Super Mario Galaxy: Reach For The Stars


(A/N: This is more of an adventure about all four relatives than it is a romance with Rosalina. Who says Mario, Wario, Luigi, and Waluigi wouldn't be good in a game together. Anyway, I'm going back over all my old stories and revising them so they flow better and are, in general, of better quality. Nothing much changes except for a few grammar errors, sentence structure errors, and vice versa.)

The Comet Observatory stood boldly out in the night sky. It hovered there, watching over its queen's home planet, Earth. Lumas floated about carefree. Rosalina, Queen of the cosmos sat at a table sipping a warm hot chocolate and watching over her star children. Suddenly the low roar of nearing engines was heard in the distance. The lumas stopped floating around. Rosalina rose from the table, guarded. She lit up her wand, prepared for anything. She saw something in the horizon and squinted. What was... Her eyes widened in shock on realizing. She hardly had time to gasp before Bowser's ship suddenly came onto the scene followed by eight others! Rosalina watched in growing horror as Bowser came to the bow of the lead ship laughing. He soon looked directly at her, saying, "Rosalina, I think I have something you want." Rosalina gripped her wand and clenched her fists frowning hatefully at him. Bowser waved his hand. In response the eight ships moved forward. Rosalina's eyes widened as Starship Mario was brought forth, bound by ropes. She saw Lubba on board waving frantically at her. Polari, beside her, was shaking. "I'd like you to meet my children," Bowser declared, pointing at the ships. On the deck of each ship Rosalina saw the Koopalings and Bowser Junior dancing gleefully, one per ship. "And I'll be taking the power stars with me. Better call in your heroes, Rosalina, because this universe will be mine! Bwahaha!" With that he turned as if to leave. He paused, though, and added as an afterthought, "Perhaps I'll go get Peach just to ensure the Mario Bros show up! Kids, time to go!"

With a burst of speed the airships took off, the wind from their departure knocking Rosalina down. She watched helplessly after him, furious at the turn of events. Polari came quickly up, asking, "What should we do my queen?"

Rosalina looked at him, answering, "Mario... Get the Mario Brothers."


Meanwhile... Mario and Luigi were at home. Mario lay outside on the grass while Luigi rushed about in the yard doing bits of yard work. "Mario!" a high pitched voice called as Toad came running up. "Mario, Luigi, terrible news!" Luigi skidded to a stop behind Mario who had now sat up, curious and defensive. "Princess Peach was having cake when suddenly Bowser's airship appeared! Then there was a loud sound like whoosh, a yellow beam shot down, and she was sucked up towards Bowser and his Koopalings! Hurry, you have to get to the castle as quickly as possible!"

Instantly Mario leapt up, saying, "Come on, Luigi!" He seized his brother's arm, dragging him along.

The Wicked Bros, Wario and Waluigi, were sneaking from tree to tree in the courtyard of the palace trying to get closer to it. Suddenly they saw Toad rushing from the palace, crying, "The princess has been kidnapped! Oh dear, I must get the Mario brothers!"

Toad rushed out of sight. Wario shrugged with a grunt then began heading once more for the castle. Waluigi saw the attempt. Before Wario could get far, Waluigi reached out and grabbed his arm, pulling him back. "Wait!" he ordered.

"What?" Wario demanded.

"The Mario Bros are coming here," Waluigi replied slowly. He nudged his brother. "Can you say gold?"

"Oh yeah," Wario replied, grinning evilly. Darkly he chuckled.


Mario and Luigi walked up towards the castle walls. "Mario!" Luigi suddenly called, grabbing his brother's arm and pointing. Off to the side they saw the two figures of Wario and Waluigi, their backs to the palace walls. Waluigi stood to the right. Anger and distaste came to Mario's eyes. He turned to walk towards them angrily. Luigi, following, came up beside him.

"What are you doing here!" Mario demanded. "Where's the princess!"

"We're-a waiting for you," Wario replied.

"Why?" Luigi questioned.

"Because we don't like you," Waluigi taunted sarcastically, pushing Luigi down.

"Hey!" Mario cried. He tried to lunge at his cousin, but Wario got in front of his brother, shoving Mario back.

All at once the battle was all out. Luigi leapt up from the ground, attacking Waluigi and yelling, "You jerk!" Mario and Wario dove in so that in seconds the whole group was nothing more than a moving dust cloud with the occasional limb or head flying out.

Suddenly a noise was heard, a noise that sounded like a space ship. Instantly they stopped their fight, Waluigi still holding Luigi's arm, Luigi pulling Wario's hair and shoving Waluigi's face with his foot, Wario's teeth in Mario's arm and his foot against Waluigi's side, Mario pushing at Waluigi and trying to knee Wario while pushing with the other leg on Luigi's side. In shock the four gazed up towards the silhouette. In a flash a beam shot down making them all cry out in alarm. They let each other go then tried to scramble, but the beam had caught them in its suction. They were dragged, clawing the ground for a little ways, until they were sent tumbling up through the vacuum beam into the skies, each one of them screaming!


Bang! The four came to a landing. Mario managed to flip, landing gracefully on his feet at the last second. The others, however, weren't as lucky. Wario landed on his bottom, cracking the ground. Luigi and Waluigi landed in the same position. Triumphantly Mario cried, "Yes!"

