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Summary: Happens in New Moon;the Cullens invite Charlie to Bella's 18th birthday at the Cullen' house. All the events that happen on Bella's tragic birthday are witnessed by Charlie.

Charlie Comes to Bella's 18th Birthday

Chapter 1 – The Cullen Family

Bella POV

Tonight the Cullens were planning to celebrate my birthday at their house. No matter how many times I tried to protest they always won. At least I made them promise me to not to get me any gifts, I can only hope they'll listen to me. I was thinking back to all my childhood birthdays and most of them turned out with me either hurting myself or embarrassing myself one way or another, I grimaced at each memory.

Edward and I were at Charlie's house, Charlie wasn't home yet. Edward noticed the distress on my face, "What's wrong love?" he asked. I sighed, "The party." I replied looking down, trying to hide the worry in my face. Edward raised my head with both hands on my cheeks, "Bella don't worry, it's going to be fine." He said and then he pressed his cold lips to mine. Just when I was forgetting all my worry and was putting all my focus on the kiss, he pulled away. "I was thinking before, you know this is your first birthday at Forks with Charlie, he might want to celebrate and spend this evening with you, maybe we could invite him to the party." Edward said. That just makes one extra person to embarrass myself in front of.

Before I could even put my opinion into words Charlie came home from work. He hung his gun up and greeted us. With one quick look at me, Edward asked Charlie if he would like to come to the party with us. Charlie hesitated for a second, but then he replied with a smile, "I would love to, thankyou Edward; can you kids please spare me a minute, I'll be a quick." He said and quickly went up the stairs to have a shower and get ready to go.

After a few minutes Charlie came back, we all got into the car and drove to the Cullens house. When we arrived at the house; Edward opened the car door for me and as I got out of the car Charlie got out as well. We walked up the porch and Edward knocked on the door, Charlie took a deep breath.

Charlie POV

Here I was at the Cullens house, very nervous as I was; I was still excited it was Bella's 18th birthday. Hopefully she is going to have great time.

Dr Cullen's wife opened the door revealing the big, beautiful house. She was smiling widely as she greeted us. I followed as Bella and Edward entered the house. My jaw dropped at the sight, the house was decorated so beautifully. Every flat surface was covered with pink candles and dozens of crystal bowls filled with hundreds of roses. There was a table with a white cloth draped over it next to a magnificent grand piano, holding a pink birthday cake, more roses, a stack of glass plates and a small pile of silver-wrapped presents.

All of the Cullens sang a chorus of 'Happy Birthday Bella!" I joined them as Bella blushed a deep red. Each one of the Cullens hugged her gently and Mrs Cullen kissed her forehead ever so lightly. Also everyone greeted me, "We are glad, Chief Swan that you are able to join us tonight in celebrating Bella's birthday." Dr Cullen announced. - I, as the father of Bella should be saying that, not the other way around, I thought to myself. – "Thankyou Dr Cullen, please call me Charlie." "You're welcome Charlie, please call me Carlisle, this is my wife Esme." he said when she came to stand beside him. "Nice to meet you, Charlie." she said shaking my hand, "You too Esme." I replied. "You have a beautiful family." I said looking at them both. "Thank you Charlie, let me introduce you to them."Carlisle said as he introduced them to me.

"This is Emmett." He said indicating to the big burly one. Emmett waved to me, "Hello Charlie." he boomed. "This is Rosalie." He said indicating to the golden haired girl. She was clearly the most beautiful out of the family. Her gorgeous features were the only ones in the room not showing any excitement. Rosalie barely looked my way when Carlisle introduced her to me. "This is Jasper." He said indicating to the tall blond male. He was standing further away from everyone and he looked like he was holding his breath or something. But at least he looked at me and smiled when his name was said. "This is Alice and Edward, as you already know." He said As soon as they heard their names Alice and Edward turned to look at me, both greeting me with a genuine smile.

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