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Chapter 4 - Fascinating

Charlie POV

I woke up this morning, only to see dark storm clouds gather. I looked at my clock and calendar across my room to be informed that it was 9.00am, Saturday 14th September, today was the day after my daughter's birthday. Then the day before flooded back into my memory.

I got up from the bed, brushed my teeth and went down stairs. Bella and Edward were in the living room, she was having cereal and he was sitting next to her, they both were quietly talking to each other. When I came into the living room, they both looked up and greeted me, "Hey Bella, Edward, good morning." I replied.

I got myself a bowl of cereal as well and sat across the table from them, they included me into their conversation. "Dad, Edward and I were just wondering if you didn't have any plans today, if you'd like to come to the Cullen's home with us." Bella said and Edward nodded in agreement.

I thought about it for a second and answered, "Sure, I would love to, if your family doesn't mind." I said looking at Edward.

"No Charlie, of course not." Edward replied smoothly.

I was actually looking forward to going to the Cullens house. I never actually experienced the love of a full, happy family. When I was young, I was the only child; my parents never spent too much time with me. When I got married to Renee and had a baby, just when I thought everything was going fine, Renee left with Bella. I was very lonely; of course I had Billy, my friends and the guys at the station, but they can never be compared to what it's like to have a happy and loving family.

Of course the Cullens were no different either, they are not my family. But at least Bella's going to be there and I don't know why, but being with the Cullens gives me a sense of belonging, a feeling that you get when you're with your family.

As soon as Bella and I finished our breakfast we got into Edward's silver Volvo and drove to the Cullen's house. On our way, I realised that the trees were flying past us in such an incredible speed, "Whoa! Edward slow down, you're going so fast." I almost shouted.

Both Edward and Bella laughed at my horrified expression, "I told you so." Bella whispered to Edward as he slowed down. After a while we finally reached the Cullens house, before I even realised we stopped Edward was out of the car, opening Bella's door and giving her, his hand. We walked up the porch and Edward gently knocked on the door, which was opened by Alice.

"Hi guys!" Alice squealed as she hugged Bella and waved me hello. As we entered the house we were also greeted by Jasper, Emmett and Rosalie. Edward led Bella and me to the living room as Carlisle and Esme came to greet us, "Hello Bella and Charlie, how are you this morning?" Esme said with a genuine smile.

"Good, thank you." Bella and I replied.

Then Edward showed me around the house as Bella tagged along. Edward explained Carlisle's history to me, which got me more respectful towards Carlisle. I also found out that vampires don't need to breathe to survive.

When the tour around the house was over, we came down stairs where everyone else was. Alice's face became blank for a few seconds and then a huge grin spread across her face, "There is going to be a thunderstorm in the clearing, you guys want to play baseball." She announced bouncing with excitement.

"Yeah, bring it on!" Emmett boomed as excited as Alice.

"Sure, why not." Carlisle and Esme said with a slight bit of excitement.

"Okay, count me in." Jasper and Edward said with huge grins.

"Fine, I'll play."Rosalie said sighing, with a little smile.

Everyone looked at Bella and me, waiting for an answer. "Fine, I'll watch." Bella said a little excited.

I am actually quiet good at baseball, so I said, "Sure, I'll play." And everyone burst into laughter; I could feel my cheeks going red.

"Charlie, you won't be able to play, only watch, like Bella."Alice said.

"Why?" I asked, annoyed, I play fine thank you very much, I thought to myself.

"You'll see." Alice said as everyone got ready.

Everyone was now out of the house, getting ready to the go a clearing, Alice mentioned earlier. "Okay, hope on, love." Edward said as he swung Bella onto his back, Bella held onto him tightly as she can and saw me staring and whispered something to Edward. Edward then whispered something to Emmett, and then Emmett came up to me and said, "Hey Charlie, you want to ride on my back." He said grinning widely. I looked at him like he was crazy, "No thanks, I rather walk."I said.

"Then you will never reach there, if you walk." He said, swinging me on his back and ignoring all my protests.

The next thing I knew, Emmett was running. Running so fast that everything was a blur, I felt like I was sticking my face out of an airplane. Just about five feet ahead of us, slightly to the right I saw Bella on Edward's back. The rest of the Cullens were also around us, either slightly ahead of us or behind us. This is crazy! Their legs were moving in an incredible speed and it made me a bit dizzy to watch. I closed my eyes feeling like I was on a rollercoaster and concentrated only on the wind rushing past my face, I felt better.

Soon I felt Emmett slow down and then come to a stop. I opened my eyes to see a huge clearing, the Cullens all stopped running. Emmett took me of his back laughing, "So, how was the ride, Charlie?" he boomed. I don't know what expression my face held, but it made Emmett laugh louder.

"Um...scary but exhilarating." I finally managed to say.

Still laughing Emmett walked towards Rosalie; I looked away trying to find Bella. I saw Carlisle marking the bases about a mile away from the other; I wasn't surprised, with them running at that speed, they would get a home run before you know it.

I spotted Edward and Bella, but then I quickly looked away, because they were leaning into each other and their hands were interlocked, they foreheads were touching, they were quietly murmuring to each other.

I sat on the grass; I was still kind of dizzy from the run. I looked up at the clouds, they were a dark grey. A few moments' later Alice and Bella came up to me, they helped me up and we walked over to where Esme was. "It's time." Alice said excited and then a second later there was a huge thunder which shook the forest beyond us.

(Author's Note: I won't be able to explain the game clearly, because I know nothing about baseball.)

Everyone got into their positions and the game started. All I can say is that it was amazing; all I know is that I wouldn't be watching another game by the Mariners or to that matter; I wouldn't be watching another game played by any human.

I was wonderstruck, Emmett batted first and the ball shot across the field like a meteor, it went into the forest and Edward sprinted after it faster than lightening. A few seconds later, "Strike!" announced Esme and Edward appeared in between the trees, holding the ball up, widely grinning. "Emmett is the strongest, but Edward is the fastest." Bella whispered to me, laughing at the amazed expression on my face.

The game continued this way for a while until later in the afternoon, the thunder stopped and the sun broke through the clouds, causing a beautiful, big, bright rainbow spread across the sky. When the sunlight reached the field, I saw the most beautiful and stunning sight ever. It shocked me more than anything today. Bella and I stared, as the Cullens sparkled, like a thousand diamonds embedded together on the surface. "Beautiful, isn't it dad." Bella said as I stared at the Cullens in awe as they continued their game sparkling. I just nodded, as I was speechless.

A few minutes later Esme called it a tie between the two teams and so we decided to go back to the Cullens house. Emmett ran me back again and this time it wasn't scary, it was more exhilarating and...fun.

When we got back to the house Esme gave Bella and me something to eat. Until I started eating I didn't realise, how hungry I was. After I finished eating I checked the time and it was 4.00pm.

Alice and Edward decided to play a game of chess, and Bella and I watched as her future seeing ability worked against his mind reading ability and vice versa. They played most of the game in their mind. After an hour Edward won, at last.

Then we all decided to watch a movie and play little games, until it was the end of the day and I was very sleepy. Edward drove Bella and I back to our house and just like yesterday I went straight to bed, today was the most awesome day in my entire life. I had a wonderful time with Bella and the Cullens. Today was something I would never forget.

The End

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