Luigi frowned bitterly up at him, Wario scowled, Waluigi was busy rubbing his now tender region self-piteously. After a few seconds the group looked around. What they saw made them gasp and give amazed exclamations. "What is this?" Wario asked, looking around the large floating whatever this was.

"Whoa..." Waluigi said in awe.

"Bro, the Comet Observatory," Luigi said in awe.

Both gasped at this realization. The Wario bros looked confused. It was then that all four of their gazes settled on a figure up ahead. "Rosalina!" Mario and Luigi cried out. Luigi rose swiftly. Wario and Waluigi looked on, Wario in surprise and awe at this strange woman. Waluigi, however, stared on starry-eyed, shocked into a dreamy daze. Mario and Luigi began to run forward as Wario rose. However, a blast of wind rushed by them, knocking them down.

Waluigi had charged towards the princess top speed. Reaching her he raised both eyebrows twice in a flirtatious gesture while grinning charmingly. He took her hand with one of his and held out a rose in the other. He leaned down, about to kiss her hand as she watched in shock, when Wario reached out, pulling him back. Wario scowled at his little brother. Waluigi looked sheepishly back, rubbing the back of his head guiltily.

Mario rolled his eyes then moved up to Rosalina, the others in the background. "Rosalina, what happened? Why are we here?" Mario questioned.

"I'm glad that you and Luigi are here. You see, Bowser has come once again. This time he and his children hold Starship Mario captive along with some of the lumas, the power stars, and your special one. Please, I ask you and your brother to help us once more. Will you, Luigi, and... Oh, who are these two with you?"

"I'm-a Wario, what's it to ya?" Wario asked with a sneer, shoving passed Waluigi and Luigi to stand beside Mario.

Waluigi instantly shoved passed them both, wrapping his arm around her waist and flirtatiously saying, "I'm-a Waluigi. We're the Mario Bros cousins, and I'm your dream come true." He moved closer to her face.

Angrily Rosalina blasted him with her wand for his advance. He landed on his back beside Wario, dazed. "Serves you right," Luigi coldly said.

"As I was saying, will you, your brother, and your cousins help save the universe?" Rosalina finished.

"Let's-a go!" Mario cried enthusiastically.

"Okay!" Luigi agreed. Wario and Waluigi looked at each other cautiously, pondering it.


For a moment it seemed like they were going to accept, but just as they were about to reply Bowser's air fleet appeared with Bowser laughing villainously. "Well, the Mario Bros! I was hoping you'd come!" Bowser said. He frowned, however, upon seeing the other two. "What! Wario and Waluigi! What are you two doing here? Humph, I suppose you'll help your cousins?"

The two looked at each other with uncertain grimaces. "Eh..." they finally replied together, shrugging. In all honesty they weren't inclined to, but what else did they have to do?

"Well, before you decide let me offer you a position with me; a chance to rule your own worlds in my new universe with all the riches it entails! What do you say, will you join me, or help them?" Bowser asked.

Waluigi looked cautious. The deal sounded good, but then again this was Bowser. However, Wario's eyes lit up with dollar signs. He instantly replied, "Riches?! We are yours to command, Bowser!"

Waluigi raised a cold eyebrow at his sibling but let it go. Instead he grinned, saying, "Oh yeah, what he said!"

"Excellent," Bowser replied with a chuckle. A beam began its decent towards the two. As they started to rise, Waluigi shot a wicked grin at Rosalina, anger in his eyes. She watched, wide eyed.

Waluigi and Wario were soon set down on Bowser's ship and victoriously grinned down at their cousins, both of whom scowled back at them. Suddenly the beam shot forward towards the Mario Bros! They both gasped. At the last second Luigi leapt at Mario, shoving him out of the way! The beam caught him, but Luigi dug his fingers into the turf. The beam slowly began pulling him away. Clawing the ground, he called, "Help! Somebody get me out of here! Help Weegee!"

Desperately Mario charged towards his brother. As Luigi's body began to lift and he lost his grip, Mario dove for his sibling, calling, "Hang on little bro!"

His hands closed over Luigi's. Desperately he clung to them with all his might, lying low to the ground and slowly being dragged along. "Bro, let go!" Luigi yelled, realizing immediately that if Mario didn't, they'd both be captured.

Mario determinedly replied, shaking his head, "No way, Luigi!" Mario's eyes were shut tight in concentration, his teeth clenched. Luigi closed his eyes in fear, feeling his hands slipping.

Suddenly something struck Bowser's ship from the side, breaking the suction! Luigi tumbled into Mario, sending him rolling backwards. Looking up they both cried, "Toad, Yoshi!" Sure enough there they stood.

"Hey Mario, we the Toad Brigade followed you up here with Yoshi!" Toad called back, smiling and waving. Both Toad and Yoshi cried out in alarm when an alien creature that shot rock fired at them, knocking them away!

"Stupid plumbers! We'll see you soon, Mario Bros! We're waiting in anticipation!" Bowser called. He let out his evil laugh and was echoed by Wario and Waluigi. With that the air fleet disappeared into space, leaving the rest staring after it in disbelief.