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Renesmee POV

I sat in this dining room with Esme finishing my last year of junior high. Finally. I liked homeschooling with Esme. She made it fun, relaxing, and easy to learn. Duke usually stayed for the first half and just made fun of me for my stupid school work I couldn't even understand. Well we all can't have super smart vampire brains. The loser.

"Ok, now what is x to the negative 2 power?" Esme asked. I sighed and did the work on my notebook. Homeschooling was going good, but I missed real school, and changing classes, and having a locker.

"It's 1 over positive four" I told her. She smiled and nodded and then we went over today's lesson. I finished my day around twelve forty-five, and I was free to do what I pleased. I thanked Esme, and had lunch after my school day while I did my homework. It was easy, and Bella and Edward were I guess proud of me, since my grades were almost all A's. The only hellish thing was that I had two B's; in science, and in English. I wasn't the best at writing essays, and I sucked. Carlisle had a patient who was a school teacher, and she graded my homework for free. Carlisle repaid her by being her permanent doctor and it was all good.

I finished my lunch as I finished my homework and put it back into my drawer in the desk of our family room and I went to go sit on the amazing couch in my sweats and slippers to watch the best movie of all time.

"Ooh, Ferris Bueller" Bella smiled. I smiled back. She came over, kicked off her heels and sat next to me and put her arm around me. I snuggled into her and I put the blanket folded neatly on the arm of the chair and we watched Ferris Bueller's Day off.

"If you did that, I would kill you. You would also give your father a heart attack" She laughed. I giggled and nodded.

"Dad doesn't have heart attacks" I pointed out. She shrugged with a smile.

"You know what I meant" She said. I nodded; I did. I giggled as Ferris put his hair in this spiky hair do, and sang into the shower head.

"I think this is the best eighties movies ever made" Bella stated. Oh hell no. It was definitely The Breakfast Club, or Sixteen Candles. I looked tot her and shook my head which was actually pretty hard because someone was tugging on my ponytail. It didn't hurt but it restricted my neck. I looked up and it was Edward who was chuckling with a smile. He kissed my forehead and walked around to sit on my other side. I stretched my legs across his lap and he rested his hands on my calves.

"So what did you do today sweetheart?" He asked with a smile. I yawned and shrugged.

"Nothing much, um, Esme already finished my lesson for today, and I finished my homework. Oh, and the wolves are coming by soon to check everything over again. Or at least that's what Esme said. But I'm really stupid, confused, and human to know what that means" I told him. He laughed and opened his mouth to explain when Alice cut him off with a blood curdling scream. He and Bella flashed up the steps to her and Jasper's room while I had trouble running to them in my slippers. Why I didn't take them off I will never know.

"Alice what happened?" Jasper asked her with a stern ton. Her eyes were still glazed over as her breathing picked up and her chest picked up. Her hands were going crazy in the green sharpie on her and Jasper's white desk while she sketched out what she saw. She faced the wall and her yes wide open and still glazed as her hands worked fast on the desk. Once it was over her eyes instantly cleared and her hands stopped. Her head whipped to me in the doorway then her eyes averted to Bella and Edward. She then looked down to the desk at the image and back up at us.

"The Volturi are coming"

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