and inside was a necklace. It was a pendant in elegant script that said I Love You and on a thin chain. It was so pretty.

"Thank you guys, so much" I said and hugged them again. They hugged me back and kissed my head. I looked at the necklace and put it on. It was simple, but adorable! I loved it.

"Dinner will be ready in an hour. I have to go pick up Nicky from his friend's house and we'll talk later ok?" Angela asked. I nodded and they got up and walked out. I grabbed the journal and opened it up. The first was in a messy scrawl, but still easy to read.

My little girl,

I miss you so much. You have no idea, how much different it is without you here. Let me explain who I am, and how I am involved in your life. I'm your mother, Isabelle Marie Swan-Cullen. Yes, it's a shock, but you have to understand we gave you to Angela and Ben for a very good reason. You were in danger, and so was our family. I needed to get you away from the situation, so I handed you over. You are adopted, and I hope you know that your real parents, your father Edward Cullen and I think of you everyday and you are always on our minds. We love you so very much, and in time, I hope we have you back with us; your real family. Right now, while you are reading this, I assume it's your 13th birthday. I gave specific instructions to Ben to give this journal to you on your 13th. Ask them any questions you may have of your life as a Cullen, and I hope you can come back to us very soon. I love you Renesmee Carlie Cullen.

Love your mother, Isabella Cullen.

I stared wide eyed at the entry. I was frozen. This is a joke; Angela and Ben are just kidding with me. they got their friends in on it too! I know it! I'm not a vampire, my parents are Angela and Ben Cheney, my name is Renesmee Carlie Cheney, I have a 2 year old baby brother Nicky, and I am not adopted!

My dearest Renesmee,

Please know this is not my intentions for your life, but they were needed to happen. I am Edward Cullen, your father your mother didn't tell you this important piece of information, but our family is not human. We are vampires. You are a hybrid, a mix of human and vampire. You were born when you mother was still a human and I was a vampire. You know that burn you get in your throat from time to time, and water doesn't soothe it? That means your craving blood. I'm sure you many questions running through that head of yours and after your done reading these letters you can ask Angela and Ben as many as you want. Please know that I miss you and love you very much sweetheart, and wish you were here with us. The ring you received is the Cullen crest, and everyone in our family has one. Our family consists of your aunts, Alice and Rosalie, your uncles Emmett and Jasper, and your grandparents Carlisle and Esme. Here is one thing I can tell you as of right now: how to get to us. As of right now, it is finally safe for you to come home. To us. Ask Ben for Seth Clearwater's number, and call him and tell him who you are and he'll meet you at the train station in New Hampshire and walk you through everything and make sure you get to us safely. I love you my baby girl.

Love, Edward Cullen

I closed the journal and stared at it. This is a joke; it has to be! I picked up the journal and chucked it at the wall. I felt tears running down my face but I didn't care. I shook my head. No, no, this isn't happening! I'm not adopted, I have wonderful parents, Ben and Angela, and I have the most adorable baby brother in the world!

"Renesmee?" Angela asked. She saw my tear stained face and rushed over to me.

"Oh sweetheart, I'm so sorry" She whispered to me. I cried into her shirt and she just held me as I cried. How can one small journal ruin my life forever? I pulled away and asked her that one question I've been meaning to ask all night, "Why?"

"Ben!" She called and I saw Ben walk in and heave a heavy sigh. He looked to Angela then to me and went into my closet and pulled out a box. A box I' have never seen in my closet before.

"How?" I asked.

"We know you hate corners of rooms, so we kept it there" He said. I glared at him as hard as I could. He ignored it, but I could tell he was affected by it. He opened the box and inside were pictures, a piece of sheet music, and a CD. I swallowed and picked up sheet music. It had piano notes, along with guitar ones. I stared at it. It was named 'Renesmee's Lullaby' and I dropped it like it was a hot rock. I looked through the box with my so-called adoptive parents in front of me and pulled out pictures of The Cullens. There were so many! I saw one of a blonde woman and a brunette man and they were smiling.

"Emmett and Rosalie. Emmett is very big, and very buff. He seems intimidating, but he's big teddy bear. Rosalie, she's even more gorgeous in person. She's vain, and cold. She has her moments, but they're rare. She'll do anything for her family, and Emmett too." Ben told me. I nodded. Angela reached into the box and pulled out a picture. Ben smiled at it and Angela handed it to me.

