Super Mario Galaxy: Reach For The Stars

Bowser's Galaxy

Secret Of The Roses

Amidst the celebrating lumas the humans stood looking at star ship Mario, preparing to board. Mario, Luigi, and Wario started towards it. Before Waluigi followed he leaned against a wall raising his eyebrows flirtatiously at Rosalina and grinning in a wickedly charming way. "Rosa, for a woman who's name means beautiful rose there certainly seems to be a lacking of them. Maybe I should a stick around. I told you I a was your dream come true."

She smiled in a hopeless way as she rolled her eyes. Settling to her normal gaze she answered, "Don't worry, six roses are enough for me until next I find them."

"Never anywhere but Earth and plucked from my vines will you find any like these," he replied.

"Won't I now? What makes you so sure? What do you do differently to grow them like you do?" she teased.

He replied seriously, though he spoke with frivolity, "I suppose you want me to say I grow them from the deepest depths of my truly good heart, that they sprang from love and inner goodness." She became serious. She sternly looked at him awaiting her answer. He chuckled in his typically Waluigi like way then became serious. He solemnly said, "You'd be wrong. What you have to understand, Rosa, is that there is no good like you see goodness in my black heart."

"Not like I see goodness, but like you see?" she asked.

His smile at first glance was cold, but as she looked deeper she saw an apology. Not a condescending apology, as his name meant, but sincere remorse. "All good deeds I have done in my life are for my own personal gain, as was this. I am sorry, but the secret of my roses is staying secret," he answered softly yet sternly.

She felt her smile fall to hurt. After a moment she asked, "What..." Her voice cracked over the word. She cleared her throat then continued, "What was your personal gain this time? With Bowser it would have been a galaxy and riches, what did you hope to gain from me?"

Pity in his eyes, the smile not falling, he placed a hand on her shoulder and replied, "Adventure, and most of all you. But it seems that hasn't a happened quite like I would have wanted."

"What would you have wanted?" she questioned, purposely trying to sound naive.

He chuckled then replied, "For you to stay here near Earth, near your home." As an after thought he added, leaning in close, "And this." With that he caught her lips in a chaste kiss that lasted longer than it should have before he finally pulled back.

"Well..." she whispered, breath stolen. She cleared her throat then attempted to put back on the 'two friends teasing each other' smile. She continued in only a half teasing way, "Alas, our love is one that cannot be. We are two very different people from two separate worlds."

He forced the same smile to his face then asked, "Then this is goodbye Rosetta?"

Her rueful smile fell to sadness. She seriously answered, "I'll always be watching you from the stars."

Sadly Waluigi said, "I see... Rosalina."

From the star ship, Mario and Luigi called, "Hey!" The two turned to see them jumping up and waving for Waluigi to board.

Over them Wario's voice boomed, "Waweegee, get your lazy butt over here! We're a going home to beat the Mario bros!" Mario scowled at him.

The wicked smile sprang back to Waluigi's face. He turned To Rosalina kissing her hand gallantly. He then ran to star ship Mario. As the ship took off, his wicked maniacal laugh was heard echoing in space until the ship had long faded away.

Rosalina smiled lovingly after it. Suddenly, thorny purple vines began spreading all around the observatory, each one covered in beautiful roses! She covered her mouth. A vine then came to her, a note stuck onto it. She took it off and read: My sweet love Rosalina, now you will always have fresh roses. Remember me whenever you see them. Forever loving you, Waluigi. She felt tears in her eyes as she read. She looked at his throne then went to it sitting. She closed her eyes letting the tears of happiness and sadness fall, then laughed.

Star ship Mario drew near Earth. Waluigi had stayed silent the whole way. Luigi knew better than to disturb his thoughts. He himself had spent most of the trip thinking about the Sarasaland ruler. Mario and Wario sensed that they needed to stay away. They were soon beamed down into Peach's courtyard. Peach looked at the four and smiled solemnly. Sensing that they needed to be left alone she pecked Mario's cheek then went gracefully inside with Yoshi and the Toad Brigade.

The four stayed silent, rehashing their adventure in their minds, yet in sync, for often they would meet one another's eyes and nod. This was a first. All four of them together on a mainstream adventure would make history, never to be forgotten.

The silence ended when Wario grunted then charged Mario to the ground! "Hey!" Luigi shot, running at his brother's attacker. Waluigi laughed maniacally and rushed to cut Luigi off. Soon the four had resumed the battle they never had gotten to finish, relishing every hateful cousinly second.

Final Notes: This story was an interesting experiment. I first began writing it for the lack of stories about this couple on this site. I myself and open to many couples, but there are some I prefer. I could probably write for each though. If anyone likes an idea in this story you can feel free to use it. I don't mind.

Waluigi's name actually has a complex Japanese meaning. Many, actually. For those who think his name is a cheap rip off of Wario or Luigi's names, this should be enlightening. He actually has one of the more meaningful names of all the characters. On the wiki and Wikipiedia I found them all. The most obvious one is 'Evil (or bad) Luigi' just like Wario's mean 'Evil (or bad) Mario.' That however, is only one. Another meaning of Waluigi's name I remember is 'Bad Luck.' My personal favorite, though, the one I referenced in this final chapter, is 'Condescending Apology.' It refers to his arrogance. Condescending means hauty or patronizing; acting in a proud manner towards others; to disdainfully lower oneself to the position of another. Interesting facts.

I thank everyone who has reviewed my story, especially the reviewer that's reviewed since chapter one. I won't write it down because some people don't like that, but you know who you are. I never thought I'd do much more than one story on this site, but its grown on me. Expect to see more. Some may not make sense though. Most of my stories are from dreams, and most involve Rosalina and Waluigi though my favorite character is Luigi. Waluigi's my second favorite. I'm open to any couples I know, or any request anyone cares to make. Don't be shy. If I could find a way to work the one I've already received, I can find a way to work pretty much anything.

Thank you, and I hope you've enjoyed this story. I know I could have done better. If you want to see more body in it go ahead and mention it.