Paulina, Amy, Silver, Blaze, Shawn, and Logan were all working on the shelters. Silver and Shawn knew that even with all six of them working on it, they wouldn't finish it in time. Silver looked at Shawn. "Shawn, this will take forever with the six of us alone… we need more people to help, or we might not finish in time for the nightfall," he said. Shawn nodded. "I'm aware of that, Silver, but we need someone to inform a few of the others. Unfortunately, all of us have to keep working nonstop to shorten the time…" he replied. Then a small flash of light shone and the six turned and saw… Shadow?

"Why isn't my Chaos Control working?" he angrily wondered. "Shadow, buddy…" Logan started, overhearing Silver and Shawn. Shadow just looked at him. "What is it?" he asked, not EXACTLY wanting to deal with him. "Well, we need more people to help us build these shelters, so that we all have a place to STAY while we figure out a way back home," he explained. Shadow just stood there, arms crossed, and finally, he bitterly replied, "Well, what do you want ME to do about it?" Logan looked shocked. "How could anyone be this angry all the time?" he wondered to his self. "Well, I hope you don't mind but we want you to please warn the others. We have to work nonstop to finish by nightfall," Shawn replied, a look of boldness on his face.

He made himself ALMOST match Shadow. Just without the bitterness. And anger. He was trying to stand up to him. Shadow saw right through it, but he was a little impressed that Shawn would try and make himself be bolder looking. Shawn knew that Shadow wasn't fooled so he just tried a LITTLE less but he still tried. "I see right through that, Shawn. Who are you trying to show off to? No one is going to be impressed by YOU of all things," he said bitterly, trying to bring Shawn's spirits down. It wasn't working.

Shawn just chuckled. "Show off? Please, I am just a humble half wolf hawk trying to help my friends make a shelter for housing purposes until the time of departure. You are just spouting nonsense because I am standing up to you and your angry and bitter ways. What's the deal with you anyways, Shadow? Is it that YOU are trying to show off, or you are haunted by something in your past that showed your true weakness?" the hawk retorted. Shadow was taken off guard by his reply. He didn't think that Shawn would go that far in the act. He looked shocked… and a little sad at the same time. He was remembering Maria's death and he shook it off of his mind again.

"Hmph. Apparently, the hawk's got a smart mouth!" he said, angrier then before. Shawn grinned an evil grin. Logan, Paulina, and Amy were getting worried that one of them would kill the other. Paulina stood between Shawn and Shadow, and she sensed the tension between the hedgehog and the hawk. "Shawn, like, maybe you should totally get back to work…" she said, trying to convince him to stop talking to Shadow and lower the chances of a fight. Logan just looked at Shadow. "Shadow, we just need you to help us by getting the others…" he said, voice a little shaken. Shadow just said "Hmph." and went off to get them, no longer wanting to be around Shawn. This anger wouldn't last forever, and the two would eventually HAVE to become allies, so he was waiting for Shawn to offer it first.

James was fixing his hair and Cream and Cheese were making a crown of flowers for Vanilla. James saw them in his mirror. "Hey, Cream and Cheese, what are you doing?" he asked, eyeing the crown and flowers in their hands. They looked at him and smiled. "Mr. James, we're making a crown of flowers for my mom!" Cream happily replied. "Chao!" Cheese added. "Well, it's looking pretty good! You guys have some skill at that, don't you?" he replied, smiling at them. "They are adorable!" he thought to himself. "We make these a lot. We do it for the people we care about," Cream explained. James smiled bigger at their sweetness.

Crystina was walking along in the forest with Sonic, Hunter, Loner, Sierra, Knuckles, Kendall, Carlos, and Tails and Rouge were flying overhead. Shadow appeared in front of them in a flash of white light. "That smart mouth hawk and the human need help building 'shelters' and they were too lazy to come get you their selves," he said, facing all of the animals and two humans. They looked at each other. The members of the pack knew that they were working nonstop and weren't lazy. Loner looked at the others. "He means that they have to-" "Work nonstop so that they can finish by nightfall," Crystina finished for him. The others nodded and headed for the location of the forest.

Shawn was smiling from his victory and was working harder. Logan looked up and saw the others coming. Silver and Blaze looked up too. Shawn was still working. "They're here, Shawn!" Blaze called to him. Shawn looked up, finally. "Guys!" he exclaimed, running over to them and hugging Sierra and Crystina and high fiving Hunter and Loner. Crystina looked at him. "Shawn, you let the work get to your head. You are a very smart guy and the work has made you… well…" she started. "Insane, dude. You've gone epicly insane from the work, dude," Hunter finished. Loner looked closely at his face. His pupils were dilated and his skin was wet from sweat. Sierra looked at his hands. His tan gloves were brown in spots from the dirt and she removed her cousin's gloves. "His palms are red and blistered…" she explained. "He overworked himself…" Crystina said, a tone of mothering concern in her voice. Shawn looked up at her. "I haven't seen you in AGES, Paulina! How have you been?" he asked, having blurred vision and insanity from exhaustion.

The others got scared for his sanity. Loner looked at him with a worried expression on his face. "In 3... 2... 1..." Sierra said, pointing to Shawn after the one. He collapsed to the ground and was passed out. Sierra looked closely. "Not a heat stroke. Just simply exhausted," she diagnosed. Shawn's ancestors were shamans, and Sierra, being Shawn's cousin, learned remedies and symptoms of different things from him. Hunter and Crystina were in the pack for over three years. Well, they ALL were, but the two of them were fighters and environmentalists. They looked at each other and found a cloth bag in the woods. They collected leaves and filled the bag with it. Then they looked around and, oddly enough, found a burlap sack about twenty feet from where they were standing. They put the bag of leaves under Shawn's head and set him on the burlap sack to rest.

The others got to work on the shelter and had both main frames built in three hours. Half of them worked on the shelter for the band while the other half worked on the shelter for the pack. Shawn had woken up after the others were a quarter done with the walls, only one hour later. "What… what… h… happened?" he asked groggily. Sierra ran over and Crystina followed. "You overworked yourself…" Crystina explained. "Then she and Hunter made a little pillow and laid you on a burlap sack for you to rest. We worked for four hours while you rested, and we are all caught up!" Sierra finished the explanation.

James arrived, wearing a crown of flowers. "Uhh, James, what's that?" Kendall and Carlos asked, pointing to the crown. "It's a flower crown," he explained. "Cream and Cheese taught me how to make it and I made it myself." Logan noticed it too. "No wonder it's constructed from blue and red flowers…" he said. James just smiled. "I promised them that I would work twice as hard for them while they make a crown for Cream's mom," he said happily. "So, Shadow found you?" Amy asked the boy with the flower crown. James nodded then further explained, "He wasn't in the BEST mood. When he was storming off, he mumbled something like 'Stupid hawk… what does he know of my past or weaknesses' or something…."

Shawn whipped his head up. He knew what hawk Shadow was referring to… James had a run in with an angrier Shadow then what Shawn faced and stood up to. Shadow, on the other hand, was nowhere to be seen… Rouge was gone too, and Tails was flying in a direction, away from the others. He wondered what they were doing, but he would never find out.

To be continued…