"This one's my favorite" She giggled and handed it to me. It was a little girl with bronze hair pulled back into a half pony tail. She wore a blue and white striped dress with black Mary Jane's and she was smiling toothily. She was sitting on a woman's lap with the same dress on; they matched. She was smiling into the camera and her mahogany hair was down and she had her arms around the little girl. A man with the same hair as the little girl was on his knees smiling and his hand was on the little girl's shoulder. They were the perfect family.

"That's you and your parents. They love you very much. Edward had to hand you to me literally. Bella couldn't do it. She wanted to keep you, but she knew it couldn't be possible at that moment. She and Edward were crying the whole time they gave you to us. At the end Rosalie had to tell us about your likes and dislikes because Bella was crying too much, and Edward wouldn't talk." Ben told me. I gasped.

"I'm sorry. I didn't so much trouble to them" I said with tears in my eyes as I stared at the picture.

"They're beautiful" I whispered and touched the picture.

"They are. You have your mother's old brown eyes. Your hair you have from your father" Angela told me. I picked up more pictures and flipped through them.

"That's your Aunt Rosalie, Uncle Jasper, Uncle Emmett, and your grandparents Carlisle and Esme. They all wrote you something in that notebook as well. I bet you didn't read it, huh?" Ben smirked. I shoved him a little and went to the next picture. A woman with spiky hair and a man with curly blonde hair were making a face at the camera. I giggled and wiped my tears.

"Oh Alice and Jasper. Alice was a hyper, little thing. Bella and I called her pixie. She was always full of energy and always wanting to do something. She loves shopping, and fashion. Jasper is a different story. He's calm and relaxed. He didn't talk much, but when he did he was nothing but kind and he always had a smile on his face, even though he didn't talk. He showed it by his emotions, and actions." Angela giggled and flipped to the next picture. I stared at it. A couple were leaning into a kiss, their eyes closed. It was a good picture, and I set it down looking away.

"That's your mom and dad. Edward was very protective of your mom. The way they moved, it was like magnets If Edward moved even a centimeter, Bella would move too to be closer to him. I've never seen anything like it. Your parents weren't big on PDA as much as Rose and Emmett were, but each time you caught a kiss, you had to look away. It was like a private moment you couldn't intrude on" Angela said. I just stared; trying to grasp the information. I swallowed and flipped to the next picture. It was my father and he had a serious look on his face. I ran my finger on his cheek and smiled.

"I want to meet them" I said and didn't look up; instead I just turned to the next picture. It was my mother in human form with makeup on this time. She had on eyeliner and eye shadow and her hair was wild and pieces were in her face. She was absolutely gorgeous.

"I remember Bella and Alice were bored one day and Alice had a photo shoot with Bella. That was one of those few times I saw Bella with makeup on. She absolutely detested the stuff" Angela laughed and I flipped the next picture. My parents were dancing and just looking at each other. It was one of those pictures where they weren't doing anything but you could tell it was a very special moment.

"Prom" Ben said.

"We were the DJ's" Angela laughed. I laughed with them and went to the next picture. A man with a can of Vitamin R and a woman in a hat and scarf.

"Those are you mother's parents. Your Grandpa Charlie and Grandma Renee. Renee lived in Jacksonville with her new husband Phil, and your Grandpa still lives in Forks. You always see him with a Vitamin R in his hands. He's a good man, chief of police. He's quiet too, but loved Bells to no end" Ben explained. I nodded. My mother looked a lot like Charlie.

"Your grandpa Carlisle. He's the Chief at the hospital. He's a doctor, and a very good one at that. He's a very kind loving man. He's always smiling and laughing at Emmett or Alice. Other than that, he just stays quiet, and watches your aunts and uncles so something entertaining." Ben told me. A man with blonde hair was smiling and looking down to the ground.

"Your grandma Esme. She's such a sweet, kind, compassionate woman. She loved you very much. Shes' always cooking or baking. She likes to volunteer at the shelter or shes out with Carlisle on their many date nights. Carlisle and Esme are the perfect couple to admire." Angela told me and it was a picture of a woman in front of a black background with a very cute blouse on. She had caramel colored hair and her face was serious. She was very pretty.

"Alice" I said as a picture of my aunt Alice came up. The next picture was of my Carlisle and Esme and they had serious look on their faces. The next was Carlisle and Bella and Ben told me that my mother was very clumsy and always hurting herself; unintentionally of course.

