A/N: Guest appearance of Irene Adler! And no Watson TT_TT

A/N2: Inspired by Repo Men's OST: Sing It Back by Moloko!


"Surrender yourself to me, Holmes. Let's run away together." Purred a female voice behind Sherlock.

Her ghostly verbalization lingered around in his mind like a drug, like an unforgettable song.

It was all too overwhelming, lovely, and frightening at the same time.

Sherlock couldn't believe he felt lost in his own room.

"Oh my, such a scandalous proposal." The man returned to his senses as he gave her the quick reply.

The Woman, the lady in red.

Sherlock Holmes snarled with hate and passion at the name as he observed her. "Is that a new perfume you are wearing? Very citric." Sherlock sniffed the air.

The Woman laughed amiably. "Yes, it's the newest fragrance from Paris. Did you like it?"

Sherlock shrugged indifferently. She wandered slowly behind him again and her intoxicating scent trailed after her.

The nerve!

"Your husband certainly didn't." Sherlock said casually.

The Woman tried not to act surprised. "What gave it away?"

"Oh it was nothing much. The fact that you just asked me to elope with you proves that you have issues with your love life and your husband probably doesn't like fruity smells, so you wore it just to anger him." Sherlock glanced at her expectantly, feeling a small victory upon seeing the Woman sigh dejectedly as she found herself a chair to sit on without any chemical stains.

"Sherlock, my dear. You are correct." She said, seeing Sherlock smile in satisfaction. "But not entirely."

Sherlock raised an eyebrow, surprised he hadn't gotten his deductions right. "How so?"

The Woman leaned forward, as if to tell a secret. "He was boring and noisy, like all the rest. But this one blackmailed me so that I wouldn't leave him. So naturally, I killed him –oh no, don't feel the need to feign surprise, it was not such a big deal anyway." The woman suddenly frowned sadly. "Oh Sherlock!" She grabbed his face with her two hands and kissed him hard on the lips. "Why can't you run away with me?"

Sherlock turned his lipstick stained face away. "Never!" He spat. "You poison me, woman."

Deep down inside both knew he didn't mean it. "I do have a proper name, you know?" She changed the subjects, leaning back on the chair, tapping her fingers on the armrest.

"And I have a proper job." Sherlock replied nonchalantly.

"Jobs are boring." The Woman smirked. "You are not."

Her smell filled the room again.

For a second, Sherlock almost thought he would stand up, offer her his hand and jump off the window onto their new life together. But nothing of the sorts ever happened.

Sherlock sighed. "Go home Irene, my dear. Or I will have to call the police on you. You did just kill a man."

"He wasn't innocent."

"Neither are you." Sherlock winked, standing only to show the Woman they way out.

She gave him a small peck on the cheek. "I will be back."

"And I'll be waiting."

And there she went, out the door. The Woman, Irene Adler. Her words remained in his mind.

Like a drug, like an unforgettable song.