"They were always seen together. Bella and Edward always went off and did their own thing"

It was Alice, Jasper, Rosalie, and Emmett. The next was of my father Edward Jasper and Alice. They were smiling and laughing. I liked seeing them happy. The next was Jasper in a baseball cap. The next was a graduation and there was Esme and Carlisle smiling and the next was graduation again but Alice and Jasper.

The rest were of my mother and father in their meadow and a few of Rosalie and Emmett.

"Is that it?" I asked. They nodded and took the CD and put the in the VCR and pressed play.

"Hello, Angela, Ben, Renesmee" My parents said. They were sitting on a couch, holding hands and sitting close side-by-side. I gasped. They were so beautiful; smiling at us. I did have my father's hair and bone structure. I had my mother's nose and her eyes.

"Yes, we're vampires and you're a human-vampire hybrid. We drink blood but only animal. We call ourselves vegetarians. Here are the steps of how to get here. Ben give Seth a call and he'll introduce to to Duke. He's a family friend who is a vegetarian who is going to show you what part of you is vampire and which part is human. After he and Seth will escort you to the airport and from there they'll fly with you to New Hampshire. At the airport a man named Jasper, your uncle, will take you home. Do you understand?" Edward asked. I nodded.

"We'll see you in a few weeks sweetheart. Angela I will call you in two days after you get this video. Alice will know when you do. Good-bye. We love you" Bella said and the video shut off.

"Read your entries and I'll go call Seth" Ben said. I nodded and put my guitar stuff away and sat on my bed and read the entries.

What's up Little Ness?

It's your Uncle Emmett here. We sure do miss you squirt! Your dad plays your lullaby when he's depressed, and your mother just looks at pictures of you when we stocked up on them. As for me, all I do is think of you and how happy you must be right now. Our family isn't complete without you here. Well, I have to go now; you know a guy has to hunt. Well, I love you, and see you soon.

Love, Uncle Em

That one made me laugh. I could tell my Uncle Emmett and I would get along very nicely. I turned the page and there in very nice teenage girl bubble writing was a woman named Rose.

Hello sweetheart,

It's your Aunt Rosalie here. O hope your doing alright, and Ben and Angela have been nothing much the best towards you. Anyway, I just wanted to tell you that I love you and I miss you very much my little monster. Do you remember when we gave you your Grandmother Esme's silver to play with? You made quite a few dents in the floor. When we look at them we think of you, which is often I'll have you know. Well, it's time to go, good-bye Renesmee. I will see you shortly.

With love, Aunt Rose

These letters were very sweet, and I felt like I knew them already. I know when they said good-bye they really didn't mean good-bye. They mean it was 'Bye, see you later'.

Hi Nessie!

It's Aunt Alice here! I hope you like fashion! I wonder if you inherited your fashion sense from your mother. Maybe it's hereditary, I mean your grandfather Charlie wasn't the best at dressing himself either. Anyway, how are you honey? I hope you're doing well, and I miss you. When you get here I'll take you the mall and we'll have a full shopping spree! How does that sound? Well, I'll talk to you later.

Love, Ali

I giggled at that one. I actually did like fashion. So, congratulations Aunt Alice, it's not hereditary.

Dear Renesmee,

My name is Jasper. I'm your uncle. I'm keeping this short; your grandparents are quite anxious to write an entry to you as well. Anyway, I hope you're doing well, and I can't wait to see you at the airport. Good-luck with learning about your vampire side, and also good-luck on your first hunting trip.

Love, Jasper

It was short and to the point. I could tell Jasper was a simple guy. I liked that.

Dearest Renesmee,

I hope you are well. Also, I hope the burn in your throat has ceased. I do know how irritating it is. I am Carlisle, your grandfather. I have so much I wish to say, but most of it is not appropriate to write on paper; it could only be said in words. We miss you dearly, and wish you were with us. I love you my darling granddaughter.

Love, Carlisle

That was sweet. Like the others. There was one entry left and I know whose that was.

Hello my dear,

This is the last letter in this notebook. I'm glad it's mine. Your uncles were fighting over who went to write theirs first, and your Uncle Emmett one because he used Alice to cheat. They had a rock, paper, scissors contest. It was very funny. All I am going to say in this entry is that I love and miss you, my dear. I can't wait to finally see you again.

P.S. Don't worry about the silver or the dents. I have actually grown to like the dents.

Love, Esme

I sighed and closed the notebook and looked through the pictures again. I looked around my room and knew I was no longer Renesmee Carlie Cheney. I was Renesmee Carlisle Cullen.

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